Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Free Update

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Free Update

There’s no better day than May 4th to pick up your lightsaber and swing back into battle. This free update brings a host of new challenges for Cal and BD-1 to take on. A new Meditation Training feature allows you to test yourself against waves of powerful enemies in arenas across the galaxy. Craft your own to take on your most hated foes and alongside your favorite allies. Unlock new customization awards and embrace your dark side with the Cal Inquisitor outfit. Experience Cal’s epic journey anew in New Journey +, this time with all the cosmetics you’ve discovered unlocked. Step up to the challenge and May the Fourth be with you.

Song Credit:
Suugan Essena by the Hu

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73 Responses

  1. Kaneki y2k says:

    _The very definition of “Hope” Thank you Respawn_

  2. The unruly one says:

    Dude this update looks like everything we were asking for and more! I really didn’t expect something like this! 😄

    • Jysenpai says:

      The unruly one battlefront knight was just made a video about an update like this too lmao

  3. Hiro Aneirin says:

    I didn’t think they’d actually give this game more content. I’m so glad I was wrong!😁

    • Argus Flotilla says:

      Just wish it had some story dlc too. Find someone or a group who is being hunted by another inquisitor, so you try to get them to safety, basically doing what Cere did for you. Or join a rebel cell like the ghost crew and fight the empire. There’s so much potential for story dlc

    • sebbygeorge1999 says:

      Argus Flotilla they’re making a sequel expected for 2022 so they’ll have to save story things for that I’d assume

    • BillyGoat556 l says:


    • Argus Flotilla says:

      @sebbygeorge1999 just seems a shame to release a well put together game with great potential only to abandon it by announcing a sequel a few months later. Build up the sequel with content from the 1st when it’s been expanded upon. Introduce more or existing characters in the 1st then expand and develop their character in the sequel. Let us learn more about those characters we already know now rather than waiting years just to hear a bit more about their backstory.

    • Slinging INK says:

      Hiro Aneirin bro I’m crying now because of it this game is so good

  4. Bom Tombadil says:

    Respawn: Gives everyone what the ask for
    *Everyone liked that*

  5. Ethan Pierce says:

    I feel like the Battlefront community will be happy for a few days now.

  6. 1 Subscriber Before 2021 says:

    Clone Wars: finished
    Battlefront 2: no more updates
    Fallen Order: a new hope

  7. Arthur morgan says:

    Game: *listens to the fans*

    Me: *surprised pikachu face*

  8. avg joe gaming says:

    Who’s getting fired? Cause according to the brass no one likes single player games anymore. Wouldnt dare spend money to update a game you cant milk anymore


    One Act Closes- **Battlefront 2**
    And a New One Opens- **Jedi Fallen Order**

  10. TheFallofTheEleventh says:

    SW Community: ‘Battlefront 2 is lost. We have no hope’
    Respawn: *”Execute Jedi Fallen Order 66”*

    • Ren Gundo847 says:

      yourboy jomo ok you’re a bit right but until you said “they had plans for ahsoka” is where you went wrong. All the hero designer said is that he had plans for other heroes but he never specifically mentioned ahsoka. Don’t make up false information to excite people in YT comments.

    • yourboy jomo says:

      Ren Gundo847 a couple days ago the hero designer said that they most definitely had plans for ahoska as she was so requested.

    • yourboy jomo says:

      JusForKills the servers are up and we will still get bug fixes but we will not get anymore content updates. Meaning no more maps, guns, heroes etc.

    • MrSwagTurtle says:

      Battlefront 2 needs Mace Muthafuckin Windu

    • yourboy jomo says:

      Ren Gundo847 not false news. Not my fault your not fast to realize what’s been said by the devs a couple days after they said it. Look it up dude. The hero designer said that he regret not adding in fan favourite hero’s sooner into the game. Don’t shame me for fake news just because you think it’s fake.

  11. Erlend Kaarbø says:

    Present EA: Gives free update/dlc

    Past EA: It iS tReAsOn tHeN!

  12. Zachary Fisher says:

    It’s funny I was playing Bf2 last night with a friend and was talking about how fallen order hasn’t really had any big updates yet

  13. Weirdsandwich101 says:

    “This is the where the fun begins.”

  14. m mib says:

    Respawn, whenever you get the chance and have enough budget, leave EA and become an own publisher.

    • m mib says:

      @T-roy hm I mean they could make games like this without star wars

    • Lord Tickle Pigs says:

      @m mib they’ve made possibly the best shooter of all time, if not ONE of the best, and now a ridiculously good star wars game. Let’s not forget a battle royale that rivaled fortnite.

      EA is a business, they aren’t just retarded. Respawn makes them money, they aren’t shutting them down

    • cody 101 says:

      Deadass tho

    • ShadowFox says:

      Lord Tickle Pigs m

    • m mib says:

      @Lord Tickle Pigs EA is rather retarded considering them caring less about product quality than direct income. But ye, Respawn definitely hit black with Titanfall. I really wonder how EA is going to develop in the coming years. Wouldn’t take Apex in account, but the gameplay is sicc.

  15. Logan H says:

    EA: We’ve also added the inquisitor poncho with the inquisitor cal cosmetic

  16. Gangster Slapper says:

    EA: Release a free udpate to Star Wars Fallen Order


  17. Loy Tolbird says:

    Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in.

  18. Chris Rubinstein says:

    Me: damn this game couldn’t get any better

    The game: you underestimate my power

  19. Master Kenobi says:

    “A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.”

    The senate couldn’t say those words any better. 👏👏👏👏💪💪💪💪. Loved the music it delivers.

  20. Ninjartist 36 says:

    Fallen Order: “Announces Inquisitor Kal and new cosmetics”
    Modders: Get a load of this guy

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