(SPOILERS) Mid-Season Finale Talked About Scene | The Walking Dead

(SPOILERS) Mid-Season Finale Talked About Scene | The Walking Dead

Rick reunites with Carl and the others in the sewers below Alexandria. 

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(SPOILERS) Talked About Scene from The Walking Dead: Season 8, Episode 8

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99 Responses

  1. TNT UniverseGaming says:

    R.i.P CARL/Chandler Riggs great to have u on the show

  2. Negan says:

    It’s been a crazy fuckin eight episodes. And come February? All those people in that sewer you care about will be dead. I don’t want it to be like this, but they pushed my hand. Now people are gonna die. If you subscribe, I subscribe back and we’re _all_ Negan. If not? No spaghetti for you.

  3. Negan says:


    Fat Joey
    Subscribe 😏

  4. Laff Twous says:

    That’s a neck.

  5. John Potato IV says:

    I really feel bad for Rick. He’s gonna go batshit crazy now

    • Colby Fritz says:

      Randy Lopez carl got bit before that. Maybe you would know if you listened better

    • Official Dank says:

      Randy Lopez // and Judith isn’t even his kid.

    • Pat Gogan says:

      He and Carl had this chat back in s2 at the barn just didn’t think it would be carl to go first

    • Angelo xxi says:

      John Potato IV Kind of confusing i dont see how Rick will still be morally sane. He went batshit crazy over Lori but hes somehow going to get over carl? I understand he still has Judith but he seemed never as close because he never was really the one to take care of her 24/7. I feel it would actually play out as Rick going batshit crazy and attacking negans group himself and getting himself killed

    • War on trolls says:

      Angelo xxi that will be allsome

  6. 549 Nation says:

    This show took away him killing Shane and Lizzie/Ben, took him out with a walker bite, and killed him way too early. And they’re shipping Morgan of to FTWD. I’m done.

    • no chargeback niggas says:

      I feel bad for lennie because they moving him to fear. Talk about a demotion!

    • Mooky Blaylock says:

      Ftwd > twd so jokes on you

    • truckboy14 says:

      Don’t FTWD and TWD film at different points through the year? Even if they film at the same time, I figured Lennie could still do both shows. Actors film multiple projects simultaneously all the time. So I’m guessing the theory is that Morgan will die in the second half of season 8 and we will see what happened to him before he got to alexandria on FTWD.

    • No Shaqs All Kobes out says:

      Dont make sense how he gets from Georgia to California tho, than to California to Virginia.

    • Young Buckets says:

      549 Nation lol then just be done…

  7. IBM Gamer says:

    There goes other 80% of the fan base amc your rolling

    • Why have a name? ? says:

      IBM Gamer I honestly cant decide if I’m going to keep watching

    • arami187 says:

      The Night TWD had Died.

    • truckboy14 says:

      Scott probably made the decision to kill him off. But let’s be honest, Chandler definitely wanted off the show. I never really liked Carl but I’ll be honest, I’m sad that we won’t see the post all out war Carl from the comics. I’m really interested to see season 8 part 2 and season 9 and how the show is going to continue without Carl. Chandler shined in this episode and this episode had tension and emotion, something the walking dead hasn’t really had since season 6.

    • tice170 says:

      Its funny how they say it follows the comic showing him in the future and then he is bit.

    • senstmnt says:


  8. John Cena says:

    A good mid season ending but it could’ve been better. I’m always leaving positive comments but I just wished there was more. Still good nonetheless.

    • I vic Fucksyourgirl says:

      John Cena only way out of this one is hopefully Carl got enid pregnant

    • BlazeNarutoShippuden says:

      Carl died a virgin on the TV Series sadly.

