Stanley Cup Final Game 4: Colorado Avalanche vs. Tampa Bay Lightning | Full Game Highlights

Stanley Cup Final Game 4: Colorado Avalanche vs. Tampa Bay Lightning | Full Game Highlights

In Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final, the Colorado Avalanche defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning, 3-2, in OT to take a 3-1 lead in the series. Nazem Kadri scored the winning goal for the Avalanche. The Avalanche are now one win away from winning the Stanley Cup Final.

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50 Responses

  1. Sierra Symone says:

    I doubted them for the playoffs because they always let me down but now I can’t believe we’re one game away from possibly closing out a Stanley cup win for the first time in 2 decades, GO AVALANCHE!!!!!!!!!! 😁

    • El_Piter33 says:

      The last two weeks of the playoffs and not winning the President’s Trophy dragged down my expectations for the Avs. It is a very pleasant surprise to us both! GO AVS GO!!!

    • Tyga says:

      @*StopDroolin 🤡

    • aceir11 says:

      @Max79 yep. Game 2. Stoppable

    • Veritas Invicta says:

      Very impressive win. I’m a Isles fan for 40 plus years and this very much reminds me of the year the oilers broke through and defeated an Islanders team that had won 19 straight playoff series. Bolts are at 11 but in a tougher time. It’s just the Avs time, though the Point injury hurts. Happy for Devon Toews, had Lou not traded him he’d by paired with Noah Dobson and we wouldn’t need a top 4 left handed defenseman.


    I’ll always be a die hard Bruins fan, but you got to give credit when credits due. The Avs have been nothing short of remarkable this season and playoffs. I hope they finally take home the cup this year! Both teams played one hell of a game!

  3. Brett Kenschaft says:

    OMG this game had my stress level off the charts. HUGE win!! Lousy first period but came back strong. Kuemper looked good tonight (except for that 2nd goal) and Kadri getting the GW was perfect! 1 more win to go baby!!

  4. Tony Rivers says:

    After Kuemper gave up the soft goal to Hedman, I thought Kuemper would surely crumble again. He showed a lot of heart and focus to perform solidly and kept the team in the game. Huge game for Kuemper and the Avs tonight!

  5. Mostly Anthologies says:

    Lol my husband and I were like “did we win?” At the end. We never saw the puck. Until the camera zoomed in, then we were laughing so hard and cheering. Kadris first game back and he saves the day! Go Avs Go! See ya Friday at the Ball!

    • Phantomeagle. says:

      Yeah, I don’t think the refs saw the puck. Being at ice level it was very hard to see since it was not only caught up in the netting, but it was in a major seam along the cage structure. You had to look at the replay to see it. Didn’t take long to review.

      Awesome win. I’m a Red Wings fan and loathe as I am to root for the Avs, I want them to win it since Tampa already has the last 2 cups.

    • Umaru Doma says:


      GO AVS GO!

    • Rockcrusherboy1 says:

      LETS GO AVS!!!!!!

    • Syrix says:

      Great game! Kadri is back

    • chris says:

      As a Florida Panther fan, I have adopted the AVs as my team for the Stanley Cup Final. Les go!

  6. Vincent Lovestedt says:

    It was so weird how everyone after game 1 was like, “Oh avs you better watch out! Tampa’s gonna come out great in game 2!” Then, as we all know, Tampa lost 7-0. Then when Tampa won game 3 everyone’s like, “Tampa is going to come back! This is just like the Rangers series!” The avalanche and rangers and very different teams. I think the avs getting a split in this game guaranteed a third stanley cup.

    • Max79 says:

      @Clayton LoneTree if Avs win the cup, I would be shocked because my Lightning have been dominating since Covid and now it’s gonna be a comeback series since they can still find a way to win championships. Tampa Bay are not done. This series is gonna be 10,000% similar to Cleveland vs Golden State NBA Finals 2016 but as NHL version

    • Max79 says:

      @*StopDroolin I’m moving to Florida matter of fact from Mississippi. Plus Tampa Bay the tropical city gonna beat the polar ass Denver team that they suck

    • US-Bahn says:

      @Thomas Gorham It will be very impressive if Colorado wins it this year. Tampa is a formidable team.

    • Thomas Gorham says:

      You’re wrong sir, but you neve say die I respect that

    • US-Bahn says:

      Impressive determination from Avs esp in OT. Uncharacteristic loss for Tampa at home. Something’s not right with team. Has Killorn scored once in these entire playoffs this year? Stamkos name not mentioned once in the 10-minute highlight reel. Kucherov, apart from his lethal signature sniper shot from the circle that rang off the post in the 3rd, seemed mostly absent.

  7. halfdozengp says:

    What a game. What a series! Avs are special. Even when they don’t play well they play elite. Avs in 5!!!!! Let’s gooooooo!

    • halfdozengp says:

      @T oh please. Tampa had 7 on the ice at the same time! Tampa needs 7 men to try and defend the Avs. It’s called a line change and it happens all game long.

    • halfdozengp says:

      @Stephen Bausemer Tampa has to win the next 3 games in a row. That’s not going to happen.

    • halfdozengp says:

      @Paul Welch except Tampa got absolutely dominated in both overtimes. Its 3-1 for a reason. Avalanche deserved all 3 wins. Playing this shoulda, coulda, woulda game is just stupid.

    • T says:

      @Mason Wright Avs need six men on the ice to score LOL 😂

    • Jerlew27 says:

      @Paul Welch Avs we’re literally playing like shit the first 2 periods. They brought their A game in the 3rd and they were the ones who sent it to OT where they mopped the floor with Tampa

  8. Michael WestDominguez says:

    This has been a great series though I’m a lightning fan. Avs have a great team- they remind me of us 2 years ago- fast and physical. Def the best two teams here in the Stanley Cup and if the Avs win- great job and congrats to the Colorado fans.

    • Mikro Kozm says:

      You were relieved to get past the Rangers & their home ice advantage. THAT was your moral victory. And you know it. The Rangers were flat on that series, and it even surprised the Lightning players. Everyone thought that it was going to be epic. If fizzled. Like this one. Not being political, but I haven’t been 100% physically or mentally since the vaccine shots. The Boston Celtics were on a historic playoff run (look at who their opponents were) but they fizzled out too. Two young athletes died this week. People are still dropping like flies…young. There is SOMETHING amiss that has affected us all. The only thing I can point to PHYSICALLY is that I know all those affected had to have the vaccine shot. The Celtics, Rangers & Bolts ALL looked unstoppable & full of fury. Then…pffft. Nothin’.

    • Jim Mihaley says:

      R u actually a lightning fan that lives in tampa bay or are u a bandwagon fan that likes them bc of the cups

  9. Frank TheTank says:

    Holy damn I was so nervous but we absolutely dominated that over time. Such an intense and exciting game. Avs found a way. 1 to go

  10. classic white bread says:

    I love the silence at the end of the game. No horn. No cheers. Just a nice AVS win.

    • Sean Frazier says:

      That OT play really showed how much playing tampa has done. Avs have only played more than four games in one series besides this one, they had 6+ days of rest. Them Tampa boys are tired, no hope if they cant come back and sustain the energy they had in game 3.

    • Sean Frazier says:

      @Project Robo ice was definitely soupy, but thats to be expected when its 105 out in tampa and humid. Go Avs!

    • homerunhitters says:

      @Max79 AVS WIN 🙂

    • Ben Law says:

      @Steve Conte yeah , I saw it….bolts squandered several chances to stretch the lead, and it came back to bite them in the ass…they were spent in the ot….figure they won’t win in denver….

    • Max79 says:

      @homerunhitters AVS LOSE

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