Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star Teaser Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star Teaser Trailer

Coming in September, Season Pass holders will receive our third digital expansion pack, Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star. More new maps – on ground and in space – new weapons and star cards and two new heroes including one larger-than-life character we know you’ve been patiently waiting for.

Star Wars™ Battlefront™ is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One. Purchase the Season Pass and get two week early access to a fully operational Death Star digital expansion:

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20 Responses

  1. Dylan Harrison says:

    So spacebattles? Also if the new gamemode is blowing up the Death Star I
    swear to god EA you won’t be getting my money.

  2. DerpMan123 says:

    I remember when you didn’t have to pay extra just to get space battles and
    a Death Star map

  3. Matthew Best says:

    You can go in side right?

  4. gusrojo88 says:

    if only the controls for the ships was like battlefield it would be killer

  5. Cplblue says:

    Looks pretty cool. Wish it was the second Death Star though. Then the
    capital ships have a reason to exist in the fight plus you could have added
    B-Wings. Oh well.

  6. lexington gaines says:

    the new hero is master yoda i bet

  7. Frank Conrad says:

    Great…….. So, where is my campaign and proper offline mode?

  8. FlamingNinjaMonkey 1234 says:

    The hero is chewbacca

  9. iukeay says:

    About time

  10. Justin Uyehara says:

    aren’t we glad this didn’t come at neither launch nor with the base game?
    thanks ea

  11. Textingmustache says:

    looks like campaign guys!

  12. AngerIssuez says:

    Now maybe if you had this at release; Hell, if you had more than 3 FUCKING
    MAPS, I’d care about this.

    Fuck you, EA.

  13. A waste of sperm says:

    Oh look only took 11 months when it should of been in the base game.

  14. Aryck-The-One says:

    Anyone else notice that in all of these trailers, the X-Wings lasers are
    linked to fire all 4 at once, which you can’t actually do in the game? IMO,
    they should add the ability to cycle firing modes for your lasers on all
    starfighters so you can choose to fire one, two, or four at a time
    depending on the ship. Linking your lasers to fire two or four at a time
    would increase damage, but also the rate at which they overheat.

  15. THE_JEDI_GUY says:

    what version of the imperial march was that????????

  16. BrainShadow says:

    I wonder if there’s DLC that lets you blow it up.

  17. Thaxton2 says:

    to bad it dosn’t show the new heros

  18. Happygreenland12 says:

    Guys read the description of the video. Confirmed space battles and Chew.
    This is awesome I’m glad EA got their heads out of their asses

  19. Kelvin Reyes says:

    Im just waiting for “game of the year edition”

  20. 2.5 says:

    Pretty sure this will be the first dlc I will buy