    • Don Breezy says:

      John Cena there was too much filler in between scenes imo. I felt like every time something important was about to happen the attention would be guided towards a less interesting situation. The last 15 min were great though

    • Dirty Harry says:

      BlazeNarutoShippuden says the guy with the anime picture lol shut up

    • Van Bur3n says:

      This awful show “could’ve been better” for a long time. Ever since season 6 things “could’ve been better” but instead its when a steep hill downwards. I have never witnessed a show that is as terribly written and nonsensical as TWD.

  9. Will Weems says:

    Watch Carl fucking live lmao

  10. Insiders Vlog says:

    He had the best run from season 1 – 8 mid season. Like Glenn, he will never ever be forgotten and will always be in our hearts. Love ya Chandler!

  11. SSJ Flash says:

    Another reason why comic fans don’t like the show 😂

    • Genuinebaldskin Senior says:

      SSJ Flash just means the show is ending soon

    • Your Name Here says:

      Got Charms if people want the show to be just like the comics, then why even watch the show when you already know what happens.

      Source material and television/movie adaptations need to be somewhat different. To keep things fresh and have a different view of something is what makes things interesting. Hell, if u finally waited for this to quit the show, why didnt u quit when they killed andrea? Daryl isnt even in the comics!

    • Indominus x says:

      Jordan Does Gaming not true. He said in his interview it wasn’t his decision. Do research before you comment.

    • ThaRhyno says:

      They did have a choice, don’t know why people keep saying this shit. Chandler Riggs himself said he was totally surprised when he got the call about them killing off Carl, and it wasn’t his decision at all to leave.

    • Siavash Massoudi says:

      This is literally now the number 1 reason why they don’t like the show

  12. GallegosGaming says:

    Can we get RIP in the chat…

  13. evancortez2 says:

    West coast people, don’t watch this!…too late

  14. DVincentW says:

    Rick is beyond all the shit he has endured; this will ruin his ability to stand. Its bad.

    • DopeAnimeMind says:

      Omar Placencia oooooo good point.

    • Omar Placencia says:

      DopeAnimeMind lmaoooo thanks

    • JoeyFiveandDimes says:

      Frank Gilbert <<<< His father, Rick Grimes, is not infected. During the initial stages of the outbreak, Rick was already 'dead', or close enough simulating it in a coma. So the reanimation agent....whatever it is, simply moved on. Why previous dead in cemetaries, et al, do not come creeping out of graves and coffins.

    • No Shaqs All Kobes out says:

      Dha Khid Amir nah judith is shanes, but i remember rick saying something like she was shanes but he was gonna keep her

    • No Shaqs All Kobes out says:

      JoeyFiveandDimes whatre you talking about its been confirmed hes going to die

  15. L1F3BrickS Studios says:

    Should have completely killed him off this episode, would have been way more emotional. And with gimple confirming yeah he’s dead by end of next episode it’s just not gonna feel the same. Too long of a wait

  16. Socka-2-May says:


    • Socka-2-May says:

      Hey there Laff Twous!! Hope all is well!!! No I haven’t got around to making another Carl. Will see what happens in the future. Good to see ya!! :DDD

    • Laff Twous says:

      Socka-2-May ❤️

    • HopeToTheWEAK says:

      Rest In Peace Carl Grimes. You started the war technically with the saviors because he shot first after seeing Sasha dead

    • HopeToTheWEAK says:

      Sucks that he’s going because he is such a iconic character. You didn’t really like him but the more grown he became the more you loved him. Just hope he gets his girl pregnant before he dies so he can still have seed to live on after him. So sad if he just dies without any children to tell his story. Just his younger sister or old man rick and old woman michonne. Makes me sad just thinking about it.

    • Stray Fox says:

      Laff Twous Hey asshole, hey shit face!

  17. Tatsumi Kimishima says:

    Sorry for my salt, but…… #Boycott

  18. Subject Delta says:

    Goddam not another family member🤧.

  19. Mcmilleee says:

    I swear I thought he was already a walker when they walked up on him it was so dark I couldn’t tell.

  20. Hello People says:

    This was an amazing episode fucking AWESOME👍

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