Star Wars: The Clone Wars | “The Phantom Apprentice” Clip | Disney+

Star Wars: The Clone Wars | “The Phantom Apprentice” Clip | Disney+

Ahsoka leads Republic clones to confront Maul’s forces on Mandalore, while Maul senses the impending chaos and makes a calculated play to ensure his own survival in “The Phantom Apprentice,” an all-new episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars this Friday, April 24th on Disney+.

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106 Responses

  1. Ciaran Telfer says:

    CANT WAIT!!! Jesse will be the one that maul will realise about order 66

    • Scarlet Oil says:

      Ciaran Telfer I also though about that

    • Lego Gamer5502 says:

      Jaylen Thrash well, in legends he was a Darth but not a Sith Lord. In Canon, however, that is contradicted. You’re still correct though

    • Sohan Challa says:

      @Ciaran Telfer Maul knew about order 66, at the end of season 4 he said: “So it began without me.”

    • Tornado Kicker says:

      Ciaran Telfer finally someone gets it right

    • Lego Gamer5502 says:

      Tornado Kicker that was legends though. In canon, Maul knew about it, confirmed by Clone Wars. Someone above already explained, but Maul said once he was reborn, “so, it has started without me”, implying he knew about the plan. And in the trailers, “all part of the plan”, but of course, that’s not confirmed about what he is talking about.

  2. renee chen says:

    after the last episode, siege of mandalore is definitely gonna be some of the best star wars content ever made.

  3. CommanderCT135 says:

    Jesse better not die to Maul in this episode

  4. Juicy Nut says:


  5. Ramon ab says:


    • Lalvon Zelpharr says:

      @Mailman 123 Actually it was Darth Plagueis who originally ordered the making of the Clones

    • Mailman 123 says:

      Lalvon Zelpharr i know but that’s legends…. that doesn’t influence what happens in the clone wars

    • Sohan Challa says:

      @Mailman 123 Maul already knew about Order 66 long before. Sidious wanted Maul to be his permanent apprentice that would help him execute his plans. But once he died, Sidious found Anakin, and he wanted Anakin to be his eventual apprentice once he grew up. Sidious got Dooku to be his apprentice while Anakin was growing up, and once he did grow up and the Clone Wars was nearing an end, Sidious got rid of Dooku, and Anakin joined him.

    • Lalvon Zelpharr says:

      @Mailman 123 Man it’s all fantasy anyways so I consider the extremely well-written Darth Plagueis novel to be Canon.

    • Mailman 123 says:

      Sohan Challa yes I know that but I’m not convinced sidous told maul about order 66 because how would sidous order the clone army without douku and sifo dias for all we know in canon douku came up with the idea of a clone army but I hope this episode clears up how much maul really knows about the plan

  6. CogMotion says:

    Here’s hoping our boy Jesse STAYS alive
    We’ve already lost Vaughn….

  7. Ewan Callister says:

    When Ahsoka & Maul fight I really hope they meld Ahsoka’s theme & Duel of the Fates.

    • Gerrod Zuber says:

      @Vincent Barriera Exactly, all the more reason for them to do it. Crystal Crisis, Bad Batch on Kashyyyk, Boba Fett and Cad Bane, Ashoka and the Sith Temple, Dark Disciple, Son of Dathomir, Mon Cala, Rex and R2D2, Yuuzhan Vong. That’s easily enough content for two bonus seasons or 8 specials. If they made an arc with Caleb Dume and the Battle of Mygeeto adapted from the comics that’s one more special which makes 9 specials total or 2-4 more bonus episodes. Either way its possible

    • Vincent Barriera says:

      @Gerrod Zuber Well i don’t think they do all of this, they would probably stick to the deleted episodes of TCW (Crystal Crisis, Son of Dathomir, Dark Disciple, Bane/Boba) but that would laready be great. Final season or not, this S7 of TCW will perhaps be a test directed to the fans and if they see that the fans are really excited about it (and if we take the sister arc apart, it’s obviously what happens), they will probably think that they can release the rest.

    • MR T says:

      Ashoka and maul team up against the clone when order 66 hits.

