StarTalk x The Film Theorists: Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains the Science of Rick and Morty

StarTalk x The Film Theorists: Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains the Science of Rick and Morty

Wubba lubba dub dub! On this very special video of StarTalk Radio we’re teaming up with @The Film Theorists to explore the science of Rick and Morty! Neil deGrasse Tyson is joined by comic co-host Chuck Nice and MatPat of The Film Theorists to dive into some iconic science portrayed on one of the most popular animated shows in recent years.

Discover more about dark matter. Rick uses dark matter to power his spaceship but MatPat wants to know if that’s actually scientifically possible. Neil tells us why the show might say dark matter but actually mean dark energy. You’ll learn more about the differences between the two and why dark energy would be more capable of being used over dark matter.

We also dive into antimatter. On Season 2, Episode 2, Rick and Morty of have to destroy a gaseous being named Fart and they do so by using an antimatter gun. So, what exactly is antimatter? Neil explains why antimatter is the “favorite fuel of science fiction” and just how antimatter works in real life.

All that, plus, we explore the multiverse of Rick and Morty with The Film Theorists right here:

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75 Responses

  1. KHIXAR says:

    welp i guess they’ve passed a million

    that’s a lot of subs i mean i just watched the film theory video

  2. Hunter Flanagan says:

    Imagine an antimatter and matter engine. It could find a particle of matter and the respective anti-matter and contain the explosion

    • Super Spicy says:

      Matt Harding
      Antimatter: I’m too weak
      ‘Matter’ has entered the chat
      Antimatter: *ULTIMATE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!*

    • cmarkn says:

      You need dilithium crystals to contain and control the steady stream of explosions.

    • Cyberlong 3.0 says:

      but you still need to make the antimatter corresponding to the matter that you would put inside the engine, therefore the fuel would not be free

    • Hastur 3333 says:

      @Donnyboi Humans really aren’t that selfish, we just live in a system that rewards being selfish. Also, it would be far from the first example of manufactured scarcity, which is to say someone taking full control of the supply of a thing and then limiting everyone else’s access to that supply.

    • Draconis The Wyvern says:

      Hastur 3333 you mean diamonds? Or the historical examples of merchant f*****y that led to famines?

  3. Higher Standard says:

    Doesn’t his ship run off that small universe he keeps in a box 😂

    • Cire Jc says:

      @Draconis The Wyvern he still has an engine and everything else in his car. It’s just that your car needs a battery to run.

    • Journey says:

      A battery is just what runs like the radio and windshelid wipers, stuff like that. The actual thing that runs the ship itself and helps it drive is the fuel, that may or may not be dark matter lol

    • mild soup says:

      @Draconis The Wyvern no, it just didn’t have enough to start, the ship was powered the whole time keeping summer safe, remember?

    • james ostendorf says:

      no it runs off plot convenience

    • Draconis The Wyvern says:

      mild soup but the ships engine was already started when it crashed. It was using emergency power to power the AI defense.

  4. Ruby Rangitsch says:

    3 hours later….
    “Send him the gold, MatPat convinced them.”

  5. Ayda Moftah says:

    I died when they started joking around about particle accelerators in churches. It’s 3am and I legit started laughing incredibly hard in near complete darkness by myself. Both my cat and my dog are staring at me as though I’ve lost it. I think they’re concerned.

  6. John Edsel Lopez says:

    Your thoughts on the science in “Cells at Work” and “Dr. Stone”

    • Gwynsladle says:

      Or Astra Lost in Space, that show was mesmerizing

    • Ugwuanyi Collins says:

      @Sketchy Doodhis actually an astrophysics

    • James McPhillips says:

      Throw in Stein’s Gate and Fullmetal Alchemist and I’m sold.

    • John Connor says:

      I had never thought to ask NDT about anime but thats a fantastic idea. Those are both great examples but there’s so many choices. Anything involving space in particular. Thinking Bebop, Trigun or even Gurren Lagann. I wanna hear Neil to explain to me the forces required for a giant mech to chuck an entire galaxy like a shuriken!

