Starfield – Before You Buy

Starfield – Before You Buy

Starfield (PC, Xbox Series X/S) is the newest game from the creators of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Fallout 4, and more. How is it? Let’s talk.
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29 Responses

  1. Jesse M says:

    I appreciate Jake giving his overall thoughts on the game right in the beginning of the video, for those of us who don’t want to get too in depth and would rather go in relatively blind.

  2. r0beh says:

    I really do love your ‘before you buy’ videos, it’s my go to for honest reviews. I’ve been hyped for Starfield but had concerns, this has me excited still but it’s tempered my expectations. I’ll be playing on PC at launch 🙌

  3. Tapa says:

    Integrity in the gaming world we appreciate people like you that refuse to sell out and continue to make awesome content thank you!!!

    • darugdawg says:

      they used to. i hated this channel during the release of no mans sky. im glad they changed for the better

  4. J3st3rscha0s says:

    I was hoping more for a space Skyrim rather than a space fallout. I’m more interested in fantasy so the fact that everything is relatively grounded (humancentric, basic guns based combat etc.) I was hoping more for something akin to StarWars or mass effect in terms of world building but got more of a “humans are the the center of the universe” style world.

  5. The Dorito says:

    I like the whole challenge perk system, it makes it so it’s something you really have to think and work towards, not just get a point and put it wherever… also it’ll last longer for late playthroughs.
    Although i think it could be annoying when doing replay’s etc…

    • Navee Penniman says:

      It’s been confirmed that after you beat the game you can play again with all the perks you unlocked. Called replay+ or something of the sorts

    • nub1393 says:

      I’m a big fan of this, imo it’s one of the only logical ways to avoid the overly “grind-y” feeling of upgrading, like in Horizon. In those you literally have to beat the toughest enemy to then get a mod that allows you to… Beat the toughest enemy? Again? Always wanted there to be unique challenges associated to it, so sounds like this’ll scratch that itch for me.

  6. Bifocal Bensch says:

    Between Jake, GmanLives, and ACG. I get everything I need to feel comfortable buying or passing on a game. Thanks for all these videos Jake and team!!!

  7. Double Brewski says:

    For everyone who was getting overhyped, this is a good video to level out expectations.

    • Bold One says:

      It baffles me that the same people that have played every single game from Bethesda still manage to overhype their games. I don’t see how they haven’t learned how to manage their expectations.

    • Hieronymous Lex says:

      @Bold Onedrones basically. Get hyped for next product, defend shit product, repeat. They believe everything these studios tell them

    • Double Brewski says:

      @Bold One Right? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan of Bethesda games since The Elder Scrolls III, but I know what I am getting into.

    • LyricClock3269 says:

      I pre installed with gamepass so it won’t cost me a penny

    • Act Nasty says:

      Bethesda pioneered it back in the day so it was easy to overlook things but its sad that they couldnt perfect their formula by now. With that said I definitely didnt expect this to come out as a masterpiece 😂

  8. John Schrader says:

    Another great BYB. Honest reviews like this really help a lot of us make wise decisions regarding our resources and time. The teasers we got from Bethesda made it look so amazing. But much like my disappointment with Cyberpunk, this looks like it’s lacking the WOW that I was so looking forward to. I’ll wait on this one. Thanks Jake!

  9. trebor22031982 says:

    I absolutely love the design of the ship you came up with, it gives me some ideas for my own when I get my copy

  10. Kitkat5335 says:

    As I’ve been a fan of these types of games I’ll be playing it, and genuinely interested in what the modding community will come up for it. The base game is usually fun enough, but the real chunk of the content ends up being all the things modders come up with over time too when it comes to Bethesda games of this nature.

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