Spill the Tea w/ Billie Eilish – #LateLateLondon

Spill the Tea w/ Billie Eilish – #LateLateLondon

James and Billie Eilish take turns asking personal questions and are given a choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever British treat or “tea” is in front of them (and we’re using the term “treat” loosely). Will Billie share if she’s had a celebrity makeout? And Billie lets James crawl through her DMs!

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42 Responses

  1. Fabienne Kneepkens says:

    I have been waiting for Billie to do “spill the tea” for so long. I can’t believe it finally happend. I loved it!

  2. Luke Hyatt says:

    Billie’s imitation of the audience member saying “don’t do it” was hilarious

  3. Julia Chng says:

    billie seems like she would be so chill to hang out with 🙂

  4. Bruce R says:

    Billie is the only person who can have food dripping out of her mouth and still look gorgeous and adorable. She is such a beautiful soul, and such a bright light, and that smile you can die from its so beautiful, and her laugh is so adorable. It’s insane how much I love her!

    • ShelbzTV_27🧷💔 says:

      @LageYouTube Well I mean it wasn’t necessary to hate you know. And I don’t think that hater needed a back-up haha. But yeah, food dripping from the mouth is gross and I do understand where you are coming from. But like why do people have to come in here saying we’re just saying that cause she’s famous

    • LageYouTube says:

      @ShelbzTV_27🧷💔 You’re wrong. It is indeed kinda disgusting to have food dripping out of your mouth

    • ShelbzTV_27🧷💔 says:

      @TheFreeHealer Dang, does it feel good to waste your life away by hating on

    • HierarchyMoonx says:

      @TheFreeHealer Billie is so much more than just famous though. We love her because she’s opened up so much for us and she didn’t have to, her music tells a whole lot about her life and we relate so much to it. We just feel heard and loved by her, she’s just amazing.

  5. butkeee3 says:

    I loved how James refused to show messages with Harry and drank that disgusting tea. True friendship here!

  6. I can’t think of a name says:

    Billie wanting to know those messages with Harry so bad lmao she’s just like us

  7. cece love says:

    That was the best spill the tea ever. Billie is way too funny and natural

  8. Claire Snelson says:

    I love their friendship! This was the most fun “spill your guts” yet! Billie is such a happy person! Her personality is contagious!

  9. Brittany says:

    She’s truly an icon, There is no one like her. 🥺🤍 such a sweet, genuine, soul.

  10. Jana Albarazi says:

    billie words can’t describe how adorable you are also I wanna know the answers to those questions so bad my god

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