    • John Connor says:

      @Sketchy Dood No shortage of anime set in space. Thats right in his wheelhouse and he could go on for years without covering all of them

  7. John73 John says:

    6:06 “Dark matter doesn’t interact with itself”
    “You can’t concentrate dark matter”
    Dark matter does interact gravitationally, so wouldn’t it still clump together into something like stars/planets? It wouldn’t have any kind of chemical processes or fusion, so the “stars” wouldn’t shine for example, but it *would* self-concentrate, right?

    • Shae Lewis-fry says:

      @MeowPlayZ So basically the Stranger Things, Upside Down is real? XD That would be a funny twist.

    • Christy Ellison says:

      @valkarnitewolf999 rogue planets?

    • Christy Ellison says:

      @mya field I like the idea of a universe were the laws of physics are different.

    • Master Penquin says:

      its matter that we can’t see or touch. so thinking it would interact in this way is just you expressing what you seen matter we can see and touch would interact like.

    • Corey Rachar says:

      Dark matter is just such a misleading name…. Literally all we know about dark matter is that we can detect/measure a bunch of gravity everywhere but can’t explain what’s causing it. It really is a matter of ‘not yet sufficient data’.
      It seems logical that it wouldn’t clump together like tyson said cause then we would detect it in discrete chunks as apposed to everywhere but that’s just a layman’s interpretation.

  8. MeowPlayZ says:

    “the cidadel of tysons” no i just think sans

  9. Alchemy Siega says:

    I love the fact that Neil deGrasse Tyson, one of this generations’ smartest minds,references movies instead of books

  10. dark fang says:

    Me: Alright, let’s do this! *Shoots functioning Portal Gun to come over here*

  11. IonTv Leo says:

    Matpat: help him reach one million
    Viewers: Ladies and gentlemen we got em

  12. Jasaf3 says:

    Technically, regarding the many worlds interpretation, why don’t you just include laws of our universe, as would be with the multiverse interpretation, through declaring the decision of the laws of our universe a post or near big bang event with multiple outcomes, through which you ingrain all of reality around a single point or seed, from which all arises?

    • Yoshikage Kira says:

      I literally am not smart enough to understand this. Can someone dumb this down a small bit? (Not a ton but still)

    • Ayush Wardhan says:

      @Yoshikage Kira op means to suggest that the multiverse interpretation, the one where other universes might have different laws, can also be part of the many-worlds-interpretation. It’s possible that some or all laws of the universe were decided near the time of the big bang and in parallel timelines there were different outcomes, thus different laws.

    • Ayush Wardhan says:

      op probably also meant to say “regarding the *multiverse” interpretation so that typo might’ve confused you

    • Jasaf3 says:

      @Ayush Wardhan thx for catch

    • PersonalPerson says:

      if everything did start from a point, then maybe some uncertainty was there. but i like my quantum physics deterministic

  13. IliketobreatheN&O says:

    Cartoon character: **runs off cliff**
    Cartoon character: **notices**
    *Gravity has entered the chat*

  14. its.jacob says:

    neil: *laughs*
    camera: so i started shaking

  15. Casualverse says:

    matpat was quiet for so long i forgot he was even there.
    Hope neil does some more crossovers.

  16. elegance _ says:

    Everytime matpat is explaining something on the couch he goes like “👌” with one of his hands

  17. Jack EAG says:

    I always though Neil was a really serious person, it’s nice seeing him laughing 😂

  18. Laragh Donohoe says:

    love how only a few hours after mat pat gave him the shout out he’s already over 1 mil

  19. kenzkaymac says:

    Title: *Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains the Science of Rick and Morty*

    Creators of Rick and Morty: *WRITE THAT DOWN! WRITE THAT DOWN!*

    • Josef Stalin says:

      Actually, Dan Harmon didn’t like watching fan theories about Rick and Morty, he said in his interview

  20. docta doom says:

    Look up the video “matpat is lying to you”.

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