Star Trek: Picard | Teaser Trailer (NYCC 2022) | Paramount+

Star Trek: Picard | Teaser Trailer (NYCC 2022) | Paramount+

Get a closer look at Star Trek: Picard Season 3 in an all-new teaser that premiered at the Star Trek Universe panel at New York Comic Con 2022. Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, and Michael Dorn of Star Trek: The Next Generation all return for one final high stakes mission. Stream the Season 3 premiere of Star Trek: Picard on Thursday, February 16, 2023, exclusively in the U.S. on Paramount+.

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39 Responses

  1. Forrest Penrod says:

    Love the Odyssey Class! Cannot wait to see more of the Enterprise F in action!

  2. Kiskeya Life says:

    Seeing -Niles- Moriarty back on the Enterprise is such a flashback to my childhood TV landscape…

  3. Mazvec says:

    I am super psyched about this, but at the same time I really wish they hadn’t revealed quite so much; imagine the reveals of Moriarty and Lore if we hadn’t known about them at all

  4. Supergirl Video Clips says:

    Seeing Riker, Worf and Seven interacting really feels like a true crossover 😍

  5. John Vance says:

    Find someone who loves you the way the Star Trek franchise loves Brent Spiner

  6. Coecludd says:

    Looks great 😊

  7. Gengatube says:

    I knew Brent spiner was gonna be in this season, but I still didn’t expect that. I’m really excited for this season. It looks epic and I’m so happy to see everyone back

    • Pepe Galego says:

      You didn’t? Who did you think he was going to play? They have exhausted all the other spiner characters!

  8. Moorish Brooklyn says:

    I was 80% impressed with Star Trek: Picard when it came out. Wonderful visuals and interesting adventure. Felt it was missing a certain punch though. It is cool however that the old cast is reuniting to close out the final chapter on their own terms.

    • Rocky johnson says:

      I think what your referring to is Old age 🙂 We just need to look past that and appreciate it as we are lucky as fans to have the team back together before it’s to late.

  9. Katharine Osborne says:

    Absolutely loving Worf’s character arc here (if we wasn’t making a joke about pacifism). He was one of my least favourite characters at the beginning of TNG but has developed so much over TNG, the films, and DS9.

    • Allan Bard says:

      Pacifist w/ a mek’leth over one shoulder.😁

    • Jack James Franklin says:

      OMG, he was so good in DS9, I think even better than when he was in TNG!
      Michael Dorn and Worf deserve a Sequel series or Prequel Series to this season of Picard no other actor and character deserves it more!

    • LOL LMAO says:

      Laughable that you think there will be any character arcs at all

  10. Gooner70 says:

    The trailer is just dope
    Hoping this is the perfect send off for the next gen series they deserve— sadly the next gen films didn’t quite do it for me
    This is also bitter sweet as we know its the last time we will see Picard and most likely a lot of the next gen crew 😪
    Cannot wait though ❤️

    • Gooner70 says:

      @VAR yes I agree but then they did the films and for me it never quite closed the story

    • VAR says:

      The Next Gen series already had the perfect send off they deserved. It was called the Season 7 finale with crew playing poker. The Next Gen movies were good to mediocre. I don’t even want to think about the Picard series especially last season. Let’s hope they stick the landing on this finale “finale”.

    • Rocky johnson says:

      Getting old is a B$#%h

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