Star Trek: Picard – Teaser

Star Trek: Picard – Teaser

The end is only the beginning.
Brace yourself for the new CBS All Access Original Series Star Trek: Picard, coming soon.

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70 Responses

  1. Momijisu says:

    Absolute chills. I’m so excited!

  2. Al Iguana says:

    “why did you leave Starfleet?”
    “well see, I have all these unopened bottles of wine, and they aren’t going to drink themselves…”

  3. Jean-Luc Ichard says:

    Here’s to you Chateau Picard ! ?

  4. DetroitBORG says:

    I am happy to see this teaser, yet I am crying. Perhaps the chip is malfunctioning?

  5. Zagline Gaming says:

    The flute at the end. 🙂

  6. Katherine Elizabeth says:

    If Q doesn’t make an appearance in this I’m going to be disappointed. v,v

  7. oldbroken1 says:

    “Why did you leave Starfleet Admiral?”
    “Because, It was too late! I’d seen everything!.”

  8. John Grzeskowiak says:

    Probably got tired of drinking that damned synthahol.

  9. Felipe Garcia says:

    Picard probably left because he couldn’t tug on his admiral’s uniform. ?

  10. Thrawn says:

    Au contraire, mon Capitaine. Heeee’s back!

  11. 50043211 says:

    “Why did you leave Starfleet admiral?” – “They did not let me have my own ship!”

  12. Pwn Ranger says:

    He retired to his “All Good Things…” lifestyle. And that flute Nice touch!! ?

  13. xunit62 says:

    Why did you leave Starfleet Admiral? Now that’s interesting! Make it So!?

  14. gokinsmen says:

    -Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.- Wine. Burgundy. Red.

  15. phillyflopper says:

    “Ask your doctor if Château Picard is right for you!!!”

  16. Bruno Valerio says:

    You just got love Patrick Stewart as Picard!!!

  17. Luis Mazuera says:

    “why did you leave Starfleet?”
    To become an x-man!

  18. Elijah Cross says:

    I’ve seen Patrick Stuart in a wheel chair so much I forgot he could walk ?

  19. Roee Rosenzweig says:

    “Why did you leave Starfleet?”
    “Did you SEE Star Trek Nemesis!?!?”

  20. Zimlaog2 says:

    “why did you leave Starfleet?”
    “I didn’t have All Access.”

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