Star Wars VR Tech Demo Trailer

Star Wars VR Tech Demo Trailer

Trailer for proposed Star Wars VR game on the Oculus Rift. Completed in two weeks with two artists. All footage is running in Unreal Engine 4. Produced by HammerheadVR Studios

Creative Director – Rob McLellan

Lead Artist – Craig Stiff

Additional Models By SciFi3D Artists:

Zachary Brackin
Tom Miller
JJ Palomo
Sebastian Van Halm
Olivier Couston
Joscha Heusohn

Technical Support – Richard Tongeman

All rights reserved by LucasFilm LTD, Walt Disney, and/or Twentieth Century Fox,

This is a non-profit, fan-made project and is in no way approved by, sponsored by, or affiliated with LucasFilm Ltd, Walt Disney, or Twentieth Century Fox. All rights reserved by the respective copyright holders. All content is unofficial and is not intended for sale. It can in no way be deemed a contest of the rights and ownership of the respective copyright holders or licensees thereof.

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19 Responses

  1. Evan Hopkins says:

    What the hell is this supposed to be? …it looks awful…like it was made
    by the team behind sharknado…

  2. Richard Depaola jr says:

    The idea is great…no doubt the first few minutes is amazing.

    Then reality sets in.

    Something on your head, in front of your eyes for long periods of time. The
    actions you make while playing requiring a great deal of space to limit
    damage to yourself or anything else you may flail into.

    What kind of damage to your eyes will occur over time? If someone plays
    this for hours on end for weeks…I see a rash of eye and head/neck
    problems cropping up.

  3. Ryan LeeG says:

    What song is that?

  4. Clayve says:

    Copyrights are fucking gay, fuck you George Lucas you bitch ass

  5. William Rainey says:

    Hoth ship is kinda transparent, just like the original cut of Empire,


    I don’t always comment on YouTube videos but when I do …

  7. Matt Musky says:

    Just a tip, the most successful games use audio

  8. Johnny Doe says:

    Graphically this looks O.K. But aesthetically,this looks great.
    I can only imagine what the scale and depth look like in Oculus rift.
    Hope this gets made,and released.

  9. Everything There Is says:

    Video games!

  10. Christopher Clarke says:

    OK whomever muted this is an idiot and should be fired. Really? you’re
    gonna “mute” this … we’ve already heard most of it. You actually just
    killed massive marketing for the franchise. Last time you’re an idiot…

  11. Ædrick The Paladin says:

    Automatic copyright audio removal is probably the worst thing Google has
    invested in….. Asshats… BTW this looks amazing!

  12. TheMufflicks says:

    Completed in two weeks with two artists. Yep looks that way.

  13. td-design says:

    Would love a link to this Oculus Demo when complete!

  14. nathan weaver says:

    vr is awsome my friends vr is awsome

  15. Dominus Dominikanas says:

    Am i the only one who thinks that unreal engine 4 doesnt look that

  16. Checkmate1138 says:

    What was the original audio used?

  17. Ernext Tacuri says:

    the audio is sick! the best part

  18. Krokussify says:

    Damn copyright

  19. Clint Porter says:

    OMG OMG!