Splitting Bullets in 4K

Splitting Bullets in 4K

It’s the battle of bullet vs. blade as the guys take aim at an ax against a backdrop of balloons in this eye-popping 4K slow-mo experiment. The Super Slow Show…Don’t blink or you might miss it.

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52 Responses

  1. Marty Sam says:

    Who else is here before 1 million views?

  2. Ben Thunder says:

    Anyone have any idea how many episodes are left?

  3. Ephod Necroz says:

    Watches this in x0.25

  4. SRPhoto says:

    I reckon Dan’s arm is fine and this was all a ploy to keep everyone watching the whole series.

  5. Col. Cotton Hill says:

    Split a shotgun slug!

  6. Jonny Easton says:

    3:25 The awkward moment when you forget to take your goggles of after splitting a bullet 😳

  7. Spookic says:

    *that was dead awn*

  8. Luke Santarc says:

    Low budget slow-mo lads

  9. Charlie Chalk says:

    Good but not as good as Low Budget Slow Mo Lad

  10. Albert Richard says:

    It’s finally here!!!!!

  11. ARCADE GAMING says:

    The ting goes skraaaa

  12. DAVI BORGES says:


  13. MAD Lab says:


  14. AndreasNV says:

    It’s been long since I’ve heard the scientific term: wibblement.

  15. Nathan Storz says:

    Dp did this

  16. Perry 88 says:

    Trump approve

  17. EzekiaMamaia 17 says:

    I’ve been loving the super slow show so far.Are you?

  18. Dan Smoke says:

    3:55 *Is one of the most impressive shots y’all have ever gotten. Bravo*

  19. A Giraffe says:


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