Stacey Dash responds to Jada Pinkett Smith on Oscar diversity

Stacey Dash responds to Jada Pinkett Smith on Oscar diversity

via Fox News

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20 Responses

  1. Haxcat says:

    Is this really a thing?? ? Let Leonardo win and then next year you can
    complain all you want!

  2. Scottie Hardin says:

    by far, a beautiful woman! I couldn’t hear what was being said. who’s

  3. FleekTards 101 says:

    You don’t necessarily have to celebrate BHM. I do, but if she doesn’t
    idgaf. Just because she thinks it’s wrong doesn’t mean that we all have to
    stop celebrating the hard work that we went through to get where we are
    today. She is incredibly ungrateful. And guess what asshole, you’re black
    (in case you didn’t know) I feel sorry for the people that watched their
    family die as they tried to make America a better place for a dumbass like

  4. Aaron Bruiser says:

    Remember what Bulworth said, once everybody has sex with everybody, we will
    all be the same color, no more racism! Stacey Dash is Pretty!

  5. dan garwood says:

    who cares? Celebs don’t give a F about none of you so why do u give a F
    about them? Meanwhile in the REAL news our freedoms are being eradicated…

  6. Real Bell says:

    time tf out white history month is world history, civics ,and plain

  7. corlisscoooper says:

    This lady is ignorant!!! I wish her behind was born during times of slavery
    so that smile can be wiped right off of her face. We should have BET and
    Black History month seeing that we were tortured, beaten, blacks were
    chained put on boats like sardines, put in zoos like animals, bred like
    animals, whiped, lynched, sold from plantation to Plantation and most
    blacks have no long roots because it was taken from us. we shouldn’t be
    paying taxes!!!

  8. Zachary Pecoraro says:

    I don’t get it I really agree with this girl there shouldn’t be any races
    we are all human. But I don’t like how she said that we choose everything
    by race. That I don’t agree with but I like how she said that there
    shouldn’t be any racial division.

  9. sickle slash says:

    oh boy here we fucking go, more nigger supremacists

  10. DanDan TheManic says:

    so…. is that hair your attempt to be white?

  11. Pete Massey says:

    Shes so lost. God help her.

  12. Wolfster45 2 says:

    saus the woman who tried to make herself white with bleaching cream

  13. Audemosha says:

    I’d say she’s absolutely right but I’m a white dude so I don’t count as a
    human.. So don’t mind me.

  14. Anson Abarca says:

    Fox News hiring black people to put down black people in stead of doing it
    them selves … pathetic

  15. diamondz4lfye313 says:

    She has the nerve to say there shouldn’t be a black history month but yet
    if it wasn’t for people like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X her black ass
    wouldn’t even be allowed to talk on Fox News!

  16. Daweights23 C says:

    ok next time their is an all black Oscars I won’t watch it because of your
    self entitlement attitude….seriously what is this the 1960s??? grow up
    segregation is long gone stop bitching no one cares anymore….fucking
    spoiled ass black priveleged mother fuckers

  17. sammygirl6910 says:

    Is Ben Carson writing Stacey’s scripts? I’m beginning to think you have to
    be high to be African American and appear on fox news.

  18. Brian Whipple says:

    Thank you #richasspeopleontv. I don’t give a damn what color or gender
    those people are on tv. They are rich and have no grasp on Reality and who
    real Americans are. They can cry all they want about awards while we all

  19. Zoe Marsh says:

    bitch suck a dick ? and do playboy ? … lol

  20. Popular on YouTube - Worldwide says:

    *Stacey Dash responds to Jada Pinkett Smith on Oscar diversity*