Sprite | #WannaSprite | LeBron James is a Sprite endorser

Sprite | #WannaSprite | LeBron James is a Sprite endorser

Although commercials are usually on television we put this one on YouTube because we wanted more people to #WannaSprite. It features Sprite endorser LeBron James and Sprite endorser Lil Yachty. They drink #cool, #crisp, #refreshing, #lemon #lime Sprite and you won’t believe how cool, crisp and refreshing it is! Check it out! #Thanks #WannaSprite

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20 Responses

  1. Brian ScalaGOAT says:

    you gotta be kiddin me

  2. Trent G says:


  3. JoaoDACorreia says:

    even in a commercial lil yachty sounds retarded

  4. The King says:

    You know you made it when you in a commercial with Lebron

  5. FaZe Coan says:

    this is fantastic

  6. Get that 10 says:

    Get Vince staples

  7. RoyPhee says:

    Sailing Team!

  8. Ryan Wilson says:

    LOL this funny af

  9. Thatillkid16 says:

    Lil Boat the GOAT

  10. Jupiter7 says:

    What’s the song by lil boat?

  11. Six Magicman says:

    Lebron will endorse sprite but won’t endorse human being liberties. Damn

  12. JasonTM _ says:

    Cold like its my soda!😂😂😂 Low key lit asf🔥🔥🔥 Waiting for the full

  13. Shredding Stuff says:

    Damn reverse phycology…. I really want a sprite now

  14. Matthew Tinker says:


  15. daedal says:

    In my opinion the music sounds bad.

  16. Splitter20 says:

    Subtitles always seem to make videos funnier 0:32

  17. Inkeldink says:

    Forget LeBron, give Eric Andre his damn sprite endorsement already.

  18. Jaida :3 says:

    That little ha at the end tho

  19. RJKT says:

    Lol, your reverse psychology ain’t gone work on me.

  20. Quan Henry says:

    Hair transplant?