Splatoon 3 Direct – Nintendo Switch

Splatoon 3 Direct – Nintendo Switch

Tune in for a Splatoon 3 Direct presentation featuring roughly 30 minutes of information about this splatastic game for Nintendo Switch.


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33 Responses

  1. Fanaticalight says:

    I seriously cannot wait for this game to release! So many new things to research, experiment with, master. Not to mention the quality-of-life additions. The developers seriously went all out for this game

    • Drew Calandrelli says:

      @Diego Garcia what else then? What did I miss? A single update to salmon run? A rare splatfest update?

    • Diego Garcia says:

      @Sign in for The best experience saying racist slurs wont make your arguments better, keep coping.

    • Diego Garcia says:

      @Linkalot just because someone says theyre excited for this game and the new additions mean they make no sense?

    • Diego Garcia says:

      @Drew Calandrelli no way this is dlc there is so much more than just weapons and outfits

    • Sign in for The best experience says:

      @Diego Garcia You the type of nikka to be excited about a game company releasing cardboard, 🤡.

  2. Josh Jepson says:

    BOOYAH! Excited for pretty much everything here, lots of great quality of life changes thrown into the mix. Splatoon 3 has STYLE.


  3. Youtu Fan Reincarnation says:

    The reporter did a superb job explaining the entire game, one part at a time. Whether she explains the stages, characters, and weapons for example, she had a truckload of energy to give out and made the Direct so much fun to watch, even if it’s half an hour long!

  4. mmeikol says:

    I only ever played Splatoon 1 a couple of times on my brothers Wii U when the game just released, didn’t really think much of it. Then I started playing Overwatch a year later and I didn’t play much else for about 4 years. Really got me hooked on tactical team shooters, so seeing a variety of support and defensive abilities (support main btw) made me order this game immediately so I can get sucked into another addiction for the next couple of years

  5. yes ty says:

    Not only did they make the stages beautiful and made their gameplay actually fun, they made them fit in the world of splatoon and even gave some of them significant lore
    Props to the stage and world building teams really

  6. Brehella says:

    The thing I’m happiest about from this are the minor changes for the sake of convenience. For example I find the ability to set gear loadouts incredibly important. Also, the ability to use the training room while waiting for a match is really significant. All of it was very interesting.

    • 13Skullhead says:

      Still wish stages & modes weren’t tied down to a schedule. Was hoping they’d get rid of that.

    • Legithiro says:

      Loadouts have always been a thing, granted you had to spend 20-80 dollars for amiibos but still. Yeah Nintendo was kinda dumb with that

    • Braxia says:

      I am most hype for the “Big Run” from my interpretation it’s the “Splatfest” of Salmon Run. which is something I’ve wanted for some time. because classic Splatfests became redundant and uninteresting through Splatoon 2 IMO

    • SpaceLobster21 says:

      oh yeah, some of those small quality-of-life changes are gonna be really nice and improve the experience.

    • 8BitSloth says:

      Too bad you can’t change loadouts during play like in a modern shooter, but I guess allowing people to counter teams full of bubblers or shotguns mowing everyone down is just too much for Nintendo to handle. Gotta keep it simple or else people outside the core fanbase might want to play too.

  7. BurstingColors says:

    THE NEW HAIRSTYLES ABSOLUTELY SLAYS! the animations also look a whole lot smoother, Frye, Shiver and BigMan are sooo cute! wonder what the DLC will be about…? 🤔 this is such an improvement over the last 2 games, seriously can’t wait for this! thank you to everyone who put all their hard work into this game! 💕 and not to mention, the announcer deserves love as well, her performance was great! hope to see you all soon! 🥰

  8. Undyne's gaming says:

    I cannot wait till this releases and I hope that the later expansion dlc isn’t too long of a wait either and that we get news on what that is sometime soon, also I like how they didn’t show much of the story aspect because that would’ve taken the fun out of it

  9. Flandre Scarlet says:

    I really, REALLY love the new idols already!! Their designs are so unique and awesome, and their theming is great! I really love shiver so far, but I like Frye and Big Man too!

  10. Iris The Gamer Girl says:

    Deep Cut is amazing and the traditional music is cool!! Shiver looks beautiful, Frye looks so cute and Big Man is cute too! Hopefully we’ll be waiting to play when it comes out! I love this big change in Splatoon 3

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