*SPOILER* 2nd Eliminated Queen RuPaul’s All Stars 3: Behind the Scenes

*SPOILER* 2nd Eliminated Queen RuPaul’s All Stars 3: Behind the Scenes

The second eliminated queen packs up her drag station in the workroom immediately after being eliminated from episode 2 of All Stars season 3.

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99 Responses

  1. Nathan Robert Bailey says:

    My heart feels so hollow for Thorgy, she’s such a powerhouse of talent. I hope she comes back, Stevie was a tough choice to roll with but she still put her heart into it. ?

    • Lucas Sebá says:

      Yeah, her Stevie was amazing. She did what she could do with what she was given. Also, Milk should’ve been eliminated. Her performance was flat, she didn’t look like Celine and her runway did not meet the challenge of Rudemption.

    • mercedes says:

      Thorgy seemed so jaded this season, such a disappointment because I loved her in her season but Bob deserved to win.

    • Seanie says:

      Stevie Nicks, most of the time, sits down while performing. How the fuck are you supposed to make Stevie a turnt hoe? You cannot.

      Thorgy was told to “amp it up” yet there’s really nothing to amp up in the first place. If she did the “witch” act, guaranteed the judges would not understand it. Thorgy was right when she said they set her up to fail. I think her look for her “diva” (Stevie a diva? I think the fuck not) was one of the most accurate out of all of the outfits.

      Bebe was also told to amp it up since Diana is Ru’s favourite, and yet she did nothing but stand there and jump three times, yet made top three? Milk’s Celine was perfectly fine. Celine is a kooky ooky bitch when she performs and Milk truly took it to the next level, especially considering that *THIS IS DRAG.* It was worthy of top 3. Except, she tripped on her tambourine so nah. I liked her RuDemption look but yeah it wasn’t stunning. The safety pins were a smart nod to her being critiqued on season 6 regarding her skirt being “stuck together” by one safety pin.

    • vanrey argo santiago says:

      Yeah, Stevie nicks has the same vibes that Lana Del Rey does which is chill and more about the music instead of the performance. She just got the shit end of the stick here.

    • Cazacu Razvan says:

      Malia M shut the fuck u0

  2. zer sockpuppet says:

    Shangela is so fucking cute I cannot

  3. Mo R. says:

    milk should’ve gone home tbh her looks are eh…. theyre glancing outfits…. nothing id stare at.

  4. maybe tomorrow says:

    Never had anything against Milk but gurl…

    • JermuHH says:

      People always think they do better than actually, no one can admit doing worse than they could. Also, I think she is taking it extremely hard because she has never been on the top.

    • Nolan says:

      yeah milk is one of my favorite queens every but like yikes.com girl chill out

    • lamoskgr Moskow says:

      Expired Milk, Sour Milk ?

    • Helena Møller says:

      I actually really liked her in her season! But now…. ???‍♀️

    • Puncomfortable says:

      Why start now? Thorgy has nothing but nice things to say about Milk. She even says she would like to see her win. Ben mentions Milk helping her. Milk did a lot in the background as she was in 8/10 parts. Maybe there are just things we did not see behind the scenes.

  5. Simon CurzonHepworth says:

    taking the orange fabric? Yes queen.

  6. Daniel Pérez says:

    I’m sorry to see Thorgy go, I’m going to miss her I met her last summer in the streets of Williamsburg such a kind soul.

  7. Emma Thompson says:

    “that’s called being smart, that ain’t ghetto” iconic

  8. Mel Richardson says:

    Milk: “thanks for mentioning that on stage” *trixie screams her head off ????

  9. Qeisama says:

    “It’s like internal”. Yes, just like you Thorgy.

    Love you but your internal struggle is even more ever present than Nina BoNina inner Saboteur Brown.

  10. Vlada Natasha says:

    Thorgy can be such a conspiracist but she was set up to fail the challenge. The fuck !

    • Fabian says:

      Has no one been to a Stevie nicks concert. The bitch doesn’t move. Like she straight up sits for most of her performances. And if she does move she spins in circles and sways for right to left and plays the tambourine. Like thorgy literally played her up as much as she could. Shagela’s Mariah was perfect and all she did was walk and Bebe barely moved at all in comparison to Thorgy. The queen was set up to fail bottom line cut and dry.

