Spike in coronavirus cases and fatalities around the world

Spike in coronavirus cases and fatalities around the world

Researchers believe COVID-19 has been infecting people in Washington state for weeks.




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  1. SiNN4R says:

    In other news Howie Mandel has gone into hiding.

  2. ben ben says:

    “The virus is spreading” Airlines are spreading the virus and they know it.

  3. Antonina Tatarchuk says:

    people who are watching this on a school night be like: 😦😧😨😰😱 welp im not sleeping

  4. Aoi Yuki says:

    This is why I don’t socialize but I still have to work 🙄

  5. Jake Selvius says:

    We need Rick and Morty to whip up a concoction

  6. Coyote Creek says:

    Them: Don’t panic
    What we hear: Panic

  7. iKnney says:

    one tip: stop traveling.

    • Dutch 'Plan' Der Linde says:

      And stock up

    • BLOODSPORT 1 says:

      It’s too late , there’s no telling how many states have communities infected where someone has travelled in from one of these hot spots and we just don’t know yet.

  8. okayjayven says:

    I’m in Oregon right now, very fearful for my mother. She has multiple diseases and has a weak immune system. I’m just praying she survives.

    • D G says:

      Prayers to you and your family

    • Corn O' Cob says:

      The Ancient One you know what they say, karma is a bitch!

    • RainbowdashSailormoon Morales says:

      @thejtd21 the thing is, a ton of people don’t even get help for influenza. If more got vaccinated and actually went to the doctor when they were sick, the death rate would drop significantly. I know too many people that even do go to the doctor, get diagnosed, and then just go out and don’t do anything the doctor told them, only to spread it. With Coronavirus, there’s no vaccine yet or proper way to treat it.

    • Faye Kay says:

      Not meaning to sound cold but whatever happens is meant to happen.

  9. Stargazer says:

    There are definitely cases we don’t know about in the US, and we won’t know how many there are until people are already in critical condition. By that point it’ll be too late.

  10. xBoy42 says:

    The only reason that makes me panic is when they say “PEOPLE DON’T PANIC” !!

    • HangGlideTube says:

      Or when they say don’t worry…wash your hands and everything will be fine :>) LOL

    • HangGlideTube says:

      @Show Me Garage – “buy things they need for survival” – yep the ammunition sales are big right now…he who has the most wins :>) LOL

    • HangGlideTube says:

      @Wesley Myers – What I want to know is why they shut down entire countries or cities but then the deaths in the US are reported as “The person had underlying health issues.” trying to imply that the only people that will die are people with “underlying health issues.”

    • Hillie van der Zalm says:

      Don’t WoRRY I think we all have panic ,if we hear about this virus I don’t looking to the t v.or listening to the RADIO ok ????its too painfully✋

    • Hillie van der Zalm says:

      @HangGlideTube exactly

  11. UKG_King 12 says:

    This seems like an episode of last ship

  12. Domepeace_ltd productions says:

    “don’t panic” so people immediately swarm costco and form huge, virus enabling crowds.

    • codent says:

      @Barack Obama How on earth did you get that screen name? The first day of YouTube? All the best to you in Seattle.

    • Malik Abdul Saboor says:

      کرونا وائرس سعودی عرب مکہ مکرمہ سے تازہ ترین مناظر
      کرونا وائرس کا خوف حرم پاک خالی بہت کم لوگ
      عمرہ ویزہ بند مذید تازہ ترین حالات سے آگاہی کے لئے اس چینل کو سبسکرائب بھی کریں اور اس پوسٹ کو شئر بھی کریں


    • codent says:

      @Leif C. well, if you think this is a “conspiracy by the Democrats and George Soros”, you can go hide in a cabin in the woods. For, like, 10 years or so? I’m recruiting for the Gay Sharia Zombies, and I can say they are so smart and polite and committed. The young people today really impress me! I would suggest Arkansas, because it’s not even on our maps. See you in 2030!

    • HOGSIDE SJ T.V. says:

      Crazy you said this .we are all consumer world .there trying to make us spend all our money to keep us in fear of starving sick and broke.its every two months now that people spend now.FLU ,WATER SHORTAGES POWER OUTAGES,GAS SHORTAGE ,black friday after Christmas sales, new years sales CAR SALES, Valentine’s day ,st Patrick’s day Father’s Day mothers day,spring bbq,END OF SCHOOL SALE,summer bbq , fourth of July Bbq, back to schools day sales, Halloween sales back to Thanksgiving. THANKS FOR GIVING US ALL YOUR MONEY!

    • HN says:

      Yeah humans are pretty stupid.

  13. gelo says:

    When they say “Don’t Panic” We should worry more

  14. justsomeawesome dude says:

    Any apocalypse happens!
    People: *go to Costco.*

    • Salman Amer Alkhatib says:

      justsomeawesome dude They’re going to Costco in order to prepare quarantine for people so they don’t have to leave the house

  15. D‘ Angelo Drummond says:

    I’m just about to wrap myself in bubble wrap or something at this point 😂

  16. Hey It's John says:

    When people panic, they rush to empty the store shelves.

    I never got out of my basement ever since when someone coughs I get shocked hehehe

  17. Lucas Zambrano says:

    I love how half the people they showed in costco were just buying regular groceries lol

    • Ryou Senketsu says:

      Shhhuh Don’t tell anyone buy the canned stuff for yourself

    • andrew furwa says:

      I live in Kirkland and can confirm that not just Costco but other stores around here are emptying shelves . Toilet paper is going out like crazy

    • HangGlideTube says:

      I was at the Costco yesterday @ 10:30 – Smokey Point North of Marysville – 2x the normal crowd – 95% of carts were full of TP & water. I skipped on the water but not the TP :>)
      My brother said the one he went to North of Seattle was out of TP and the worker said the day before on Saturday they did $1.2-million – normal Saturday is $500,000.

  18. Brian B says:

    This reminds me I need to restock the fridge with more Coronas

    • HangGlideTube says:

      My friend did that a few days ago…kicking back with Coronas. I bet their sales have gone way up :>)

  19. Akumati says:

    More people should be scared of the medical bills than the virus itself in the US if you ask me.

  20. Cheesy says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Mr.Krabs sold SpongeBob’s soul for 62 cents.

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