Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Official Reveal Trailer

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Official Reveal Trailer

Cal Kestis—one of the last surviving members of the Jedi Order after the purge of Order 66—is now a Padawan on the run. Experience this all-new single-player Star Wars™ story from Respawn Entertainment and EA Star Wars on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC this holiday season, 15 November 2019.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an action-adventure game set after Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith™. Develop your Force abilities, hone your lightsaber techniques, and explore the ancient mysteries of a long-lost civilization—all while staying one step ahead of the Empire and its deadly Inquisitors.

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74 Responses

  1. EA Star Wars says:

    Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.

  2. Tomas Duran says:

    Jedi: Accept the past
    Kylo Ren: Wait no that’s illegal

  3. AzkaGaming says:

    Everyone: Damn, finally a singleplayer star wars game and no microtransactions.
    Me: trust no one

  4. Mr. Squishy says:

    Sees the logo Respawn Entertainment. I’m SOLD, but sees the EA logo…hmmmm….

  5. kronos1794 says:

    Each force ability use will cost $1.
    Turning on your lightsaber will cost $5.

    • sbeve onfroy says:

      kronos1794 your so funny. Haven’t heard that before

    • Riddizle says:

      Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.


    • Eddie5vs1 says:

      What a stupid comment. You know damn well EA will charge $1 for a chance at a random force ability. And your lightsaber will need at least an hour to recharge, but for the low price of $9.99, it can be instantly recharged. Lol.

  6. Zack Taylor says:

    Me: it’s EA, rip wallet
    *seeing Respawn* perhaps… there is hope?

  7. InvisibleMan95 says:

    Hype rises, and expectations to meet it.

  8. ffp08 says:

    They should use the lightsaber physics from Jedi Academy.

  9. Titanfall 2 says:

    It wouldn’t be a respawn game without wall running… oh wait

  10. Chris P Video game Warrior says:

    Jedi Has Fallen

    An Empire Rises

    And stormtroopers aim still sucks 1:17

  11. mician33 says:

    Damn, the inquisitors really went from “Hello sir, it’s nice to finally meet you” in rebels to “Your daughter calls me daddy too” here

    • Ghost Hippie says:

      +Ayy Lmao I think that was some advance melee trooper specialized in taking in low level force users

    • Ghost Hippie says:

      +Ayy Lmao and yeah inquisitors still used lightsabers exclusively

    • mician33 says:

      +Ayy Lmao I think there’s 2 diff inquisitors in the trailer: the one that jumps on the windshield doesn’t have a prominent bust, whereas the one that confronts him earlier does. The ‘black clone trooper’ is exactly that: a final batch of clone troopers put into service when they were decommissioned so they were trained to help inquisitors and vader in hunting down jedi – even then I don’t think they used electro-staves so maybe the protagonist had one and lost it to him in the fight

    • KaptainKreeper says:

      Ayy Lmao She’s an inquisitor, the hired help from Darth Vader to hunt down the Jedi, definitely NOT a love interest. That second one with the staff is a purge trooper, they are basically sent in before an inquisitor to see if what they’re dealing with is actually a Jedi. If they’re killed, they send in the inquisitor.

    • Ayy Lmao says:

      +mician33 Yeah I was just thinking that too rewatching it that second one seems too be alot flatter than the one at 1:08.

  12. Murvs says:

    Looks and Sounds like Cameron Monaghan… OH WAIT

  13. Nick C says:

    Once I buy the game, EA better not make me pay to use the force

    • DumplingDoodle says:

      Trust me, Respawn wouldn’t let that happen. They are one of the only developers with some basic respect these days.

    • DPS DAN says:

      They already confirmed that there are no micro transactions

    • JDL says:

      Notice: Pay $2.99 to force smack this turbine to the horde of Imperial troops. Press X to buy. Press O to pre-order.

    • why do I exist? says:

      James Crane but remember EA published the battlefield series after 2 which only had cosmetic micro transactions and dlc besides V cuz that has free dlc, they also published titanfall 1 and 2 which had free dlc same with anthem and swbf2 and micro transactions are just for cosmetics now

    • WARPAINT GAMER says:


  14. Collins Studios Stop Motions says:

    This and The Rise Of Skywalker are #1 and #2 on trending

    “Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen”

  15. PsPuNkS says:

    I’m just looking forward to the cinematic cut scenes

  16. Izac Rodriguez says:

    Your not fooling me EA with no microtranactions like what you said with battlefield 1 and in the last minute you sneek them in.

  17. those aren’t mountains, those are waves says:

    Lasers are red,
    The Death Star is round,
    It’s over Anakin,
    I have the high ground

  18. GoSaints9421 says:

    Fans: Wow, a new Jedi game with no lootboxes, microtransactions, and it’s made by Respawn!

    EA: *cackles in greedy*

  19. ShadowRFox says:

    So taking bets, how will EA mess this up. I’m calling “rushed release with DLC to make the game complete.”

  20. Tolg TheTenacious says:

    Respawn: “No multiplayer or microtransactions.”

    EA: “Execute Order 66.”

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