Squirrel climbs netting, runs into dugout

Squirrel climbs netting, runs into dugout

6/19/15: A squirrel scales the netting behind home plate, then leaps down and eventually makes his way into the Phillies dugout

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19 Responses

  1. Bella Sanchez says:

    lol leap of faith

  2. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    By the year 2020, Major League Baseball will officially be replaced by the
    National Squirrel Tightrope League.

  3. Dana Paul says:

    At least now we know the fate of the squirrel! Thanks MLB! Haha

  4. Rango Riley says:

    Does anyone think its a bit weird that MLB all of a sudden started getting
    more popular through random stuff like this and amazing ball catches?

  5. kikuraz13 says:

    This is MLBs highlights!!
    On THEIR yt account!!

    How exciting is baseball.

    Let’s watch an old man put on a poncho for 3 mins.
    Next highlight, a squirrel.

    No doubt these are in the MLB top 10 plays of the year.
    This game is so fucking exciting!! Whoo!!
    I can’t wait to see what else baseball has to offer.


    BTW these players makes over 6 figures?
    Well deserved for highlights like these.
    Keep it up guys.


  6. AsKaGangsta says:

    u know what he wanted?


  7. German R says:

    This reminds of the Chevy Chase christmas movie… lmao

  8. justanothergamer says:

    lol higher ground. its a squirrel not a shark

  9. kikuraz13 says:


    Must have struck a nerve.

    Because they keep deleting my post on how exciting baseball is.

    The YT account for MLB highlights are a geriatric putting on a poncho and a

    These are what THEY consider highlights.

    Did you know each MLB player make over 100,000 dollars a year.

  10. MrTaser99 says:

    look at all the fuckin drones with their cellphones vertically filming a
    squirrel at what seems to be one of the most boring sports to ever watch
    next to golf. Fun to play but very very boring to watch.

  11. Ernext Tacuri says:

    looks like nobody really cares about the game

  12. The Shenanigators says:

    The illuminati sent that squirrel to distract everybody, to make them
    slaves and brainwash them

    So illuminati confirmed 

  13. Gooby ! says:

    Losers everywhere just waiting for MLB to post a video so they can
    immediately tell everyone that they dislike baseball, yet take the time to
    come tell us :D

  14. DarkoTDR says:

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane… no it’s just a flying nutsack XD.

  15. Aaron L says:

    Why do stupid fucking women always scream for, like bitch shut up its not
    even near you

  16. The Filmmakers Studio says:

    A squirrel, scales the netting, goes behind home plate, into the dugout,
    into the team room, grabs his apple TV, punches up youtube, and watches my
    channel 🙂 Awww……glorious :)

  17. mobspeak says:

    This is MLB.. what kind of throw was that 1:12 ?

  18. car rob says: