Star Wars :The Force Awakens – ABC TGIT TV Spot Trailer #3 HD

Star Wars :The Force Awakens – ABC TGIT TV Spot Trailer #3 HD

Star Wars :The Force Awakens – ABC TGIT Trailer HD. Watch!

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19 Responses

  1. Jean-Francois Joanisse says:

    ” You might need this”

    Love it! This is soooooo Han Solo.

  2. KingZD1 says:

    0:10 they comin’ out of the house like after there honeymoon was disturbed
    even the music background XD

  3. Mark Daniel Martinez (Digital Jedi) says:

    Why is Finn always breathing heavy? Because it’s not a freaking romantic
    comedy. #AskedAndAnswered

  4. A Schettini says:

    They are showing to much now. Slow it down JJ

  5. Richard Kelch says:

    J.J. promised no more trailers and these are the thrown out edited stuff,
    that’s still dam good. J.J. is a mastermind at diversionary tactics to make
    this a truly wonderful movie experience.

  6. zippyzee says:

    where did you steal this video from? the quality is shit.

  7. AlphaSphere says:

    This trailer doesn’t flow at all. A two year old shuffeling around on an
    ipad would have done a better job

  8. John Eckart says:

    I think this will be the worst one.
    Only the special effects will be good.

  9. Commando Delta says:

    I might be wrong for saying this but at 0:12 i see some character
    development starting.

  10. Infinite Possibilities: The Webshow says:

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    attempts to disprove it all fail, since the FACTOGRAM reigns supreme over
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  12. king koopa says:

    i guess the rumour was true about the new stormies were trained in jedi
    arts now we can see stormtrooper facing finn with a saber

  13. Infinite Possibilities: The Webshow says:

    For is not the nature of the eyeball COSMIC greater than the nature of the
    eyeball’s own fourth sector????? IS NOT the Force of Star Wars then branded
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  14. kweinortey sylvanus says:

    The worst

  15. Infinite Possibilities: The Webshow says:

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  16. Infinite Possibilities: The Webshow says:

    YOU THAT watcH this movie are in VIOLATION of theprinciples of the

  17. chanston robinson says:

    @Cabhan Listis

  18. chanston robinson says:

    @Cabhan Listis well what about mace windu


    meh, might watch it on Netflix…