Spot the short king

Spot the short king

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43 Responses

  1. imani w. says:

    cody being in the bottom of the frame is so effortlessly funny

  2. Gavin R says:

    Cody’s vids are the ones I look forward to every week LETS GO

  3. eviee says:

    Loving the romance between Cody and Jubilee. They need to make it official and invite him already

  4. HillyTreeTop says:

    I love Cody finally revealing how he really looks on camera without all his usual camera tricks. Way to be yoy

  5. Nicole Jordan says:

    My favorite part of these videos are Cody suspecting every single person and then him being so happy when he “was right”

  6. Patrick Cooper says:

    This would’ve been way funnier if they played us and they all were short. It’s just 8 short dudes trying to not act like the one short guy and no one knows

    • Anna Phelan says:

      Omg this is an elite idea

    • Beth Thornton says:

      Reminds me of a comment suggesting a reality show where there’s a load of gay guys and “one is straight” and the goal is figure out which one is pretending but in reality they’re all straight thinking they’re the only one

    • Beck Lester says:

      Lmao this really got me- and a great idea

    • Devil says:

      Yeah this was mind boggling how dumb everyone was. Like you have two Philipino guys.. obviously they are going to be the shortest. you know who it is from the start it was so easy lmao. How no one understands that is crazy.

  7. Abbie Mueller says:

    cody’s eyes just swimming around the bottom of the frame is so funny omfg

  8. Zayd Husain says:

    bro even when cody wasn’t making jokes i couldn’t stop laughing bc he looks like my little 6 year old cousin poking his head above the dinner table

  9. B G says:

    It’s so funny to me how Cody is kind of insecure about his height yet secure enough to make jokes about it lol

  10. Jessjno Jno says:

    Having the camera so high makes Cody look so innocent 😂😭

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