Stars react to the Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

Stars react to the Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

Reporter Jasmine Viel spoke to several stars at Elton John’s Oscars after party.

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52 Responses

  1. sus says:

    Chris Rock getting slapped will be the only thing that this year’s Oscar’s are remembered for!

    • What do YOU See? says:

      100% FAKE and Scripted – they are ACTORS and need MORE ‘buzz’ – watch in slow motion – Rock knows it’s coming and it’s impossibly convenient that Smith just happens to be right next to the stage + he’s laughing AFTER he 1/2 slapped him… FAKE, SCRIPTED, GARBAGE. Rock just stands there and leans in Smith’s direction waiting for the 1/2 slap…

    • jfilesgraphics says:

      It’s just another stain on an American institution

    • J C says:

      Okay, but are we not getting a G.I. Jane 2?

    • Shut Up says:

      Better than last years Oscar not being remembered

    • Lagonia Hayes says:

      And that’s 😔

  2. Axel Howard Calonge says:

    Will Smith actually laughed so hard at the joke before slapping Chris, daym.

    • Bes says:

      @Jojo Dancer of course, but you also do not act like a moron and punch people in front of the whole world watching you

    • Lucas Strazz says:

      @TheTruthWillSetYouFree ButFirstItWillPizzYouOff You have no idea what you are talking about with that comment. I hope you never yourself experience this or a loved one esp female because it’s in all seriousness not a fucking game. It cripples confidence, quality of life and mental health on a deep level. No reply please, it’s not a personal dig, just have a read into the effects of alopecia on woman to understand why i responded. Take care

    • Prodda Plays says:

      Yeah fam Jada was mad I think that’s the only reason he slapped Chris

    • Greta Bi says:

      @22mugwuffin spot on mate SPOT ON

    • Greta Bi says:

      That just makes me think maybe Jada is emotionally abusive one. Will laughed at the joke, he was afraid of her blaming him, so he shifted the blame on Chris Rock and acted over the top to appear as a brave man defending his woman.

  3. Jotaro Kujo says:

    If it wasn’t for this incident, I wouldn’t had even known the Oscars was going on.

  4. Anton Roby says:

    It was like his wife gave him that “fetch” look. He was laughing seconds before.

  5. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Jokes aside, Chris Rock really was a class act for still continuing on lightening up the mood despite how awkward it was.

  6. John Hoang says:

    I love that Jane Seymour’s take was that Jada is just a wife of a celebrity was a bigger slam than G.I. Jane joke 😂

  7. Anti flo says:

    The Academy stating “We don’t condone violence” yet they didn’t kick Smith out and even gave him an award 20 minutes later…. disgusting!

  8. Heavy Brand Podcast says:

    Shoutout to Chris Rock for maintaining his composure.

    • J C says:

      Imagine if this happened to Sarah Silverman instead.

    • ZiggyTV says:

      @LOVE We got a bad ass over here

    • Alfred Hardev says:

      @LOVE you don’t need to be a philosopher, you can’t come to academy’s which is known for roasting and expect not to get roasted and if you get roasted then you dont go and slap because you are superstar. Will Smith is lucky he is not behind bars, he should keep ultra sensitive Jada and his own ultra sensitive ass home, get some therapy, accept the way you are and take life a bit less seriously. Above all if you can’t take a joke stop laughing at others. If i have cancer and I got to comedians lair i will expect to be trolled and i will take it with an awkward smile and big heart for others to have a hearty laugh.

    • Tom Doyle says:

      @LOVE I guess you didn’t see will laugh too ?

    • LOVE says:

      @Alfred Hardev he’s laughing because his hiding his pain,anger, insult, my gad bruh think of the other side before giving statement. I think they don’t teach how a philosophy works or should I say you did not studied. Opss my bad 😬

  9. Marc Brillantes, MD says:

    Will Smith was laughing at Chris Rock’s joke about Jada – until Will saw Jada’s negative reaction. And for Will to retaliate physically for the poor joke is uncalled for. It’s Chris who showed class by maintaining his composure & managed to get a few laughs post-smacking. He gets our respect. Will may be asked to return his Oscar for his abominable conduct.

  10. cynical chimp says:

    Chris Rock getting slapped will be the only thing that this year’s Oscar’s are remembered for!

    • Alita says:

      @cynical chimp joking about people’s illnesses or disabilities is tacky bottom line comedian or not,that’s why his face hurts today😂

    • Mary Duffy says:

      Only for that, didn’t even know it was on, have no interest in it, especially with some of the cringy speeches. Fair play to the comedian, hope he sues will, who actually laughed at the joke, and then all of a sudden back tracked 🤔

    • Tom Staab, DBA says:

      @🥥Coco-Clive🥥(ASMR) Not really, The way I see it Will Smith was a champion in the corner of the suppressed. Remember this OSCARS event was filled with awards going towards the deaf and foreigners who look and speak different languages. I say Chris Rock was out of line and classless.

    • makayla sanai says:

      lol facts the rest was so boring especially reba

    • Tom Staab, DBA says:

      I disagree. Will Smith stuck up for the individual subject to ridicule through a tasteless joke. The Oscars also included for the first time awards given to actors who could not hear and if Chris Rock made any tasteless jokes about that it would be no different.

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