Star Wars: The Clone Wars | Final TV Spot | Disney+

Star Wars: The Clone Wars | Final TV Spot | Disney+

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79 Responses

  1. Mikey says:

    Anakin: Loyalty means everything to the clones
    Order 66: *Allow me to introduce myself*

    • Kyle Mohs says:

      Well, they were loyal to the Chancellor. 😛

    • goodnesswhy says:

      @Kyle Mohs Not by choice because of mind control and stuff.

    • Anakin Skywalker says:

      Kyle Mohs They actually weren’t, they were loyal to the senate (no pun intended) and a lot of clones like Rex or Cody who close to their generals were very loyal to the Jedi as well..

    • Kyle Mohs says:

      @goodnesswhy I know, it’s just building off the joke that despite the Clones loyalty Order 66 is just around the corner.

    • Kyle Mohs says:

      Again, it was building off the joke that the Clones are loyal but order 66 is just around the corner.

      Don’t overthink it.

  2. Atlai Sandoval says:

    “Surely you have felt it… the love for Star Wars the Clone Wars has never been stronger” – Maul. I have rewatched this trailer 1000 times now and it’s only been out for like an hour lol

  3. Slendermusic says:

    0:37 can we talk about the animation??? This looks like a movie

    • SpetsnatzLegion 336 says:

      Kenobi looks so realistic in the scene where he is shown with anakin (I assume in a venator hangar)

    • David Silva says:

      Is the end of a long time work for Filoni and Favreu. They are going to push for the best production.

    • Nicholas King says:

      They go from Bad Batch (crisp animation), to Ahsoka’s Walkabout (slightly less, but still crisp animation), to…

      … oh my word. This will be the thing to define Star Wars for years to come!

  4. Eric Berserk says:

    It’s all Fun and Games ‘till THE SENATE says:
    E X E C U T E O R D E R 6 6

  5. Isaac says:

    I REALLY hope these last 4 episodes aren’t all 23 minutes long with 1 minute intros and 2 minute credits (so basically 20 minutes). I want more than just under an hour and a half of this arc spread out over a month. PLEASE make the last episode or two 30 minutes-40 minutes long!!!!!

  6. Noah Choudhury says:

    “Loyalty means everything to the clones.”

    *Cries 66 times*

  7. Psychonis says:

    “Loyalty means everything to the clones.”

    Execute Order 66……….

  8. Cody Morris says:

    I wish Season 7 was longer, here’s what I would’ve included in it:

    • Crystal Crisis
    • Son of Dathomir
    • Bad Batch
    • An extra arc setting up the battles we see in RotS (Ki-Adi-Mundi going to destroy an energy collector on Mygeeto while the 501st secretly steals the power source, Aayla Secura attempting to stop Felucia’s water from being poisoned, the CIS subjugating Utapau, etc)
    • Siege of Mandalore

  9. RedMoon Gamer says:

    The war left unfinished has come to an end.

    *I’m trying to say that without crying*

  10. kuba4007 says:

    The Siege of Mandalore Begins
    Fans: We’re in the endgame now.

  11. Eric Kruckenberg says:

    Anakin to Ahsoka: “They’ve been waiting for you. Loyalty…means *everything* to the clones.”

    Me remembering this season leads to Order 66: “Oh no…”

  12. Sound Quake says:

    “Loyalty…means everything to the clones.”

    Palpatine: 😏

  13. Connor says:

    Sidious: “Captain Rex, execute order 66

    Rex: “No i dont think i will”

  14. Bowen says:

    Can we please get this season and Mandalorian too on dvd and iTunes so I can put them in my collection?

  15. Nigel Straw says:

    Looks like we’re getting into the business on Cato Nemoidia, which won’t count towards Anakin saving Obi Wan’s skin for the tenth time

  16. Sahin Düzgün says:

    “Loyalty means everything to the clones.”

    Say that again after 4 more episodes.

  17. Ben Cooke says:

    Darth Maul: “Every choice you have made has led you to this moment.”

    Me: “Yes, that’s how choices work.”

  18. Quinnamations ! says:

    If this isn’t one of the greatest moments in Star Wars, I’ll be very disappointed

  19. Giovanni Braggs says:

    I’m watching this trailer for the, like, fifteenth time.

  20. C3 Playz says:

    “4 episodes left”

    me who’s only on season 3:
    “I like those odds’

    • amin aboussaad says:

      C3 Playz if I only could erase my entire memory only to rewatch it like the it was the first time like you

    • C3 Playz says:

      @amin aboussaad as a kid I only watched season 1 & 2 and now i have Disney plus I watch the rest for the first time. However i have seen spoilers like darth maul coming back 😀

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