Starbase Factory Tour with Elon Musk [Part 1]

Starbase Factory Tour with Elon Musk [Part 1]

Join me as I take a tour of SpaceX’s Starbase facility with Elon Musk as our tour guide! This is part 1 of 3, so stay tuned, there’s a lot more coming!

If you need some notes on this video with key points, check out our article –

Need a rundown on Starship? I’ve got you covered with our “Complete Guide to Starship”

00:00 – Intro
02:02 – Conversation Starts
06:18 – High Bay
28:23.- Grid Fin
33:55 – Raptor V2
39:53 – HLS
40:45 – Stage Separation / Hot Gas Thrusters
48:00 – HLS (again)
51:44 – Outro


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32 Responses

  1. Skul says:

    It’s fascinating hearing Elon talk. You can almost see the gears in his mind turning every time he speaks, like he’s constantly trying to improve on the very advances in rocketry he’s talking about.

    • Bill Martin says:

      @Gary The the I really respect about him is that he seems to listen to input from anyone with half a brain, and he actually _thinks_ about what was said. Many geniuses won’t pay attenntion to others at all.

    • Jernej Blatnik says:

      Elon musk is the closest thing we have of a Mentat from the Dune universe.😄

    • Carl Johan says:

      @Actually That’s literally 99% of all inventions ever.

    • Buckaroo Banzai says:

      you actually believe elon makes this stuff eh

    • Alastair S says:

      @Actually spaceX has invented the only reusable rocket in history, not copied that have they Einstein 😂

  2. Soyan Osman says:

    Can we just appreciate how absolutely insane it is that Tim pulled this off?? Hats off to you & the entire team – seeing you tour Starbase with its creator is seriously inspirational.

    • Helder Afonso says:

      @Gerhard Heitmann you said it all.thanks

    • ken 1 says:

      @Ben David That’s genius! Can I quote you?

    • Hippycracker says:

      @Helder Afonso uhhhmmm nope! Its the forst floght of this rocket the chances are at their highest for an accident on the 1st ever flight. And elon just doesnt soubd sure about it. Its not hate…. Why do u have to accuse me of being a hater for making a simple observation? Grow up

    • Jenn Park says:

      @Hippycracker i predicted when the last one blew up and said it the day prior. I am certain this will be a success 🌌

    • Hippycracker says:

      @Jenn Park 😂🤣

  3. canarc1 says:

    My guy, this is probably one of the best technical interviews l have ever seen. Out of the park, getting Elon’s take on all this points is gold.

  4. Robbie Ro says:

    Imagine if YouTube had been around in years gone by and there were interviews like this with people like Brunel, Edinson, Tesla, Watt etc.
    Tim this is epic.

  5. Pearl Lee says:

    This is basically high level Mgt Engineering course, like in those Ted Talk. I have noted so many key points.

  6. Mat Davey says:

    This is absolutely incredible. Elon is such a legend for the respect he has for you.

  7. horiadragoiu says:

    “We should not optimize the things that should not exist” – this is memorable !

  8. Simon M says:

    This is the kind of access an interviewer can get when they’re asking genuine questions, in good faith and with genuine interest – not like the majority of the scoop-hunting or ‘gotcha’ press, mining for clickbait. Brilliant job Tim, one of the best and most enlightening pieces of SpaceX media to date.

  9. Mark JT says:

    “It’s particularly dangerous if a smart person gave you the requirements…”. So good to see Elon Musk so relaxed and engaged. He clearly relished the opportunity to get so much of his design philosophy and principles across. Just the best SpaceX video to date.

    • R Barnard says:

      Yes, its the kind of sage knowledge/advice that makes you laugh because it really resonates. (Laughter is nothing more than us resonating when we encounter a truth)

    • Katharine Osborne says:

      Tim is a really good interviewer for him, he’s extremely knowledgeable and knows the right questions to ask, and also knows how to steer the conversation (I have autism like Elon and tangents are always flaring off in my mind too). I cringe at some of the questions other interviewers have asked him because they are usually so clueless. Anyway, I know there are more parts to this coming up, but I hope Tim gets to have many interviews with Elon as SpaceX continues to evolve; this will be an important part of history to record.

  10. Alexander Amos says:

    This needs to be a meme. “If you’re digging your grave, don’t dig it faster. Stop digging your grave!” 21:45

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