Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Official Gameplay Demo – EA PLAY 2019

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Official Gameplay Demo – EA PLAY 2019

The Empire won’t stop until every Jedi is purged from the galaxy. As a young Padawan on the run, the odds are against you—but the Force is with you. Discover the Jedi abilities you must master to survive.

Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.

Pre-order now:

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65 Responses

  1. EA Star Wars says:

    Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.

  2. Along Came A Spider says:

    “I will make you hurt.” Oh boy I hope that makes I into the real game. Imagine the meme potential

    • M Reinhardt says:

      Meh. Not that family friendly. Maybe not limb dismemberment, but a good few gore filled gashes were in there.

  3. Stalkholm says:

    I’ll take “Things that won’t be in the final game” for $800, Alex.

  4. TimtheWizard7 says:

    Uncharted 5: Obi-Wan’s Fortune

  5. Offlineable says:

    9:18 get’s his head violently ripped off by giant spider… then immediately gets up

    • Rae Merrick says:

      Dude playing failed the quick time event, but they had a build of the game where he is invincible i guess.

    • DeafGamerGuy says:

      Offlineable so trueee???

    • Elias Lowe says:

      I was just gonna comment this!

      Like I’m certain that thing ripped his head clean off, but I’m sure it was ‘just a flesh wound’, lol…

      Also, does damage not register in cutscenes? Or button prompts? I’m pretty sure failing the mash didn’t result in any health decrease…oh well, it’s not complete yet…we’ll see.

  6. Synthetic Lord says:

    8:49 Phase 1 Clone Trooper helmet and dead B1 Battle Droids.

    • NKVD Comrade Orion says:

      @A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment! Might wanna get that giant stick out of your ass bud lol

    • starshoppinleoz says:

      @A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment! bad day buddy?

    • Cryptic Mobile says:

      @A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment! Damn is it that time of month for you or something? Chill out

    • LennyTheChicken says:

      A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment! I’m guessing you aren’t a Star Wars fan and more of an EA hater. He was referring to the plot of Star Wars and whether there was an important canon or legends event that happened on that place

    • Josh-oo, the Shape-Shitting Master of Dogshit says:

      @A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment! Their point was that the cave obviously had a fight happen in it during the Clone Wars. Things like that are cool and interesting to some people.

  7. Raiden the cyborg says:

    EA: at least we have the high ground

    Us withholding money: you underestimate our power

  8. xKinjax says:

    16 years and they still can’t make lightsaber combat that’s better than Jedi Academy… What a clunky mess…

  9. DeadlyMargiKarp223 says:

    3:26 “Talking aim.”

    Then proceeds to miss all his shots.

  10. Erules 711 says:

    10:30 Stormtroopers: At least we have the high ground
    Anakin Skywalker: What did you say?

  11. murnavid says:

    they better have something like what was done in jedi outcast and academy. upgrade as per our own choices.

    • Cesar The Salad says:

      I’m not seeing much choice about anything, really. Linear story, maybe a limited Force skill tree but I’m pretty sure that’s it.

    • Michael Rose says:

      Yeah would have liked to have seen the skill points being used, even if just a glimpse. No idea if it’s pre-set or something from a list of options.

    • Vinny C. says:

      Only 5.89 each

  12. Stoo O says:

    From “Take my money!” to “2nd hand purchase at CEX 6 months after release” in 14 minutes…

  13. Mike Hunt says:

    I think I’ll just keep playing Lego Star Wars.

  14. Tino Didriksen says:

    Saber behaves like any other physics object and gently pushes aside environment objects such as plants, when it should be slicing them to pieces. Definitely needs work.

    • - TCBMS - says:

      Tino Didriksen oh please, that’s just being nit-picky. Plenty of games ignore rules like that. In God Of War, You can throw the leviathan axe at any tree and it won’t leave a mark. Does that stop it from being a good game? No.

    • Bork Lazer says:

      Tino Didriksen exactly some limbs need to dismembered

    • PokesPartyTV says:

      – TCBMS – but when he fights enemies he clearly chops into them. Why are you cutting a tree in GoW anyways?

    • Nikola Djordjevic says:

      @Bork Lazer Agree, that is what made Jedi knight and academy special. Ah the combat in those games was perfect.

  15. Hiluminatu l says:

    Darth Vader:”They are coming, be ready”
    Trooper:”Well, at least we have the high ground”
    Vader:”…” *force chokes the trooper”

  16. Mike Glasswell says:

    Some of the aspects seem very clunky and linear. His turn off lightsaber animation feels odd also.

  17. xpgx1 says:

    A new force unleashed: family friendly edition. Wow

    • Smood47 says:

      Force unleashed was utter garbage and this looks almost as bad. Jedi outcast was the last real jedi game. JK2 was a classic. Sigh… star wars gaming in the gutter.

    • ILLiDaN VaDeR says:

      @Smood47 STFU you don’t even know wtf you are talking about. The Force Unleashed was badass. No wonder we never got The Force Unleashed 3 because of dumbasses like you, same reason why Disney has Star Wars now. Whiners.

  18. Andrew Lewis says:

    Impressive, most impressive…. But limbs need to fly off from the saber swings!

  19. Chrisandre 1 says:

    4:24 A Jedi, this is what I trained for.

    5:06 Clearly he didn’t train hard enough.

  20. Talha Bedir says:

    I found myself starting to like it. Then I remembered the three rules:
    1-Do not get hyped
    2-Do not pre-order
    3-Never trust an EA trailer

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