Startling Facts About the Government that Made Me Feel Good

Startling Facts About the Government that Made Me Feel Good

The Federal Government burns through a lot of cash, but while it seems to me like most of that cash must go to the military, in fact most of it goes to making people’s lives better and helping them live healthier, longer lives.

Federal government, non military – 2.7 million
Of those, more than 600,000 are postal service
Around 95,000 work for the IRS
Federal Government Contractors – Between 5 and 7 million (different ways of figuring this out yield very different numbers)
Uniformed military – 1.4 million

Local government, non-edu – More than 7 million (hard to keep track of.)
Local EDU govt employees – More than 7 million.

Federal government moneys not spent on social service – 1.1 trillion
Local government spending – 1.8 trillion
Local government spending on EDU – 620B

Overall Government employment
12 Million or roughly 4% of Americans
Including contractors it’s around 18 million, or 6%
The government’s budget is around 24% of GDP

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19 Responses

  1. Kenneth King says:

    Actually, all of those private contractors being paid huge sums by the
    government are profit centers, which is redistributing wealth in the
    lopsided manner which the left correctly outraged over. Americans think
    their taxes are providing goods and services from the Fed, but they are
    actually being spent on the Fed hiring someone else to provide goods and
    services from public companies that pay lobbyists to ensure continued
    employment by the Fed for ever-increasing cost and profit. To say the Fed
    has shrunk in the last 50 years is disingenuous. They have just gotten
    better at playing “hide the sausage”.

  2. Lisa Dixon says:

    Hank, your brother was in Tunisia while my sister was in Morocco. We are
    very fortunate to be able to see the world through a global lens.

  3. MagTrag89 says:

    Thanks for the video, Hank! And thanks to Vlogbrothers for creating videos,
    and a community around those videos, where it is safe to write comments.

  4. BohemianRhapsody says:

    the thing that annoys me the greatest about people complaining about an
    inefficient congress or city council, is that you can VOTE for who you want
    in government in America. The only time you don’t have a say in who you
    want running your city/state/country is if you don’t vote at all. You can’t
    complain about the government if you’ve never used your voice or vote to
    change it.

  5. Kathy Joseph says:

    When are the vlogbrothers going to endorse Bernie Sanders??

  6. tilywinn says:

    It’s nice to hear some good news, however there’s still two huge areas that
    the US Government is failing to do well. 1. Health Care 2. Set minimum wage
    at a reasonable level.
    1. Now Hank you said that 64% of the budget is ‘given away’ (including the
    money spent on health care). Now, the spending on healthcare costs is going
    to be inflated when you don’t regulate the industry but just let them set
    their own prices! Please, for god’s sake, regulate the health
    care/pharmaceutical industry already!!!!
    2. If the minimum wage was raised the government could also raise taxes
    accordingly and then there’d be more money in the whole budget to use where
    needed most.

  7. Rick Seiden says:


  8. ToriTheQueer says:

    I’m realizing more and more how white and American the vlogbrothers are,
    and particularly Hank. He conceives of himself as being this super
    critical-thinking guy, but when it comes to questioning a lot of the
    assumptions of the political rhetoric in this country, he’s not down. The
    fact that he gets so defensive about “not knowing” whether to choose
    between Clinton and Sanders is indicative of the degree to which he’s
    unaware of the consequences of their differing policies and ideals for this
    country’s most vulnerable peoples. Like…how much whiter can you get?

  9. Totally Not A Cylon says:

    By “people who risked their lives to protect this country,” I assume you
    mean veterans.
    Now, first off all, I have as much respect as anyone else for soldiers.
    They have done things that most average people could never dream of being
    able to accomplish, and none of this is directed at the actual “boots on
    the ground,” as it were. But can we drop this notion that the U.S military
    is “fighting to protect this country”? They’re fighting to protect Americas
    interests, not it’s freedom or independence or whatever else. When the U.S
    invades some small Middle Eastern nation, do people genuinely think that
    that country, whether it be Iraq or Afghanistan or whatever, is some kind
    of threat to America, or “the West”? Cause they aren’t. The U.S military is
    not a defensive force or whatever, it is an instrument of capitalism and

  10. Eric Loesch says:

    The best way to talk well about the US government is to avoid talking about
    foreign policy. I would actually like to see MORE federal employees at the
    expense of us not killing people.

  11. Nishok K says:

    the work done by the difference in the number of employees is now done by
    the computers i suppose. 50 years ago there were not any computers to do
    the administrative jobs were there

  12. SirLobsterman says:

    the bureaucracy has gone “down” because of less paper and more computers
    taking the places of those people who used paper and they were/are being
    pensioned out and never replaced. but the actual size and expense of the
    bureaucracy is still massively unnecessary due to unions and other reasons.
    a lot of the time when you call a agency and you’re on hold, they’re just
    sitting there with their thumbs up their asses(figuratively) and just
    making you wait because they don’t want to do it or are slow as hell and
    they can’t be fired because their union will sue the government for them if
    they were fired…

  13. Matt G says:

    It is not the government’s job to take care of everyone in need. If the
    government got out of the way, the people would naturally boost each other
    up and dramatically decrease the amount of people in need. Businesses could
    flourish and we would get out of the stagnancy caused by too much

  14. CHIBCHART says:

    Hank. Talk like an adult already. Calm down. You can do it.

  15. Bullet Tooth Tony says:

    Vote for Trump. He’ll make great deals I’m sure and get this country moving

  16. Karen Feagin says:

    Thank u for this vid 🙂 i’m pro-America, pro-productivity &
    pro-accountability. I’m also pro-military, pro-elderly, and
    pro-anti-poverty (as long as individuals don’t seek to make it a
    never-ending lifestyle). Yes, there’s room for improvement, as there is in
    one’s personal budget. STILL, America rocks!!

  17. TCBeads says:

    Only a fascist would assume people need to be “managed” by some government
    authority because there are more of them than first assumed.

  18. name not found says:

    The fact that so much of our lives is “managed” by bureaucrats is the
    reason we are in such a mess right now.

  19. Air After (popgame24) says:

    and if you feel like I’m still holding on to something baby you should love