Star Wars: The Clone Wars Official Trailer

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Official Trailer

Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Reporting in for another tour of duty.

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74 Responses

  1. Brandon Guzman says:

    So will these be Straight up new episodes, or will they go with the plans for the original scraped final season? Or a bit of both?

  2. breezy7601 says:

    I remember when this first aired when I was 9, I practically ran to watch each and every episode when it came on. Now I’m 19 and was just in the middle of re-watching it on Netflix.

  3. Jesse Hills says:


  4. Jorge Huete says:


  5. Soterion Coil says:

    Yes! Rebels was good but I liked The Clone Wars better! Hope they use the older animators too – I don’t think Rebels looked as good.

    • Bashar al-Assad says:

      Soterion Coil rebels was absolutely trash

    • Could'veBeenBetterProductions says:

      the difference was money. Clone wars had lucas throwing literally a million per episode. Rebels had actual concrete budgets.

    • Thomas Newell says:

      Bashar al-Assad It really wasn’t though. It’s a worthy successor to Clone Wars and I still miss it.

    • Tae Her says:

      Rebel’s is worse than the prequels, the art was garbage, the animation was odd (look at those noodle arms! Could be the balloon guy at car salesmen) the plot armor was super, super T H I C C. Larger than TCW; plus nobody died and there was no consequences.
      In rebel’s everyone lived happy dory. The rebel’s somehow win EVERYTIME against a vast empire. Nobody died on screen. And there was nothing at stake. Only in the end did it cater more to its roots (because a galactic war is not an adventure series of legendary hero’s who always magically save the day)
      Hopefully it isn’t as babyish as Rebel’s and this time. It seems it has an actual budget.

  6. Temper says:


  7. GaymerGod2000 says:


    We get to see revenge of the sith and Anakins fall to the dark side and what led up to rebels

    Cannot WAIT

  8. glossier flower says:

    My childhood is back and I am excited wow

  9. The Wolf says:

    Please keep Kathleen Kennedy away from this series!

    • Alessio Raffaelli says:

      lazymansload because it’s a conspiracy uuuuuuhhhh!!!!

    • Jonathan Ryan says:

      I’m pretty sure this is Dave Filoni’s resume to Bob Iger for Kathleen Kennedy’s job.

    • lazymansload says:

      Alessio Raffaelli not terribly much of an answer. I need evidence, statements, documentation, etc. I work in History, and in that field if you can’t find at least three independent sources (as in from different people not tied to the same group, organization, ideology, etc) it gets discounted.

  10. Lets dude says:

    Am I on drugs? Is this real?

  11. MATTYICE83 says:

    Well time to start a new rewatching of the clone wars

  12. DJ Deets says:

    While I’m so happy that it’s back, one thing: why on Earth are we using the shiny, cartoonish look of rebels that so many of us hated? Clone Wars was so good because it was gritty, dark, cinematic and real!

  13. itsTDOG says:

    A surprise to be sure but a welcome one

  14. Conrado Javier says:

    I want Ahsoka in Episode 9.

  15. The Scoundrel's Cantina says:

    Clone Wars SAVED!!! Thank you God for this wonderful day!!! 😀 Our favorite part of Star Wars is back!
    The best thing you have done lucasfilm since disney bought you! 😉 #INDAVEWETRUST

    A huge shoutout to our friend James Arnold Taylor the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi. JAT, now we know what you were talking about mate 😉

  16. Billy Cobb says:

    Hopefully Lucas will be involved like he was with the original series

    • goldenhedgehog9 says:

      Mr.PersonMan George Lucas basically funded the entire series himself. He was so passionate about the series that he didn’t care that he was spending, on average, 1 mil per episode. Without George the series would have suffered from cheaper animation, and we wouldn’t have had as big of fights as we had. To say George had nothing to do with the clone wars is outright false.

    • LordVader1094 says:

      +Billy Cobb
      No thanks. Filoni is all we need.

    • Aeric Yts says:

      I agree.

    • Top 5 Cartoon says:

      TheGramJam is that why Season 1 sucked

  17. Soundwave 84 says:


  18. ChiefMufasa says:

    More Republic Commandos, more Null ARC Troopers. Thanks Disney.

  19. Blue team John, Fred, Linda, Kelly says:

    Will the Clone Commando book series be coming back? By Karen traviss… Please?

  20. SombreroPantalones says:


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