*SPOILER* 3rd Eliminated Queen RuPaul’s All Stars 3: Behind the Scenes

*SPOILER* 3rd Eliminated Queen RuPaul’s All Stars 3: Behind the Scenes

The third eliminated queen packs up her drag station in the workroom immediately after being eliminated from episode 3 of All Stars season 3.

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95 Responses

  1. Ananas Von Satan says:

    Where was this delightful Milk all season??

    • Ronnie Arellano says:

      She was in drag. Everything changes when they get in and out of drag. Plus he had just gone through something very traumatic so that can pull something out of you

    • Ovi Lazoo says:

      Ayrandros Edit or not he was a bitch, don’t blame the editing…

    • Lars Ahrens says:

      i think milk was playing a character to make good TV (and it worked), none of the looks and the way she acted were anything like the milk i fell in love with tbh

    • Abramo Deborah says:

      He was, that’s not up for discussion, but I wonder whether the bitchy things he said are taken (or edited) waaaay more seriously than he meant to deliver them. Just to compare her with Phi2, she was “just” bitchy and too self confident, as far as I saw she didn’t try to sabotage anyone. And if you read all the other competitors social media, you can see no one harbours hard feelings for her, nor Kennedy nor Aja. So, as far as the other queens are fine with her behaviour during and after the show, I’m confident what has been shown is just either editing or a moment of wanting to show her worth in the wrong way.

    • MJM says:

      Ananas Von Satan well you are talking like we won’t get all those bitches again in ruvenge episode.

  2. jon wicker says:

    Well no reason to watch next week seeing as shangela’s wig is next.

  3. dom bloggs says:

    Maybe Milk is a little bit too confident, but we know, he knew, Kennedy knew and most important of all Chi Chi knew, that it was Chi Chi’s time to go home… Also is it me or is Triexie’s note a sarcastic dig at Milk? If so, she is the shadiest queen ever and I live for it! 😀

    • trinigerian says:

      Chi Chi will go soon enough but I wouldn’t done like Kennedy and gave Milk her walking papers while I had the chance.

    • unFayemous says:

      Der Fremde honestly, you can stay a stranger

    • Kye !! says:

      I’m surprised people were shocked about Milk going home. I knew who Kennedy was going to pick just from the girl’s discussion while doing their makeup. Kennedy clearly chose milk because of her attitude problem, not because she necessarily was the most “deserving” to go. Milk really hurt Kennedy’s feelings by belittling her drag and it was stupid on Milk’s part to believe he was safe after throwing her under the bus and saying she should’ve went home over Thorgy. I used to be a big fan of Milk but on this season she’s acting extremely entitled and seems a bit delusional when it comes to how talented she thinks she is. I didn’t get Celine from her outfit at all from her performance in the divas challenge, and everytime she came on screen for the bitchleor I literally cringed. But in the end, we aren’t the ones who gets to decide who’s worthy of staying and who isn’t. The queens are.

    • Raphaelus13 says:

      I forgot this point. True true.

    • AndykinSkywalker says:

      I don’t think Chi Chi will get the same fire that Roxxxy got. There was such a clear alliance in AS2, and it was blatantly stated that she was being kept for lending a shirt. Almost the entire bar cheered when Milk got sent home; people were over her attitude and skating by on the bare minimum. Chi chi will probably be next in all honesty, but it was Milk’s time.

  4. HOSO 호소 says:

    yall all know chichi should have gone home u all know kennedy took it personal

    • speed0spank says:

      HOSO 호소 plenty of people thought Miolk should have been in the bottom last week with that embarrassing Celine

    • Brandon C. Sites - Critic of Modern Day Horror says:

      Going off the challenge and nothing else, AJA should’ve been packing her bags. Aja completely missed the point of her character! Milk was one note, Chi Chi was spot on, but was devoid of humor. Either way, Milk & Chi Chi got their characters while Aja didn’t.

    • MJM says:

      Brandon C. Sites – Critic of Modern Day Horror also Chichi had the best look in the room (even if her reveals were boring). It was Milk’s day – unless you want to play killing the strongest competition, then it would be Aja, who nicely fucked up, but was so strong from the first episode or you want to play to the judges words then it would be Chichi (who I hate a lot, but I can acknowledge that is read too much sometimes).

    • badgirlnails says:

      Here’s the thing: Chi Chi hasn’t been doing her best, but she knows it. So she can (and hopefully will) take the criticism, get her head right and get back in the game. On the other hand Milk thinks she’s been killing it, and is actually bombing lol. According to her this is her “best”. So chances are she’d just keep doing the same thing and complain that things aren’t fair. I’m here for this elimination 100%

    • Brandon C. Sites - Critic of Modern Day Horror says:

      MJM — Nicely fucked up?!? That’s a thing now?!? Everyone talks the person who did the weakest should go home, but everyone is thinking with emotion instead of what actually happened. I guess that’s why the audience responds so well to Ben, both are fake Miss Congeniality types. —— PS: I think Kennedy made the correct decision for her. She’s not liked. Picking Milk will have the least negative impact on Kennedy. However, this challenge alone, Aja was the weakest, but she nicely fucked up?!? Hmmmm……

  5. Raf Maes says:

    In the challenge milk was the worst and her attitude was horrible. Last weak, Chi Chi’s Patti was on point baby. So milk deserved that sashay away.

