Stacey Dash on Gender Inequality In Pay | The Meredith Vieira Show

Stacey Dash on Gender Inequality In Pay | The Meredith Vieira Show

Stacey Dash tells Meredith that she feels like gender inequality in pay–where women make less than men–is an excuse, and that opportunities should be pursued in order to earn pay equality. What are your thoughts?

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20 Responses

  1. Aaron Taylor says:

    Meredith is a drivelling fool, and the only reason she can defend the
    gender wag gap is because she has a guest who obviously isn’t used to
    public speaking and/or researching her stance. What she means to say is
    that women have the equal opportunity to earn just as much as mean, when
    companies negotiate, they’re trying to pay all humans as little as
    possible. Companies are not low balling women, and then walking in
    negotiations with a male offering him $1,500 more than he expected.

    Meredith can be mad as hell, she’s still a moronic fool. I’m sure her
    daughter will make much more than her male counterparts, and will still
    bitch about how mad she is to be a victim. 

  2. Kung Fu says:

    Women can talk the talk but not walk the walk

  3. bigboss686 says:

    +Justin Taylor Your a dipshit

  4. P Bosch says:

    Stacey isn’t very good at this “throw women and minorities under the bus so
    you can gain acceptance into the Rich White People’s club” thing. You can
    tell she tries hard to come up with these idiotic comments, and she always
    looks like a dear in headlines when expressing them. I had a feeling that
    her nonsense would fall apart fast once she’s out of the safety of her Fox
    News bubble. Fox News should’ve chosen a better token black woman.

  5. Halophilic NC says:

    Women work less and yet still control a majority of the spending power.
    They work less, get more money, live longer, kill themselves far less, die
    on the job far less, graduate college more often, are less likely to be the
    victim of a violent crime, get preferential treatment in the justice
    system, the list goes on….

    Women in America in 2015 are essentially the most privileged class of
    people to have ever existed. The people who take the “wage gap” claim
    seriously are the true sexists: they regard women as children, completely
    devoid of agency and power to control their own lives. They blame society
    for goading women into not going into lucrative STEM jobs. They blame
    society for goading women into choosing jobs which offer more flexibility
    to raise a family at the expense of progressing their career.

    I’m certain I’ll be called a misogynist for the radical notion that we
    should consider women adults. War is peace. Freedom is slavery.
    Ignorance is strength.

  6. RaGeGaMeInGxm says:

    You do! You do! You do!

  7. Bo Hanan says:

    She really is Clueless. Setting womanhood back 3000 years in just 1
    FOX knows how to pick them.

  8. William Lloyd says:

    Very unprofessional meredith vieira. Bad interview. Because she is a
    Republican… Stacey is extremely intelligent. She has her opinion just
    like everyone else.. No reason to get pissed off lol

  9. c8701 says:

    This bitch really is Clueless. When a man gets $100k for a main part in a
    movie and she is opposite him in the same movie making $75k will she be
    okay with that? She is a dumbass that apparently never had to struggle for

  10. Shep VFX (Lead Editor for Artemis) says:

    The pay gap is fake, but this bitch is so dumb, typical faux news bimbo.
    Although an income gap is not prevalent, there is a promotion gap, women
    are promoted to higher wages much less frequently than men.

  11. South Val says:

    Meredith Vieira is a dumb bitch! Fucking ugly one at that..Pay her less
    cause she looks like shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  12. Robert Sooalo says:

    There’s a video that’s right here on Youtube. If you feel like learning the
    truth about Feminism, watch it. It’s by PragerUniversity. Video’s called
    “Feminism vs. Truth.”

  13. James hui says:

    All I see is two millionaires talking about wage inequality and not one of
    these two would donate a dime to help the poor.

  14. TheXluV says:

    If anyone is buying the snake oil Meredith is selling, I highly doubt
    someone with their OWN SHOW could be THAT angry about not making enough
    money. She makes more money that most of us combined. And that’s just
    laughable. Someone actually checked the numbers and she’s got it wrong.
    And where is this 65 year old daughter figure coming from? I’m calling BS.

  15. opermaze says:

    LOL what did you expect from a girl named “Stacy” lol

  16. Unbiased_Vanity says:

    I can see where Stacy Dash is coming from because it is true that you
    absolutely have to have a good work ethic to get basically ANYWHERE in
    America. However, to say that our anger as a gender, and even as a race, is
    an excuse is completely invalid. America is set up so that select people
    always stay on top. Now, as a Black female, I have not only my gender
    working against me, but I also have my race because we all know the system
    isn’t meant for the enhancement of my people. It also doesn’t help the fact
    that Stacy is a female of lighter-skin, straight hair, blue eyes, who
    doesn’t even identify with her OWN culture as a Black woman. Her opinions
    are coming from a woman brainwashed by them sorry republicans, and her
    views on Black issues just aren’t relevant because she has no knowledge of
    who she is as a person herself so she sure as hell cant be giving any
    advice on the actions of others.

  17. Dan R says:

    the gender wage gap is a myth, and it’s documented. It’s irresponsible to
    say otherwise. Stop using statistics out of context.

  18. sanddocon says:

    fucking bitch go fuck your self !!!! talking u do not get the same as men
    please u liying cunt

  19. Samuel Asfaw says:

    Lmao Stacey dash bitch still clueless