SpotMini Autonomous Navigation

SpotMini Autonomous Navigation

SpotMini autonomously navigates a specified route through an office and lab facility. Before the test, the robot is manually driven through the space so it can build a map of the space using visual data from cameras mounted on the front, back and sides of the robot. During the autonomous run, SpotMini uses data from the cameras to localize itself in the map and to detect and avoid obstacles. Once the operator presses ‘GO’ at the beginning of the video, the robot is on its own. Total walk time for this route is just over 6 minutes. (The QR codes visible in the video are used to measure performance, not for navigation.)

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75 Responses

  1. TrojanHorse91 says:

    Is black mirror getting real now?

  2. Марк Шагал says:

    Even this robot smarter than our government. (I’m from Russia)

  3. Артур Пирожков says:

    Дизлайки походу путинские ватники наставили, типа наши роботы лучше))

    • Vladimir Rodionov says:

      Таракан со 100 нейронами умнее и быстрее этого пендосского робота. Наш Федор порвет эту недо-поделку как звездно-полосатую тряпку.

    • Desert Eagle666 says:

      Vladimir Rodionov Таракан со 100 нейронами умнее тупого ватника. Через лет 30 пиндоские роботы сделают из тебя отбивную, что уж там говорить про радио управляемый квадроцикл)).

    • Vitalya313 says:

      Дигл молись чтоб наши роботы были не хуже, иначе отбивную и из тебя сделают, “Nothing personal, only bisness”

    • Desert Eagle666 says:

      Vitalya313 У нас роботов вообще не будет, все мозги что были, давно проебали, куда там на ИИ замахиватся?))

    • Bushmen Zuga says:

      Только не забудь на Фёдора ватник надеть.

  4. Luke Maximo Bell says:

    If you ever find yourself putting a gun on this thing, then you know you’ve gone too far.

    • mm hh says:

      I’ve gone too far? If i’m pointing a gun at it then the robots have gone to far!!!

    • Ronan Ostendorf says:

      Remember what Tesla wanted for warfare? Think outside the box: This could make battle a spectacle of machines. No more bloodshed, just resources and intelligence.

    • Neil Lobo says:

      Ronan Ostendorf the idea seems almost silly. Why bother even fighting wars at that point?

    • TotallyCarbon says:

      Ronan Ostendorf but what do those robots do once they have won their little proxy war? Do the humans on the losing side just give up and surrender or do they keep on fighting and invevitably take casualties to the robot armed aggressors? People won’t just give up their homes or way of life that easily, if they did then the point of warfare would be obsolete. And why engage in rock paper scissors games with machines when you could use diplomacy instead, no waste of tax payers money on a military industrial complex needed.

    • Neil Lobo says:

      TotallyCarbon exactly war without bloodshed is senseless.

  5. Sheykei says:

    In the “near” future we will have robotic but realistic pet dogs, they will not pee or shit all over the place, plug themselves to recharge instead of eating, and will do exactly what we tell them to do. Then the same with humans.

  6. hey Jude says:

    Just imagine this with two machine guns mounted and the ai inside can reload them that’s the future of warfare

    • Kyle Hines says:

      The worst part of that is the gun AI would likely be separate from the movement AI. Spot will just be looking for friends and how to get to them. The gun will be taking them out as soon as Spot finds them…

    • Dave Ludwig says:

      All those replies and no one mentioned Black Mirror. S04E05 – Metalhead. Check it out for a killer dog that looks EXACTLY like this, but with…. mounted machine guns.

    • DIProgan says:

      I think drones, large and small ones, will be superior to this in almost all situations.

    • Ludicrous says:

      hey Jude BLACK MIRROR

    • sheepbeepbeep says:

      you guys should be talking about how to keep these from being made into weapons it should be considered a war crime to use robots to kill people

  7. Mike the Headless Chicken says:

    Slowest delivery service ever

  8. Mikosch2 says:

    This would be awesome for use in burning houses, damaged houses after an earthquake, houses full of leaking biohazard barrels, houses where armed criminals live…

    houses where righteous citizens deemed terrorists by the goverment live…

    • Jonathan Olson says:

      Mikosch2 hmmm yes this century is going to be interesting

    • I'm a pigeon, you peasant says:

      That is the sole purpose of Boston mechanix

    • I'm a pigeon, you peasant says:

      Dynamics* damn it!

    • Neil Lobo says:

      Robot police force….good thing or bad? I kinda like the idea actually. Would frighten me more under a fascist state, but still perhaps better, unless it becomes skynet lol.

    • TotallyCarbon says:

      Neil Lobo on the one hand a robot police force will always follow protocol and have no personal bias. So in countries like America with police violence and race issues that wouldn’t be a problem anymore. But these things aren’t smart, and even if they were in the future how do we know they can take initiative like a human police officer can, and the risk of them being used by some totalitarian state would have some pretty bad consequences.

  9. TJ Israelsen says:

    I could see this thing being in Half Life 3, oh wait…

  10. Rakshith Prakash says:

    Now integrate this with Google AI and let Facebook give access to millions of pictures from its database so that it can search and destroy a particular target?

  11. Heisenberg says:

    Who’s a good boy?

  12. Kot337 says:

    cant wait for memes with this

  13. Uncle Traveling Matt says:

    Can’t wait to own a horse size one.

  14. D C Kim says:


  15. Mike Arredondo says:

    As cool as this is my dog is still away better cuddling buddy

    • RobosergTV says:

      your dog can die, can be killed and can not be manufactured or repaired or use night vision etc.

    • Ronan Ostendorf says:

      Give it Duplex and you have an immortal friend who’ll probably data mine you. Yes please

    • Voix says:

      RobosergTV a ai robot is not living or has any feelings I think these robotic bodies should be used to transfer human and animal (such as dogs) consciousness if their bodies get severely damaged. Such as someone’s body burned and needs a new body.

  16. Lego Technic Mastery says:

    SOOOOO Smooth !! As always ! I love It !

  17. Santeri Hulkkonen says:

    They’re coming….

  18. Pyralis says:

    Plot twist:
    The camera turns and it was another robot filming the entire time

  19. Kerry Cronic Vlogs says:

    The robot revolution is coming.

  20. Nelson Hobbs says:

    reminds me of a little demogorgon. super cool seeing technology advance, but also scary ?

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