  6. xingcat says:

    “I know my departure from the show will not be seen as fair.”

    Aw, pumpkin. We are the stories we tell ourselves.

    • Antonio Rivers says:

      Literally did a spit take when she that ? She should’ve gone home last week.

    • diornotwar123 says:

      maybe seen as unfair but people won’t really care cuz milk came off as arrogant

    • Syvelocin says:

      Thing is Chi Chi was defeated when she was talking with Ben. I saw that and I was like, that’s it, she’s done. If she makes it through, she’s going home soon after. At least Milk has faith in her abilities. Confidence goes a long way, even if she’s less palatable as a person than Chi Chi.

    • pobstrel says:

      Syvelocin Faith is great but not when it’s mixed up with toxic levels of arrogance and delusion!

    • Syvelocin says:

      pobstrel And yet Milk’s performance in the challenge was still marginally better. Chi Chi didn’t even have a character to speak of. She had one good line that had to be cued to her and the rest was just more leaning on Shangela. Milk was a psycho stalker, just an unfunny one who messed with Trixie’s chance at a top 2 slot.

  7. Julianne says:

    Once Milk goes sour, it becomes expired #sorryboutit

  8. PerrieEdwardsVEVO says:

    Why am I so happy to see someone eliminated

  9. Leon Pavelić says:

    she is so arrogant and cocky. it is NOT cute.

  10. Kraye Inluv says:

    You know how some people don’t have self-awareness…….?

  11. Tandie.N says:

    Milk’s delusionally confident ass was trashing Kennedy’s drag only to be sent home by her that same episode?? Wow I love karma

  12. Jason Mckenzie says:

    is chi chi going to roxxy her way up to the final

    • MJM says:

      Izzy well it isn’t like Roxxxy didn’t bring those looks too – her finale look? Bitch I was at the same time angry she was there, but also I thought that she was in the right place.

    • swanpride says:

      I honestly, wouldn’t mind…..ChiChi doesn’t have any delusions of grandeur and it is fun to watch her grow, even if it currently looks like she can’t keep up. She is at least entertaining to watch, which is more than I can say about some of the others. Mind you, if it were about her and someone who is winning material, and she is kept in the competition just because someone wants to knock out a rival or another BS reason, than I might get more angry. But I am very okay that she stayed over Morgan (who was an idiot) and Milk (who was annoying).

      And I hope she kills the Snatch game, even though acting isn’t one of her talents.

    • jermainetheory says:

      “I HOPE THE FUCK SHE DOES!” If that’s the way we getting her to the end then so be it.

    • Booshmonkey says:

      I hope she stays she is so lovable.

  13. Joh Quillo says:

    RIP to the lovable Milk of S6

  14. Sin D says:

    Who replaced Milk with Logan Paul? Lmao seriously I’m lactose intolerant now

  15. addiedub says:

    “milk’s gone, im the hot one now“ ???

  16. Alraune says:

    I think Kennedy really made her decision based on what we as the audience have seen;

    Milks variety show performance was horrible yet she was safe (Kennedy agreed with us)

    Milks Celine was horrible and her tantrum was despicable yet she was safe again (Kennedy agreed with us)

    That’s two instances where Milk should have been in the bottom instead of another queen, but got lucky and stayed.

    Glad Kennedy gave her the Chop ?

  17. Daniel Pérez says:

    I love me some milk but damn he was so extra in his challenge.

  18. Amanda says:

    Girl bye

  19. Wesley Whitley says:

    See… the Milk we know & love is in there but she still doesn’t see all the egotistical bullshit she has buried her under. The fact that she doesn’t get why Kennedy chose her or more so why she was in the bottom proves she has allowed herself to create this dream world where she is the best thing in drag since drag became a thing and while she is a talented creative queen and being confident is important there’s a big difference between that and being a narcissistic bitch and unfortunately for herself and everyone else that loves her she has let the latter be her story this season. Maybe she will figure it out by the comeback episode but I doubt it. Hopefully by the reunion she will see it tho.

    • Daulton Venglar says:

      Wesley Whitley She was in ONE Marc Jacobs ad and it went straight to her head. I could tell from the first episode that she was going to be a diva with the whole “I’m here to inspire future runways,” bullshit.

    • court kendell says:

      this is the tea. she allowed the marc jacobs gloat to go to her head.

    • jfour2zero says:

      Yes! And the real tea is Marc jacobs will b on the next episode! I know Milk is mad as fuckkkk. I would have lived to see her drooling and oooing and ahhhing as he’s there. “I was in a Marc jacobs ad!!!” Bitch shut up

    • Beatrice Lapadat says:

      Can someome please remind her she’s not Leigh Bowery tho? -_-

  20. Hoshizora says:

    I feel like Milk should not have gone on AS3. He used to be adored as a fan favourite but not anymore 🙁

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