Splatoon 3 – Release Date Revealed – Nintendo Switch

Splatoon 3 – Release Date Revealed – Nintendo Switch

INKoming! Splatoon 3 splashes down on Nintendo Switch September 9th! Get an early look at the game with this fresh Turf War gameplay!

Pre-order available now:

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37 Responses

  1. Fanaticalight says:

    LET’S GO! I’m liking the new death cam, especially how it angles itself to be above the player for a birds’ eye view. The new victory screen is also quite lovely! Lil’ Judd got a little fuzzier/fluiffier(?) as well. The new respawn mechanic is welcome if your team is overwhelmed. 3:05 is also pretty cool, I have to admit!
    Overall, I’m seriously excited to see what changed lore-wise as well as the multiplayer-aspect.

  2. The Ludomancer says:

    This is probably one of the best gameplay trailers I’ve ever seen. So simple and effective. Whatever Dev tool they used for the game recording and camera swapping is absolutely perfect for a third person shooter.

  3. koramora says:

    Thank you, Nintendo

  4. nihilstoned says:

    i really like the new things that we are seeing in this trailer. there’s new camera actions, a more strike/bolder ui replacement which really represents the overall catch of splatoon 3! new weapon ui’s and a bunch of more subs and specials, that look more versatile that will definitely cause a huge change and shift into meta. it also looks as if the maps are smaller and will cause much more fights to happen (painfully taking place in this trailer unfortunately due to it just being the trailer) but i can’t wait for everything! 10/10 trailer and that being said im gonna pre-order this right now lol

  5. yume's studio says:

    SO EXCITED TO SEE THE SPECIALS IN ACTION! THE MOVEMENT IN THIS GAME LOOKS SO FUN! AND THE VICTORY POSES TOO?! With the new UI, medals and more customization on top of that? We eating now y’all WE eating GOOD!

    • EmperorBoo Dr.Uknown says:

      Oh, I thought you were a Latino judging from the color of your oc’s skin though tu usando palabras medio gringos es bueno tambien. Todos tenemos nuestros estilos de vivir y todo eso. Also, yes we are eating really good. You’ll be getting a lot of good content to make comics on.

    • I'm leggit subbing to everyone who subs to me says:

      read my name !

    • XenoSmasher says:

      How is the movement different?

    • yume's studio says:

      Not to mention we heard C-Side’s Now or Never finally! The music is going IN!

  6. Vailskibum94 says:

    I’m honestly just looking forward more to the story mode than anything else

  7. *Dusky* says:

    Neat to see more utility oriented specials, seemed like in 2 that if you didn’t deal massive damage then a special wasn’t worthwhile. Here though there might be more strategy and coordination required which is neat. Really liking the grapple octobrush combo, hope that sticks in release because it looks super fun.

  8. Dreamor says:

    This is all so clean and just…excellent! I love this all so much. All the weapon kits seem to have great synergy (my God the Octobrush looks fun, I’ll probably pick it up again), the game’s aesthetic is fantastic, the new mechanics seem super enjoyable…it’s all SO GOOD! Super hyped to play this game. Also, multiple kits, such as the slosher’s, are an allusion to their Splatoon 1 kits, and as someone who played back in Splatoon 1, that just makes me happy (especially seeing a last second inkstrike send off the match).

  9. Bruh Ino says:

    One thing I’ve noticed is that when the octoling dodged at 2:48 as he was being shot at he had a few invincibility frames! You can hear the armor sounds too.

  10. Lilcreaper says:

    This game looks great! It’s obvious they invested immensely in movement and incorporating it more into the gameplay. I’m loving the new specials 😀

    • E-Eyes says:

      I just wish that the grappling-hook-arm-thingy was always part of the movement, but it makes sense why it’s not

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