Star Wars: The Last Jedi “Awake” (:45)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi “Awake” (:45)

Darkness rises… and light to meet it. See Star Wars: The Last Jedi in theaters December 15th. Get tickets now:

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20 Responses

  1. Cortland says:

    The last Jedi is *w o k e*

  2. Hml On Game says:

    Who is here before the 1,000,000 views
    Subscribe to me = Me
    Like = Not me

  3. TohDoh says:

    By putting this on trending YouTube has effectively brought in all the casuals who know nothing about Star Wars besides the movies. Who think BF2 is still P2W. Who jumped on the TFA and Rogue One hate trains because everyone else was instead of actually looking at the movie with a critics eye and realizing TFA was a good movie, and Rogue One was amazing. Those who come and comment “cool”.

    Those who trigger me. Please don’t put these filthy casuals into our comment sections.

  4. joecugo says:

    What’s a motherfucker got to do to get some power converters around here?

  5. Lepschy TV says:

    Rey is a Palpatine

  6. Angel Kitty says:

    I only care about the porg, the only good thing about the movie and the only reason I’ll watch itπŸ˜’

  7. Luis Montes says:

    But will luke finally get his power converters.

  8. Dank Chikynuggees says:

    Luke on the Falcon, Finn alive and fighting Phasma? Count me in for part 8, make me believe this franchise is worth continuing

  9. Sentinel T says:

    No caption option?! D: I can’t play sound!!

  10. Cade Ellsworth says:

    Methinks Rey is using the dark side

  11. Jeremy Burlingame says:

    The way Skywalker’s saber emerged, gahahwgsh

  12. this is not aaliyah says:

    If this is the only ad I get on YouTube, I will not skip it or complain. I’m PUUUUMPED

  13. boyce boyce says:

    Wonder how long Disney will milk this cash cow franchise for.

  14. Abe Kuon says:

    REY wat are you doing don’t kill Luke plz πŸ™πŸ½

  15. zachery D says:

    When luke is on the ground I wonder if Rey or kylo is about to finish him, but all of a sudden luke kicks ***

  16. Dave4493 says:


  17. Lumps Drogo says:

    The end scene with Rey seems like it was backwards Watch her hand touching the saber they made it seem like she ignites the saber and takes a stance like she will execute Luke It looks like it’s being rewinded she was turning off the saber and going into a normal stance. Disney is really trying to push this Rey dark side thing

  18. Fancy Beauty says:

    Darkness rises. And light to meet it. Rey meant business 0:17!

  19. Gabe TheSplashbro says:

    Were is lando did he just disappear

  20. ThatWeirdNinja 2112 says:

    “Rey, if you strike me down I will be come more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

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