Star Wars Battlefront 2: The Battle on Scarif – Community Update

Star Wars Battlefront 2: The Battle on Scarif – Community Update

Head to the tropical planet of Scarif and fight in a beautiful scenery – contrasted by towering Imperial facilities. With the next free content update for Star Wars Battlefront II arriving on April 29, iconic locations from the Age of Rebellion will be added to Supremacy, along with a new way to play Instant Action.

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75 Responses

  1. Vader3457 says:

    Battlefront and The Clone Wars are ending to soon to each other. But I’m glad BF2 and Clone Wars finished like this.

  2. kwame damuah says:

    Battlefield 5 ends
    Me: I don’t care
    Battlefront 2 ends
    Me: cries

  3. な6IXLXRD says:

    And here I was thinking they’d FINALLY give us the option to play as a Sarlacc Pit.

  4. IARESMART says:

    Goodbye old friend. May the force be with you.

  5. Professor Echo X says:

    This game is great. It’s a shame we never got private matches.

  6. Dylan Schobert says:

    Battlefront 2 was legit my favorite game, I’ve stuck with it through everything, the supposed “pay to win” scandals, jetpack cargo, but I was also here for the Clone Wars updates, Geonosis, Felucia, Anakin, Obi Wan, Grevious and Dooku. Thank you everyone at EA and Dice who put their work into this game, thank you for almost 3 years of fun on the battlefront.

  7. The JRaW Experience says:

    I find the lack of Ashoka, Ventriss, Jyn, and Krennic disturbing.

  8. Kylo Ren says:

    My heart sank when he said “we now hand it over to you” :’(

  9. gran almirante thrawn says:

    Players: Where is Padme? Where is Ahsoka? Are they safe? are they all right?
    Ea: it seems, in our last update, we didn’t add them
    Players: WHAT? They were almost confirmed in the game, I FELT IT
    *EA free the last update without them*
    Players: NOOOOOOOO

  10. HercMerc says:

    I’m really surprised Endor isn’t coming to supremacy, especially given how central it is to the storyline

    • Deadshot 500 says:

      The map isn’t suited very well for the mode

    • HercMerc says:

      Deadshot 500 Idk I think it would’ve worked. A lot of these maps are open with large sections of rocks or vegetation here and there to provide cover. Endor has quite a bit of cover with trees, caves, other sections in the base to provide cover. Sure the entire map couldn’t be used but there’s a lot of other places that would work.

    • Sha Kaw says:

      And that theres no capital ships for the ot

  11. Captain Fatbeard says:

    So this is how Battlefront 2 dies. With thunderous battle on Scarif Update.

  12. Rebel Appliance says:

    Girls at the beach: “OMG Jessica your swimsuit is so pretty!”

    Boys at the beach: 0:00

  13. MeAndEverything says:

    “April will be better”
    April: 1:06

  14. R.N.F says:

    I still cannot believe how this game managed to redeemed so well

  15. Genesius 15 says:

    Death: It’s time to go
    BF2: Have I been a good game?
    Death: yes
    *Peacefully accompanies it to paradise*

  16. Brenden Gold says:

    there’s so much more they haven’t added though this can’t be the end of the battlefront

  17. TNKER Plays says:

    “I sense a disturbance in the force.” -Literally everyone, April 2020

  18. Lethal Edits says:

    “We hand it to you now”
    I’m just going to take that as private matches… probably not…

  19. killa 0412 says:

    January: ww3
    Febubrary: cobe Bryant death
    March: corona virus
    April: end of battlefront 2 support

    Its official 2020 sucks ass

  20. Trump says:

    “Did you get the Scarif Update?”
    “What did it cost?”
    “Support for the game.”

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