Squid Game – SNL

Squid Game – SNL

A group of men (Rami Malek, Big Wet, Pete Davidson) perform a song about risking it all for a cash prize.

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41 Responses

  1. Bryce Edward Brown says:

    This is exactly how I pictured the American version.

  2. Gray Almeida says:

    The fact that they worked the Korean “Red Light, Green Light” tune into the beat is absolutely incredible.

    • Mary N says:

      God, have y’all never heard of language localization

    • mysticmusical says:

      @Evelyn M. Stills I wouldn’t say simplified is the right term. There’s always barriers between 2 languages. Sometimes there just isn’t a counterpart term or idea. I used to translate webnovels and the headaches I would get trying to find the english equivalent 🥲 most times I’d just translate as is and add a footnote at the end. I forgot what we’d call this and can’t remember since it’s late oops.

    • Victoria Wilder says:

      I’m sorry to interrupt the argument but is there a link to just the beat or nah

    • Evelyn M. Stills says:

      @mysticmusical I suppose someone could use “modification” instead. I have always heard “simplification” and “linguistic simplification”. I have been studying Japanese and often instructors will say “in simpler terms” or “the simplified version in English is”. I was going based off personal experience. There really are many terms that do not translate very well to English just as I’m sure there are English phrases that do not translate easily into other languages. This is why they are simplified or modified. I think we hear the word “simplify” and think we are being seen as inept but that isn’t the case especially when it comes to learning or translating a language.

    • Doudymac says:

      That was🔥🔥

  3. GoonsMerk says:

    They should do squid game with people who do PPP fraud.

  4. Eldritch Teletubby says:

    Apparently Netflix wants to make a spin off of Squid Game set in the US, and I’m pretty sure that it’ll just be this video replayed 20 times in a row for 9 episodes.

  5. T B says:

    Pete actually has a relaxing singing voice

    • Alyssa Ferry says:

      I can’t remeber where I saw this, maybe he was on Fallon when he talked about it, but he has taken singing lessons with a legit vocal coach because he thought it would be funny one day to just bust out singing. The coach asked him what role he was prepping for and Pete was like “I’m not, I just thought this would be funny” 🤣

    • Ally Ross says:

      I agree! I was surprised!

    • Dania says:

      yes can’t wait to see & hear him play Joey Ramone..

  6. SilentStormShadow Azim says:

    I get the feeling Rami and Pete became good friends after this week’s show

  7. D Y says:

    This song is unbelievably catchy lol

  8. Felix Brochant de Villiers says:

    The google currency translation part is legitimately hilarious because we all did this.

  9. Scenic Fights says:

    If you haven’t seen Squid Game, this video kinda has a lot of spoilers, but let’s be honest, we all saw it already. This song is pretty catchy!

  10. The Goat says:

    Let’s hope this doesn’t jinx an American Squid Games adaptation into existence lol.

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