Star Trek: Picard | Season 2 Star Trek Day Trailer | Paramount+

Star Trek: Picard | Season 2 Star Trek Day Trailer | Paramount+

The new season of Star Trek: Picard premieres February 2022, exclusively on Paramount+. Watch the New Trailer, which debuted during the Star Trek: Picard panel at Star Trek Day 2021.

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35 Responses

  1. SciFi2285 says:

    Guinan was always a whole lot more than what she appeared to be. And I am guessing she isn’t in the trailer because we will see her this season in a different light.

    • abauer77 says:

      Yeah, they’re going to go back in time and see her on a TV as a host of The View.

    • Roberto Martinez says:

      @PrincessMoonbeam she did really. In the late 80’s or early 90’s there was a Comedy telethon called Comic relief, the famous celebrity comedians would offer stand up while people at home donated to the charity the telethon was promoting there was one sketch though that was set during Star Trek TNG, in it the transported some ancient artifacts from late 20 Century
      earth 🌎, in it there were t-shirts whose durability was non existent to the transporter effect but also a video casset with a women who bore a striking resemblance to Guinen, this women was called Whoop-i-goldburg they make a comment about was this female really Guinea but dismiss it. This was shown on cable decades ago hasn’t been shown since, but I remember it and now you know about it, spred this tidbit of lost Star trek info. Star Trek 4 eva 🖖

    • Roberto Martinez says:

      @Daniel E Carroll I remember that, man I thought I was the only one, i wrote like paragraphs on here in case nobody new.

    • BCrafty121 says:

      I was wondering why they never paid that line off.

    • scoxocs says:

      @PrincessMoonbeam Would this same logic not apply to all time traveling stories? There’d be a Patrick Stewart, an Alison Pill, a Michelle Hurd, etc etc

  2. Ben Wasserman says:

    Even thirty years later, Picard and Q’s relationship never fails to entertain.

  3. Katarnfan says:

    Picard, Seven, and co getting The Voyage Home style trip treatment… intriguing!

    • Hiller Thomas says:

      The ONLY issue with this is…how done so many aspects of the trailer feel like they have been Done to Death even by Star Trek. Say what you will about season 1, but there was a lot of New Ideas that they ran with. I was hoping for more of that since we already have so much of what this Trailer showed already available in Star Trek itself.

    • Jim Realnamington says:

      Also kinda the end of VOY.

    • Medalion says:

      @Jim Realnamington also kinda like that Voyager ep where they went to THEN modern day 1996 Los Angeles

    • HomestarAK says:

      Except instead of saving the whales they’ll be gutting people and getting laid. Woo.

  4. Medalion says:

    So if Picard is going to the 2020’s… they have to encounter the Bell Riots from DS9… another time travel episode

  5. Jensina Mart says:

    If picard had a slip of latinum every time he traveled to the 21st century using Borg technology, he’d have two slips of latinum. It’s not a lot, but it’s weird that it’s happened twice.

  6. David H. Kinder, CLU, ChFC, RFC says:

    Waiting to see if Biff’s sports almanac was really destroyed…

  7. Henry Myers says:

    If there was one thing I’d hoped to see in season 2, it was 7 of 9 driving a 2013 Ford Explorer

  8. Sedden84 says:

    I’m dying to watch the season if for anything to see why Q did what he did…In the end, he almost always has a reason for what he does and I’m really hoping it ain’t because Picard said he’s too old for his BS lol

    • nittany272 says:

      Picard was always quick to judge Q, especially in the later Q-ventures. The editing of that line tells me Q likely has not as much to do with this as he lets on.

  9. John Vanderbeck says:

    Fans speculating Picard would go to the future with Disco
    Paramount: Voyage Home!

  10. Jesse Weinberg says:

    Everyone is saying ‘Voyage Home’ but all is see is ‘Future’s End’

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