Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer – George Lucas’ Special Edition

“It’s so dense”

Created by Michael Shanks
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19 Responses

  1. firefalcon124 says:



  2. PainFlavoredBaby says:

    Would anyone like a pizza roll? Leave a comment in this webzone.

  3. Samuel Dabrowski says:

    trailer is kinda retarded

  4. Malachi815 says:

    Oh my God, this one actually looks like George Lucas has made it. I was
    laughing out load, great work!

  5. Thomas Walters says:

    Damn-it, George! A special edition already… the movie hasn’t even come
    out yet!

  6. AdemonlikeYOU says:

    was bad when it started. got bad when annakin came

  7. Jeremy Kolassa says:

    god fucking damnit

  8. Banshee Barriers says:

    It would end as Where’s Wattoo?

  9. Chris Vasta says:

    Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer – George Lucas Special Edition. 

  10. op2hudson says:

    I spat out my drink when I saw Jabba :)

  11. Bruno Cesar VS says:

    “It’s so dense, every shot has so many things going on!”

  12. Zeeshan Naqi says:

    George Lucas Special Edition trailer

  13. spookycookies says:

    “Wait, what’s that over there? Is that the script?”

  14. Steven Jordan says:


  15. Eyal Itsik says:

    Hey, Michael Shanks! That’s the guy from the Doomsday Arcade thingy from
    about a billion years ago!

  16. Tessa Gray says:

    That’s amazing.

  17. John Escobedo says:

    I don’t know what software(s) you used, but in most scenes I’d be
    hard-pressed to understand this was a parody if I’d not seen the original.
    Great job on this and freaking hilarious. Especially the double blade,
    double cross-guard, fffwiishhhzzzz fwishzz, fwishzz, Ffffffwisshhhzz,
    fwisz fwishzz. 

  18. Mario Urias says:

    Oh come on give Ol’ George a break, the man redeemed himself with EP3
    Revenge of the Sith.

  19. Kim C says:

    The stuff of nightmares.