Star Trek: Discovery – Official Trailer

Star Trek: Discovery – Official Trailer

Watch the explosive trailer for the next chapter of the Star Trek franchise. Star Trek: Discovery premieres September 24th on CBS All Access.

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20 Responses

  1. Valerie Hathaway says:


  2. P-BOT H20 says:

    Why are there no lightsabers in the trailer ?

  3. 5Jango5 says:

    My expectations for this show are so low, they’re with Fek’lar in Gre’thor.

  4. rockbass says:

    Star Wars Trek.

    Enjoy paying for CBS All Access! AKA: “Pay us before we earn it!”

    CBS is cancer.

  5. clarker011 says:

    I can’t wait to watch the two-part premiere and then nothing else because CBS are a bunch of greedy pricks…

  6. Brendissimo1 says:

    While I’m glad Star Trek is on TV again, this looks pretty bad.

  7. FAYMprod says:

    please stop with playing slowed down covers w minor chords – I’d rather go back to the BWAHHJH BWAAAH BWAHHHHHH trailer stings

  8. Ryan T. Husk says:

    I’m gonna watch the shit outta this.

  9. thesnakeman8006 says:

    This is still the abrams-verse right?

  10. ChiliManiac says:

    Some fans will always be salty, this fan is going to enjoy the f out of this show.

  11. Axess2084 says:

    Holy Lens Flare, Batman! Star Trek is an INTELLIGENT series with engaging, well written stories. Not flashy action sequences and constant pyrotechnics. This short attention span generation is KILLING all the old franchises one by one.

  12. ChiliManiac says:

    Legit question, how can people look at this trailer and say it’s bad?

  13. Kim Jong-un says:

    I like it, but to be really honest, it kind of looks like a generic sci-fi action show that you could watch on SyFy

  14. John Barry says:

    Borderline unrecognizable as Star Trek.

  15. Continuum Meditations says:

    What the frak is up with this use of pop music to sell science fiction these days? Is there not enough confidence in the use of real outer space orchestrally-composed music? Beyond that, admittedly the trailer looks rather nice. But I’m still quite skeptical about this series.

  16. Sorotia says:

    Ahh yes…not only is it bad it’s pawning on JJ’s use of action and camera flair in place of plot and story…can’t say I didn’t expect this. This is gonna be another dumbed down piece of generic sci-fi trash to appeal to the masses who like shiny things and big explosions.

  17. Cheo Wesley says:

    I’m going to take a page from the James Rolfe playbook. No Star Trek. I refuse. I feel that this is not Star Trek. This is just some random, generic sci-fi show with the name Star Trek slapped on it. It’s even worse since you have to pay to watch it. This show, if you can even call it that is just a slap in the face to Trek fans who have loved Star Trek since it started back in the 60’s. To be honest, Hollywood hasn’t done anything good with Star Trek since Nemesis. And that includes the Star Trek reboot series.

  18. Timothy B says:

    You know what you don’t see? Strange new worlds, new life and new civilizations, anyone boldly going anywhere, or any hope at all. What do we see? More doom and gloom, Michael Bay Klingons, JJ camera angles and lens flares, and action-movie tropes. How is this Star Trek?

  19. Steve Mayne says:

    I’m going to check out the first episode. However, I have 2 problems. This is not the “next” chapter in Star Trek, the “next” chapter takes place after Picard, Cisco, and Janeway, and please show us that, I’m tired of going backwards, I want to go forwards. Also, how do you keep screwing up the Klingons, this is not what they look like at this point in history. They talked about it in DS9 and explained it in Enterprise. The biggest problem Enterprise had was you couldn’t pay attention to your own continuity and your starting off by ignoring your own continuity. This is not a great starting point for you all. Like I said, I’m going to watch it, I want to love this show, and hopefully when it’s on either CBS or some service I don’t have to pay extra to watch I’ll get to see it.

  20. MinKyung Ryu says:

    Not Star Trek, my god remove Star Trek name from this shit show. CBS you are a dishonor to Gene Roddenberry name,. and dream for the future….

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