Star Wars Rebels – Season 2 Trailer

Star Wars Rebels – Season 2 Trailer

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19 Responses

  1. Justin F. says:

    So seeing Vader from previous trailers was, awesome, but when I heard Rex’s
    voice I got non-stop chills. And I don’t even watch this Rebels series!
    Story-wise this is a nice little star wars spin-off.

  2. KM Johnson says:

    It is driving me crazy. Which Star Wars novel had the older clones living
    together on some remote planet? Kudos for that nod to the EU.

    Remember- Coruscant got it’s name from Zahn in the EU. They will be pulling
    from it. Just imagine the insanity that would ensue if Thrawn shows up in
    one of the new films or series with his entire fleet.

  3. Camunon says:

    I swear, the only way they could make this show even more hype is if they
    bring in Starkiller.
    If he appears in this show, I’ll literally DIE of fangasm

  4. Jeremy Kennon says:

    This is my 4th time watching it, since it first was released online, I just
    keep coming back, I’m soooooo excited. Damn, I wish I was at the festival
    to watch the premiere of season 2 episode 1, I cant find it online
    anywhere, and they don’t have a release date for when it will air on Disney
    XD yet ;(

  5. Cameron Kiesser says:


  6. larita bogomilova says:

    OMG What happens to Ezra??? Does Darth Vader kills Ezra? Ohh I want to

  7. MultiLord44 says:

    Jesus Christ,Ithought that all the clones joined Empire in 19 BBY like Rex
    or Wolfie and killed every one of 10BBY as learned that the whole
    conspirancy jedi is a lie,and here please clones arestill alive

  8. Jemster says:

    Ahsoka’s wondering; why do the graphics look worse than when I was a child?

  9. tammy hannah says:

    Prediction time… I think Vader will cut off Kanan’s hand. Ezra will get
    free from Vader’s power by switching off his Laightsaber and shooting
    several shots at Vader. Vader will deflect the shots with his hand but that
    will give Ezra his chance to run away or maybe Vader will make Ezra a deal
    ? Join the Dark Side, become an Inquisitor and Vader will not kill Kanan or
    Vader will tempt Ezra by saying Vader will free Ezra’s mom & dad ? Maybe
    Ahsoka will jump in at the last moment to save Ezra and she will have to
    fight Vader. But then Vader would Kill Ahsoka so I hope Ahsoka doesn’t face
    Vader until the final episode of season 2. Rex and the old clones could die
    in battle so the Rebels can get away. Hondo is back but only because it is
    good for his business. Hondo will take off once he sees no reason to stay.

  10. UltrashockMC | Road to 150 says:

    What if the female inquisitor is the cadet’s sister. Her face has not been
    shown so that proves against this, but there is still a chance… He said
    that rhe empire took her away, and he returned in another episode unlike a
    singular character. This has got to be important! Comment your thoughts

  11. Oscar Emond says:

    I mostly want to see Ashoka with Darth Vader, I’m pretty sure she will die
    but they should savour the moment

  12. LimpBuzzcut says:

    I had to rewatch, that AT-AT looked like it was humping that small 4 legged
    mobile home @ 2:08 



  14. Ilinca Brotea says:

    DARTH VADOR!!!????

  15. Phil Miller says:

    When does season 2 air????

  16. TheDIOWSubZero says:

    *emperor voice* dew it.. 

  17. Bryanna Shields says:

    omg omg omg omg omg I was screaming at the end!! I cant wait! AHHHH

  18. Chang Siah Lim says:

    IS ALOS HAHHAHHAHSAHSAHAHA IN Star Wars Rebels – Season 2

  19. TsarSamuil says:

    Awww…kewl!! :)