Stadium Series webcam surprise visitor

Stadium Series webcam surprise visitor

A surprise visitor stops by the 2015 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series webcam during the rink build at Levi’s Stadium. Video courtesy of San Francisco 49ers.

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20 Responses

  1. Wasim Syed says:

    This is epic!!

    And the super smash brothers music just makes it even more epic, this is
    too epic


  2. FireLightning16 says:

    Epic. Enough said.

  3. BHuang92 says:

    Baltimore Raven says hi to the 49ers…….

  4. Victor Luis Millan-Velez says:

    That bird could be a sign that The Icon #Sting might show up before
    Wrestlemania 31. #WWE, #TNA, #NXT, #ROH, #NJPW.

  5. Carlos Cortez says:

    Baltimore Ravens are going for the Sharks

  6. MrsPaul says:

    He’s so adorable! 

  7. Ilang Nielsen says:

    WWE Sting coming to WrestleMania 31 in Levi’s Stadium!

  8. Барёк Марьков says:

    Каков красавец!!!

  9. matej rupert says:

    so cute

  10. How To Hockey says:

    That camera has a great birds eye view!

  11. spyrakas says:


  12. Jacqueline Haselmyer says:

    Check out this video on YouTube: cool raven!

  13. Юрий says:

    какой красавчик

  14. Louisito711 says:

    Hahaha that was awesome. XD #mademyday

  15. The Stinger says:

    It’s Sting!!!!

  16. VarpsGaming says:

    Dammit he got free seats

  17. JerTheGeek says:

    Hahaha epic.

  18. MJ C says:

    Lol love it!

  19. Ins0mnia365 says:

    Ravens and crows are amazing creatures :)

  20. luis ruiz says:

    but his entrance walk though