Star Trek: Discovery – Main Title Sequence

Star Trek: Discovery – Main Title Sequence

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20 Responses

  1. Hezekiah Ramirez says:

    So many people getting salty because it looks different. It’s a different time, of course it does. It’s a modern TV series. Let’s see how it is and judge it from there. It might be bad. But it might be good. Giving new things a chance is central to Star Trek’s philosophy, is it not? Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

  2. Scyre Nunya says:

    Although the imagery and exploded technical views are neat, it fails the sound test. Music is indeed nicely nostalgic in it’s echos of the original tune, it sadly lacks a new original catch like all previous series did. Where is our new Trek Anthem?????? Every other show set itself apart by having a UNIQUE, beautiful melody that satisfied you deep down in the soul. This is more akin to a toy commercial, or collector’s plate infomercial… KEEP THE VISUAL, AND FLUSH THE POOR ATTEMPT AT MUSIC!!!

  3. dwalex97209 says:

    Jury’s out on this one. Honestly, I was expecting something more epic.

  4. Psilocybin Logician says:

    looks like its trying too hard

  5. Foton Icon says:

    With China’s CCP-approved Shanghai Film Group’s $2 billion investment in Paramount Studios, does this series come pre-censored? And will comment discussions about it be seeded with CCP-favoring shills?

  6. Psylenco says:

    I honestly don’t see what’s wrong with this. I thought Star Trek was about exploration and the music sounds like adventure calling. You die-hard fans really need to let go of your crying blankets.

  7. Graysyk says:

    Space. The final frontier.

  8. RonDangerSolo says:

    They did the Spock hand thing so epic

  9. saramations says:

    Eeeh, at least it’s not some dad-rock song. Fuckin’ Faith of the Heart, especially season 3/4.

  10. love bug says:

    This made me so happy im crying 😭😭😍😍

  11. The Budget Aquarist says:

    No gays in the future using the transgender space​ toilet…. You know those genetic defects will be fixable in the future.

  12. Mister3Smiley says:

    I like it, I think. Not very sci-fi or Trek-y though.

  13. CG PROJECTSFX says:

    Na. I’ll watch Orville, Renegades, and Axanar repeats. This looks so unlike Star Trek for 50 years+ excluding JJ Trek.

  14. RationalPragmatist says:

    That was a let down

  15. Daniel Stone says:

    orville intro = better. I really like the orville but please dont let it be the best star trek show on right now even though it isnt star trek. Im open to this show being good but fuck everything i see is so discouraging.

  16. Lewis Alexander says:

    It’s actually very well done and beautiful, but doesn’t feel like Star Trek.

  17. Ikura Prime says:

    Let’s remember how the Russians influenced the election. I am a Star Trek fan and have been since it originally aired. I have seen every episode of every series. But don’t be fooled by CBS plants touting it’s wonder. Some posts clearly seem suspect. Countdown begins…

  18. William Roberts says:

    It’s like a Westworld and Game of Thrones mashup.

  19. danromero says:

    Love the intro. We’ve had hundreds of hours of ships-in-space introductions and it’s fun to see a different sensibility and creativity to their opening.

  20. Adam Shuhart says:

    The music is very bland and generic with the iconic Star Trek fanfare just sort of shoehorned in at the end. Not too crazy about the visuals either.

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