Spring Clothing Haul | Zoella

Spring Clothing Haul | Zoella

Spring Clothing Haul
– Previous Video: http://bit.ly/2obO1Ev
– Vlogs: http://bit.ly/2lyMuWK

Items Mentioned In The Video:
— Links below marked with a “*” are affiliate links! —
*Have A Nice Day Jumper – Urban Outfitters – http://bit.ly/2p2xVw7
*Yellow Hoodie – Urban Outfitters – http://bit.ly/2pKxhRU
*Hawaii T-Shirt – Urban Outfitters – http://bit.ly/2p2qYew
*Take Me To Malibu Sweatshirt – Urban Outfitters – http://bit.ly/2pKAdho
*Weekend Vibes Pyjama Set – New Look at ASOS – http://bit.ly/2pKFl5b
*Cactus Pyjama Top – River Island at ASOS – http://bit.ly/2p2EDCy
*Stripe Maxi Dress – Vero Moda at ASOS – http://bit.ly/2pKJdTG
*Floral Print Smock Dress – Misguided at ASOS – http://bit.ly/2pKBhC5
*Out Of Service Sweatshirt – ASOS – http://bit.ly/2p2JmUq
*Striped Jumper – Bershka at ASOS – http://bit.ly/2pKQ6o4
*Ruffle Waist Gingham Trousers – Topshop – http://bit.ly/2p2TSv8
*Floral Slip Dress – Topshop – http://bit.ly/2pKF2r4
*Cami Top – Topshop – http://bit.ly/2p2LPi2
*Floral Bird Print Playsuit – River Island at ASOS – http://bit.ly/2pKUhjK
Leaves Print Top – Zara – http://bit.ly/2plARF6
Embroidered Mini Dress – Zara – http://bit.ly/2pLYDtN
Faux Leather Pink Jacket – Zara – http://bit.ly/2otzBMb
Side Tie Yellow Trousers – Zara – http://bit.ly/2pKBViN
Side Tie Stripe Trousers – Zara – http://bit.ly/2p2L4FC
Maybe Baby Jumper – Joanie Clothing – http://bit.ly/2plMlbN
Stupid Cupid Jumper – Joanie Clothing – http://bit.ly/2oYAOMy

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20 Responses

  1. Tilly Fewtrell says:

    I love you so much !!! X

  2. Sophie Buckell says:

    Love youuuu zoeee??

  3. karina marshmallow says:

    Love you, Zoella ?

  4. Ada Pich says:


  5. Roxanna D says:

    Literally never been this early!!!!

  6. Laura Platt says:


  7. Imogen Mccann says:


  8. Chloe Donaldson says:

    love you so much zoe your amazing xx

  9. Nora says:

    Who else think that her little singing in the beggining of the video was actually amazing??

  10. Missy Scarlett says:

    Dear person reading this – I want you to know that you are the most beautiful person in the world! You are braver than you think, smarter than you think and AT LEAST one person in the world loves you so much and will support you in whatever you do! xoxo This is what my grandma used to say to me before she passed away… Have a great day and remember this comment forever and know that I mean every word of it, please spread the posotivity as I know that my grandma would be very proud of me… xx

  11. theamarie xox says:

    What eyeshadow did you use? It’s sooooo LUSH!!!

  12. Puppy Lover123 says:

    I love your videos zoe! Please give me a thumbs up, it is my 11th birthday tomorrow an I am so excited!?

  13. KatieRouge says:

    If you really want to confuse an American, tell them that you keep your purse in your handbag. Took my a sec to realize that purse = wallet

  14. Hannie2004 1234 says:

    I literally screamed when I saw the title of this video ???❤️

  15. Edie says:

    omg youtube was dead like no one was uploading but then you uploaeded and im so happy yayyy, love the video x

  16. Lilylollydonut S says:

    Thank you have a nice day

    Who else loves Zoe so much!!!

  17. Ruby Omar says:

    I swear zoë gets prettier in every video! Zoella u r an absoloute inspiration and I love u! Xx

  18. Nathalia Matsunaga says:

    I tend to wear a lot of black just because I hate how colourful clothes makes me kind of less in my “comfort zone” I hate wearing things that make people look at my body, ugh I don’t have any body confidence

  19. Abeer Fatima says:

    do try-on hauls!

  20. Dangerous Diva # natasha xx says:

    your so confident to be wearing such bright different style clothes I went out of my comfort zone and I wore a jumpsuit that was covered in camo I thought it was cute and so did my friends but the fellas in my class said that it looked like pjs cause I’m 13 the girls my age only wear jeans and croptops and stuff like this help me Zoe I want to wear cute clothes like u but I’m not to confident to wear it out like that it nocked back my confidence help xx -Natasha

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