(SPOILERS) ‘Shiva Saves the Day’ Talked About Scene Ep. 804 | The Walking Dead

(SPOILERS) ‘Shiva Saves the Day’ Talked About Scene Ep. 804 | The Walking Dead

Shiva arrives just in time as King Ezekiel attempts to take out an army of walkers.

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(SPOILERS) Talked About Scene from The Walking Dead: Season 8, Episode 4

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72 Responses

  1. Negan says:

    This is normally when I post a clever joke. I’m legitimately sad about Shiva.

  2. Katie Kubesheskie says:

    Rip shiva🙏🏻🐯

  3. Jester Gaming says:

    My heart can’t take this. goodbye Shiva, you were a badass tiger and you’ll be missed.

  4. Prick Grimes says:

    At least AMC’s budget won’t be raped in the ass anymore……………….

  5. Michael Jackson says:

    I love u shiba and will always miss u 😭

  6. Joe Gasby says:

    I lost it with Shiva’s death sounds :'(

  7. John Cena says:

    Shiva didn’t deserve this.
    Shiva is a warrior.

    I feel sorry for Ezekiel, it’s never a good feeling losing a family member.

  8. Boom it's Boomer says:

    killed off the best character in the show

  9. Gracie Hubler says:

    I’m NOT happy that shiva DIED why her she doesn’t deserve that she was one of the best things to happen to the walking dead

  10. Katie Kubesheskie says:

    Rip:( but I bet it’s saving them a lot of money to kill her off..

    • torress1235 says:

      Brianne Foor no way a dozen can lmao have u ever seen a tiger irl? They arent house cats dude they have major power and can easily break that huddle she also had plenty of time to get out before they got to her and who gives a fuck about what its tryjng to illustrate if they wanted to kill it off shouldve been a more realistic way or just not put it in the show i the first place

    • Brianne Foor says:

      torress1235 it was illustrative to the bond between Ezekiel and Shiva as to how strongly they saw each other as family, one, and two I’ll repeat myself, for all those zombies it would only take one bite to the underbelly to literally set it in motion. it’s done with, it has some realism to it, as it does unrealistic portions. You are literally trying to discuss unrealistic situations in a literal science fiction story here.

    • Wolfie McFox says:

      torress1235 think about what you’re saying. You mentioned earlier she was a 500 pound tiger. The average adult is well over 100 pounds by themself. Now I’m no math expert, but a dozen 100 pound people (er, walkers) brings that weight to more than double Shiva’s weight.

    • torress1235 says:

      Wolfie McFox are you stupid? Or just slow cuz not all 12 of them were right in front of her there was litterly an open space in front of her dumbass so u needa check ur facts first before looking stupid

    • Brianne Foor says:

      torress1235 now you are just being a dick. So in return you’ll be treated that way. The other commenter is right, even by your own fucking “logic” you are trying to use here, she’s still underpowered. The whole fucking illustration to this was self sacrifice FOR Ezekiel, because the moment the feline entered she knew she wouldn’t make it, that’s why she didn’t even attempt to come when he shouted for her. Your shit belongs in your ass, not your mouth.

  11. Solaris642 says:

    Rip Shiva you saved Carl and many others! You won’t be forgotten.

  12. Gabriel Marroquin says:

    Noooooooooo the tiger!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. plasticbags says:



  14. Luna's Productions says:

    Why you do that? No shiva….. we loved you baby girl.. 💜 why is it all the animals that die☹️🐅

    • Mr Bangkok says:


    • rockinzman says:

      Mr Bangkok true

    • INCOGNITO says:

      Luna’s Productions totally unrelated but glad to see a fellow neptunia fan watches walking dead as well!

    • I_Am_ Darknight says:

      Luna’s Productions who cares about Glenn. Abraham is always forgotten. He’s was way more entertaining than Glenn.

    • LA Peters says:

      She’s actually the first “pet” to die on TWD. If you don’t count Rick’s pigs at the prison.
      I cried hard when she died, but tbh I should’ve expected it. Shiva always jumped in to protect her King, even if she was outnumbered. It’s not that wild to say that eventually she’d be too outnumbered.
      Still, I’m really sad that she died. I hope they can recover her skull or something to be buried.

  15. thejdi1 says:

    “I’m just…some guy.”
    Khary Payton killed it this episode

  16. Raymond Gaming says:

    If you managed to get through this entire sequence without at least shedding a tear, well,,, Congratulations you fucking sociopath

  17. Denzel Moton says:

    Even though it’s sad. I can always respect a warrior’s death She went out fighting protecting her king.

    R.I.P Shiva

  18. Jordan Does Gaming says:

    One of the saddest deaths I’ve seen in a while. I knew it was coming, but I wasn’t prepared for it. And also, I loved the foreshadowing earlier in the episode, when Gunther, the nerdy Savior, said “your head on a pike.”

  19. Zgamer 115 says:

    Goddamn you AMC for making me care about a CGI tiger that wasn’t even fucking real.

  20. oBBSessed Trash says:

    God, Ezekiel’s face broke me.

    To me, this is like shiva thanking ezekiel for all he’s done for her, caring for her, feeding her, giving her a life. So in this moment, when shiva saves ezekiel, it’s like,

    “you saved my life back in the Zoo, so it’s my turn to save yours.”

    And I *sobbed-*

    Just imagine watching your own animal dying like that.. Jesus… I knew it was gonna happen but God, I still cried-

    • Sci-Fi Weekly says:

      oBBSessed Trash I️ know her roar was almost like an epic goodbye. I️t may be a roar but the meaning was clear. “Run I️ hold them off”. Truly this was one of the saddest episodes in the show

    • oBBSessed Trash says:

      Sci-Fi Weekly I agree. This made me wanna hug my cats and dogs. Shiva’s death hit me so hard, considering I’m a huge cat person and Tigers are my favorite

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