SPIDERMAN FAR FROM HOME Trailer Breakdown! Endgame Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

SPIDERMAN FAR FROM HOME Trailer Breakdown! Endgame Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer! Iron Man & Avengers Endgame Easter Eggs! How will Spider-Man Far From Home connect to Avengers Endgame? How old is Peter Parker in Far From Home, and how old are all of his classmates after the Endgame time jump? Erik Voss breaks down this new Spiderman trailer shot by shot to explain the Endgame and Far From Home timeline. What does Peter Parker mean by the “Multiverse,” and why does Nick Fury say Thanos’ snap tore a hole in their dimension? Is Quentin Beck / Mysterio LYING about being from an alternate universe? Who is the real villain of Spider-Man Far From Home? Could Tony Stark make a cameo in Far From Home?

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69 Responses

  1. sofiyan ali says:

    I would love it 3000 if Tony becomes uploaded to the Stark computers as an A.I

    I need RDJ in the MCU!!!!

  2. JeTz says:

    Yo I’m actually confused how Fortnite wasn’t dead by 2023 when Thor played it?

  3. Ariel Sandoval says:

    please do a video about how your endgame predictions played out and what you got right!!

    • David Savage says:

      Ariel Sandoval if u go back to his videos before endgame and see what he got right for urself

  4. Ermac Macro says:

    Which snap did it?

    Probably….ALL 3 OF THEM!

    • Hype Kingzz says:

      Technically we don’t know if thanos snapped his fingers to destroy the stones

    • Chris Paton says:

      Yeah but we know he used the stones to destroy the stones and every time all the stones were used at the same time they required a snap.

    • Heights says:

      +Chris Paton Agree. It’s not like he could point the stones at each other and his left side was messed up from them the same way it was from the first snap so it seems most likely it was another snap.

    • JeremiahJ40 says:

      Chris Paton these guys need to watch the endgame again and listen to lines from Rocket and Thanos and Black Widow. There was 4 snaps in one timeline that could potentially open a worm hole into a multiverse.

    • Yes Yes says:

      +Hype Kingzz True the Russo brothers confirmed the stones still exist in the original timeline, just really hard to find.

  5. Cole Logan says:

    You called Fury nick and he didn’t question it… Fury is a Skrull confirmed

  6. Ranger Ruby says:

    If the snap tore a hold on this dimension, then why isn’t Dr. Strange dealing with this? His thing is protecting Earth from less physical things and more deminsion like things?

  7. Lazer Watcher says:

    wait what happened last time you trusted someone?


  8. Jael Thompson says:

    I love the running gag on Nick Fury’s line. It never gets old! ?

  9. SKrulz 1123 says:

    Peter could have just asked for drax I mean he was in the whole trailer

  10. Swole Bepis says:

    Imiagine if we saw peter attach to mysterio like he did with stark just to have him get betrayed

  11. Zeff Malchazeen says:

    fans: far from home is before endgame/infinity war
    sony/marvel: drops this trailer
    fans : :0

  12. XXRAVENS35XX says:

    “Saving the world requires sacrifice” I wonder who already did that…

  13. MariNee :D says:

    Thanos: *snaps fingers*
    All the original 6 avengers survive

    Some of Peter Parker friends get dusted
    Internet: tHaT’s bAd StORyTeLLiNg tOo MuCH cOinCiDeNcE


      Actually…The probability of that happening is not less and although it was probably done for easy storytelling but it’s actually quite possible to happen as even the probability is theoretically pretty high….

    • shivam vishwakarma says:

      Makes sense ??

    • Ender Wiggin says:

      lol, they live the movie ??‍♂️

    • James Nguyen says:

      Probability is weird, technically entire planets could’ve survived if the snap was truely random.

  14. Kira DeA says:

    with how closely tied tony and peter are, I hope there’s at least one scene/ cameo where Pepper acknowledges/ blesses Peter. bonus if we see Peter babysitting Morgan!

  15. Ankur Pashine says:

    Maybe multiverse is real and Mysterio is a villain from another dimension and is using the fact that no one knows him here to become a hero figure..
    And about the snap.. maybe 3 snaps were a heavy toll on universe.. or bruce banner’s snap while time travel machine was open caused rift in multiverse..

  16. Blank Gaming says:

    HULK snapped and returns back all snapped affected
    People’s reaction : ok
    IronMan snapped, kills thanos and thanos army then died.
    People’s Reaction : Thats our *Hero.*

    • J says:

      and he lost his gf.. can hulk get some praise? :(((

    • Trayton Williams says:

      Yeah they over shadowed Hulks achievement with Tony’s snap, but if they’d have given Hulk his rematch I believe we’d be unable to see Hulk as a hero as well. At this moment, Hulk feels like more of a resource than a hero and that’s why we can’t respect him rn.

    • Aluta Jakuja says:

      Hulk’s a A/B-list celebrity now, he’s living his best life????

    • Kevin M says:

      I guess you could say he’s … _The Real Hero_

    • Fly Wan says:

      I think the general public probably don’t even know Hulk’s snap.

  17. Lordé Ríckarüs says:

    I think Tony Stark might become Peter’s AI comms, like Jarvis/ Friday was for Tony. It is a cool thought

  18. SirBucketHead says:

    Peter Parker

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly…

    He wants Tony bacc

  19. Devon Holland says:

    Peter tells mysterio in the bar about the “love of his life” which of course means that mysterio will find who that is and use it against Peter, then mysterio later says sometimes people die, which is meant to make us think hes talking about Tony but idk, marvel be like that

  20. TheFamilt says:

    This is definitely how the x-men and other superheroes from the fox-Disney merger come into the MCU.

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