Star Wars Battlefront – Bespin Launch Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront – Bespin Launch Trailer

Experience new heroes, maps, mode, weapons, star cards and more in the new Bespin digital expansion. Join Lando Calrissian and Dengar in the Cloud City of Bespin. Take flight in a cloud car, journey through Cloud City, navigate carbon-freezing chambers, or hunt enemies with the X-8 Night Sniper and EE-4 blasters. This deal is getting better all the time.

The Star Wars™ Battlefront™ Bespin digital expansion arrives in June 2016 for Season Pass owners.

*Star Wars*™ Battlefront™ is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One. Purchase the Season Pass and get access to all four digital expansions two weeks early:

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20 Responses

  1. xXCoolCraftXx says:

    I only have da Outer rim DLC man better get ready for cloud city

  2. James Bond says:

    Lol did anyone else get the sudden urge to drink COLT 45?!?

  3. julian hackley (Hashirama) says:

    so for season pass owners they get it on June 21

  4. Brett Phillips says:

    Wait is lando played by the same actor form the actual movie, it sound just
    like him when he was in the Star Wars rebel episode

  5. Lorenzo Bau says:

    I see a flame trhower im 100% sure

  6. Christian Avalos says:

    will there be heroes vs villains in any of these maps?

  7. Darth Vader :v says:

    Lando calrissian QuQ

  8. Jonny A says:

    Shame the game is dead, before adding content.

  9. Valor708 says:

    0:05 attention Bespin? I guess he is addressing the entire planet!

  10. Jack Purcell says:

    jeebus I love this game.

  11. camo friday says:

    I thought bossk was the new villain hero

  12. MetaGaming says:

    First Greedo now this guy what’s with the pointless hero’s, I rather have
    some one like Darth Maul or even Kylo Ren (Even though I disliked the
    sequels)….. Worst Star Wars Hero line up everrrrr

  13. blacc beard says:

    Wait im confused, i don’t own the game, but is this DLC? They are charging
    for a map?? How much?? Im mind blown if they are really charging DLC money
    for a single map that was in both the other battlefronts for free.

  14. chris flores says:

    The DLC looks awesome but, does anyone still play Battlefront, and where’s
    Lukes Bespin outfit?

  15. Erik Hisserich says:

    Me so hyped ???

  16. Dante Pennacchia says:

    This is what I was waiting for!!!

  17. Skeve ! says:

    wouldov been better wt a galactic conquest!!! XC

  18. dumoulws says:

    oh look no space battles….battlefront had such potential to bad its
    terrible. Looks like im going back to BF4

  19. Franswawawe says:

    Lol this game is dead

  20. Dreamz says:

    why wasn’t this released on launch day?