Starlee Kine & Conan Crack The Mystery Of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Height – CONAN on TBS

Starlee Kine & Conan Crack The Mystery Of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Height – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: At long last, Conan & Starlee solve one of the great riddles of our time: exactly how tall is Jake Gyllenhaal anyway???

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19 Responses

  1. Kazuite6 says:

    I’m supposed to leave but I’m stuck watching random videos :I
    P.S. Jake is a sweetie ♡

  2. Melyni Mason says:

    The Mystery Show is an EXCELLENT podcast.

  3. MissingPassenger says:

    Who cares about how tall he is? What I care about is that he put his shoes
    on the wrong feet.

  4. geoff pisarkiewicz says:

    So cool of him to do that

  5. FreakieFan says:

    Or you can just look on IMDb or Wikipedia, and figure out how tall he is

  6. iliketopooinboxes says:

    i wanna know how tall he is when he takes off that stupid human suit

  7. Mr Coatsworth says:

    Those are some sweet ass shoes. Does anybody know what they’re called?

  8. balkan9014 says:

    I am on for years. They do get the stars heights often
    right. If an actor claims a height, never believe it. They always round up.

  9. I.N. Sarei says:

    Eh, I don’t know… This source doesn’t seem reliable….

  10. bodayga won says:

    they only care because it rhymes. I don’t believe they answered anything.
    kinda stupid, not funny .

  11. TheMeletti says:

    Conan hand look like it belong to freddy Kruger

  12. Veronica A says:

    You ever get mad at how attractive Jake Gyllenhaal is??? Like I mean to the
    point where you literally want to fight his ass for looking like that

  13. Joseph K (JoeDKat) says:

    0:16 Unintentional wordplay! “You went to great LENGTHS to figure out how
    tall Jake Gyllenhaal is…”


    conan you should move your talk show to CBS

  15. Daniel Gomez says:

    Ehhh i don’t buy it. That source doesn’t seem reliable .

  16. MrStensnask says:

    Good sport. And Andy stealing the shoes…..ahahahahahaha! :D

  17. Aiden G says:

    On the next news Conan says that he hosts a talk show. One person from the
    audience who is on the show be like “I don’t know, that source doesn’t seem
    credible’ XD

  18. muchohumpty says:

    Hal Jordan

  19. Samuel Brownfield says:

    You have to use a ruler pressed against the dome for that shit – ONE CANNOT