    • Luís Felipe Onisanti Knapik says:

      Fabian the bitch is old, thorgy not. As i said she could have made it drag, but she prefered a 100% origianl copy of the lady. Sorry, wrong choice. Stevie sings since young, you chose to portray her movements as an elderly person as she is today is your choice.
      And thorgy made THE CHOICE. Hope she was already packed before going to stage. Less work.

    • Moonlight Bae says:

      Luís Felipe Onisanti Knapik she got no funny dialogue…. her look was more on point than others by far…. and production didnt put chi chi in the bottom because they knew the other queens would eliminate thorgy over kennedy…. its was clear they wanted thorgy out as their critiques were very hipcrotical….. tbf i think with this challenge the judges could have manipulated it anyway to send anyone home

    • Robert Berntson says:

      She performed the choreo she was GIVEN. How was she not being set up to fail when she had to speak up to be in one other number? How was she not when she got no funny dialogue? They say “make it more drag that’s how it was supposed to shine” Shangela, who did awesome, did Mariah who they MADE funny and drag. Stevie really doesn’t do much. She’s a calm collected spiritual person. It was unfair. And yeah she’s complaining but she has right to. This was bullshit. She got no funny lines. Little to no choreography. Bullshit

    • mac demarcela says:

      some dumbass people here clearly dont know who stevie nicks is to say that thorgy wasnt motherfucking flawless, stevie was NEVER a dancer or a big performer like the others (and tbh neither was amy winehouse but they worked it bc it was aja right), so yes thorgy WAS set up to fail BIG TIME

  11. Mister Walker S says:

    I always wondered when did they eat.

  12. Hunter Jarvis says:


  13. Jazy1993 says:

    Kennedy bringing her own food seasoning is literally me

  14. Anthony Lowe says:

    Thorgy: I went home because I was given Stevie Nicks..
    Producer: Then who would you have liked to be?
    Thorgy: Stevie Nicks, definitely

  15. Deadfelt says:

    lol all these hate against milk. there is SOOO much more behind the scenes. remember the reddit rumours about thorgy getting a villain edit? clearly milk is getting the edit instead.

  16. Marcos Araújo says:

    Hope Thorgy use her orange gown on the reunion episode. ?

  17. Miss Piggy Wannabe says:

    jesus christ milk went souuuurrrrr

  18. Wesley Whitley says:

    Love milk, really I do but girl… Don’t you know when the milk sours it’s time to go!? Ps you may have performed like Celine but the look was some other bitch all together. Also the redemption was more of a ru…eh…ok… you’re pretty… But that’s it? #GetItTogether #ComeOnBackDownToEarth

    • Wesley Whitley says:

      Sefi Peri no and that’s the point. Even the other girls were saying that the look was not something that many would recognize as Celine. The point was to embody the character in a way that both allowed the Queen’s own spin on it AND was still iconic so even someone who didn’t know the queen could recognize what they were going for. Milk just didn’t do that outside of the performance. Besides I’m not really mad at how she did but more at her stuck up arrogant attitude she has seemed to have this season so far.

    • Wesley Whitley says:

      Ethan Wilkins that’s true but the look just didn’t take it the extra mile you expect to see from milk and that’s why she was just safe and not top 3. Again it wasn’t what she did challenge or runway wise that I’m a little mad at it’s how she has been acting like she’s God’s gift to drag race and everyone else is beneath her that I’m mad at. Yes she’s successful outside of drag race (as an out of drag model) and is an out of the box queen creativity wise but that doesn’t mean she can just expect the world to kiss the ground she walks on.

    • Rgggt Trev says:

      Girl if you showed her look to someone and ask them who it is it’s not Celine dion they would have guessed

    • Pancake 52 says:

      Wesley Whitley , Milk is very sour as far as Iam concerned. So conceited!!!

    • Sefi Peri says:

      Where did they say that about the look? Even though I agree that having an iconic look is great, I am also really happy that Milk chose this unfamiliar look, because it showed me (and probably 90% of the viewers) something new about Celine.

  19. Panagiotios says:

    I can’t get over the Mariah from Shangela ❤️??✨

  20. xingcat says:

    Thorgy is so sneaky, stealing that orange fabric while a….camera crew….films it……..

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