    • Kylan Joseph says:

      @JamesBrad 1996 I think it wasnt even equal. Im pretty sure Maul had slowly overpowers her. But yes, the clones come but also she apparently had a “trap” set but something goes wrong and they have to run from him.

      Maul even mentions “Are you going to run away again Tano?” in Rebels(another animated series) when he meets Ahsoka again

    • Morgan Durance says:

      @Roberto Mondello I’m pretty sure its fake

  8. The New 117 says:

    Imma just prepare a big F for Jesse, just in case.

  9. MmmKay says:

    Idk what’s more sad seeing Jesse die or seeing him act on order 66

  10. panmpap says:

    Umbara about to lose the Number 1 spot.

    • Gd Supreme says:

      The lawless arc is already the best. I’d like to shake the hand of whatever genius decided to bring back the coolest character in the show despite worries of continuity or backlash.

    • Never Enough Sleep says:

      Daniel Cavanaugh are you referring to “the rise of Skywalker”? Please tell me you’re not comparing this masterpiece of a show to TROS

    • Gd Supreme says:

      @Never Enough Sleep I think he means the newest CW because it was episode 9 of season 7.

    • Kylan Joseph says:

      @Gd Supreme Yes. Umbara was nice, but that arc with Maul and Kenobi was something else. That episode “The Lawless” rivals some of the best episodes in Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones in terms of writing

      Siege of Mandalore isn’t over. But it will be HARD to topple that arc

    • Gd Supreme says:

      @Kylan Joseph yeah it had everything. The best action in Canon in my opinion with the final duel. Amazing character development with obi wan and satine. A large scale mandalorian battle while two of the most powerful sith in history duel for power over the order. This new arc won’t be able to match it in either action or character development but still might be better than umbara.

  11. lacobus says:

    The first time a clone has ever called a female Jedi ma’am instead of sir. Good job rex lmao

    • Grand Admiral Thrawn says:

      MingTongPang54 the Republic Military

    • Little Highness Ahri says:

      OKAY GOOD IM NOT THE ONLY ONE TO PICK UP ON THAT THANK YOU! I was slightly confused for a split second when sterling said commander thought he was talking to Rex for like .005 seconds 🤣 I was still computing Ahsoka being a ma’am 😂

    • Aidan Wedgbury says:

      Well duh its probably by this point tex removed his chip or just so happens to have developed enough personality to know the difference.

    • Junko says:

      She’s a civilian now.

    • Hero Of Justice says:

      that would be because for once the clone is a higher rank then the jedi
      also Ahsoka isnt in the military anymore so calling her sir wouldnt make sense

  12. Kristýna Sulková says:

    This is the reason why Clone Wars came back… Can’t wait!

  13. Reg_501st says:

    Disney Plus: *Releases new ep of Clone Wars*
    SW fans: Long have I waited..

  14. The Useless R5 Unit says:

    They’re giving us so many moments where Ahsoka interacts with individual Clones, the betrayal is gonna hurt even more. T^T

  15. D. EDITS says:

    My boy Jesse has been around for more than 10 years. Outlived almost everyone. I am not ready to see him die 🙁

  16. Kylo Ren says:

    This is going to makes revenge of sith a even better movie

  17. Evan Brown says:

    I love how you can just tell Stirling is a newer clone by his emotion and description of Jesse who is like a hero to others such small details make this show so great

    • Julian R says:

      Evan Brown that’s what makes the clones from the show special, Dee Bradley Baker voice all the clones and makes them sound very different to another.

    • Joseph Worrell says:

      Also the name sterling is kind of connected to “shinies” the slang for newer clones so it’s another connection there

  18. Anonymous says:

    All these people talking about Jesse, while not a single person mentions that Rex finally called Ahsoka ma’am

  19. Jacob Ortiz says:

    “Where is Jesse. Is he safe? is he alright”

  20. Haley Heptig says:

    The fact that around any other Jedi, clones are squared up and hide their emotions and with Ashoka, they feel so comfortable around her that they show vulnerability…..

    My heart cannot take this

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