STARTING OVER in Minecraft Hardcore… (#1)

STARTING OVER in Minecraft Hardcore… (#1)

I’m Starting Over in my 2 year old hardcore world, I’ve travelled thousands of blocks away and locked all my items in an obsidian box… and I can’t retrieve them until I’ve completed 3 objectives…

I’m Starting Over in Minecraft Hardcore because my world is really old, so in order to properly experience the NEW Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Update, I’m getting a fresh start!

★ Watch the series from episode 1:


▸I’m STARTING OVER in Minecraft Hardcore…

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25 Responses

  1. Crazy Round Man says:

    1 minute in and hes already trying to get his netherite back. This is gonna go well

  2. OwO says:

    This is really a punishment for forgetting to add melons to your melon farm once.

  3. The Origami Genius says:

    Okay, I was worried you were never gonna go back to your “other” world. A weight has been lifted off my heart

  4. Tramps says:

    WadZee: “I’m going to keep this rabbit foot on me at all times”
    Also WadZee: changes it to the shield after 5 minutes

  5. Mr_Gamzer says:

    The ending is great. It makes me feel like the next episode will be even cooler and epic. Keep it up😉

  6. cabele lero says:

    wadzee: “yeah I have one of each beacon including netherite”
    also wadzee, in the same world: “omg flint and steel let’s goooo”

  7. Jeremy Moore says:

    WadZee’s ability to tell a story is brilliant! He wrapped up the ending so nicely

  8. Firestardude says:

    It’s honestly a really cool feeling watching someone play Minecraft casually, while also knowing a whole lot and just generally being good at the game. Most people who are good do challenges or speedruns, and if someone’s doing it casually, you have to sit through them “forgetting” that coal exists

  9. Munchie says:

    “I’m terrified to fall through snow” I can’t wait till he finds out powdered snow spawns naturally

  10. Mino Philic says:

    Tip: You don’t actually have to place torches so close, you can place them like 27-28 block after another torch.

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