“STAR WARS: A Bad Lip Reading”

“STAR WARS: A Bad Lip Reading”

Vader keeps texting Leia, while Ben continues his quest for the Pickaxe of Cortez. Jack Black, Maya Rudolph, and Bill Hader guest.

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“THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: A Bad Lip Reading” http://bit.ly/1O7C9E4
“RETURN OF THE JEDI: A Bad Lip Reading” http://bit.ly/1NylqKI

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20 Responses


    Videos are being uploaded in hyperspace minutes these days.

  2. magicards73 says:

    Cucu Quan shot first.

  3. Benjamin Whetstone says:

    The World needs more Bushes of Love.

  4. gampolo2o says:

    The fucking lightsaber fight…

  5. Boats N Hoes says:

    Is jack black Darth??

  6. Two-Dog James says:

    Feel free to lip-sync any of K Branagh’s overly serious Shakespeare films.

  7. dan mustoe says:

    Is this meant to be funny doesn’t even make sense waste of time

  8. afiq razali says:

    hire those tfs dudes theyd be great at this

  9. MrRaisinBran says:


  10. black9897 says:

    i heard it was a bad part of Mexico, did you hear him? LOL

  11. Riley says:

    This footage is from the despecialized edition, isnt it?

  12. Theo Newton says:

    lol, thats amazing

  13. havocpuma99 says:

    Its quite easy to make up what the droids, the stormtroopers and Vader say
    as you can’t see their mouths move. LAAAAAZAYYY

  14. Burgundy Black says:

    “Bet you’ll just buy some stupid guy thing” XD

  15. LugibriousLegend says:

    Hey guys they’re playing. Come on, this old man can’t pitch.. FOUL!! XD

  16. Terrible Katherine says:

    I call those nu-uhs “the Walking Dead- nu-uhs”. Damn I miss Rick and his
    pink shark costume..

  17. Max L says:

    I love your videos! Every one of them will put a big smile on my face! Keep
    doing what you’re doing guys!

  18. Nick Radloff says:

    Turd Burglar.

  19. Tyrone Johnson says:

    what is that song at the end? cause the production in top notch

  20. Steven Davis says:

    Took you long enough! YES! AMAZING! Love your stuff so much.