Star Wars: Visions | Original Trailer | Disney+

Star Wars: Visions | Original Trailer | Disney+

Reimagine the galaxy with #StarWarsVisions, an Original Series featuring stories from seven visionary Japanese anime studios, streaming September 22 on #DisneyPlus

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45 Responses

  1. SuperWiiBros08 says:

    I feel like I should watch this in Japanese to get the full anime experience

    • Gøran Sætervold says:

      this is the way

    • Marcus Bell says:

      @yon setv “There is a Japanese voice-over option, so you could pretend that it sounds better since you don’t understand what they’re saying.” One of my favorite ProJared quotes on sub vs dub.

    • Benjamin0119 says:

      @Azurai Thanks. You summed it up perfectly.

      And I had that anime fans were completely over the sub vs dub nonsense, just agreed to let people watch what they prefer. These silly debates were mostly only in years past in the communities I engaged with.

      I agree with your points about it being hard to read everything, especially fast paced shows that might also have a lot of dialogue and multiple characters talking at the same time. It takes attention and appreciation away from the art and animation. So really, the most likely ideal way to watch it is one’s native language, unless they are also fluent in the original language, so you don’t have to read any subtitles. But people can watch whatever or however they want and there’s no need for this bickering and elitism seen in this thread.

      When it comes to subs I usually will usually only watch them after the fact for a show I really liked, or if a show has a new season or episodes and I absolutely can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • Vandicoup says:

      Some of ya’ll down here and waaay to pushy on the whole sub v. dub topic. Like jesus, calm down. It ain’t nearly THAT serious lol. 😅 Whatever you prefer is fine. Don’t let anyone tell you or force you to otherwise. It’s your time, your money, your choice. At least Disney is offering this in both ways. There’s nothing inherently or generally wrong with either. It’s just a personal preference at the end of the day. 😌🙏

    • Vandicoup says:

      Although I’m primarily a sub watcher, I will give credit where it’s due and say this dub is pretty good. Star Wars, from what I’ve seen at least, is pretty good at dubbing in general. To get the full experience I’d say you should watch any piece of media in its original language, however, it is your preference to watch in whatever language you want as this is your viewing experience and you should consider what is best for you as well. Unfortunately, the quality of the dub doesn’t matter, sub vs. dub is always going to be an extremely touchy subject. Yes, there are dubs that are bad quality, but there’s no need to complain about it that much, just simply state the reasons why sub is better in your opinion _once_, instead of spamming people about it 24/7. Of course, this call is probably going to fall on deaf ears anyways, but please know that not all sub watchers are pushy and annoying, though there is a considerable amount.

  2. JosibiusZ says:

    Disney: This won´t be canon.
    Studio Trigger: Lio in space.

  3. Obi wan Cahomi says:

    “May the Force be with you “ has never felt so good to hear in Japanese!

  4. Aspects says:

    Never thought I’d see the day but I’m here for it

  5. D'Angelo Wallace says:

    the animation is so pretty i didn’t read or comprehend anything LMAO

  6. Dank Farrik says:

    *Throws regular lightsaber aside.*
    “So uncivilized.”

    *Picks up anime lightsaber umbrella.*
    “This will make a fine addition to my collection.”

  7. Sir Rex says:

    Super Cool 👍 It reminds me of Animatrix

  8. GenerationWest says:

    LucasFilm: Alright, do whatever you want guys.
    Anime Studios: Okay…

  9. Magnoresk says:

    I feel TRIGGER’S whole career has led up to a star wars lightsaber fight.

  10. Whos Chaos says:

    I have the power of the Force and Anime on my side

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