State of emergency declared in New York City over coronavirus

State of emergency declared in New York City over coronavirus

Following the lead of other affected states, New York cracks down on crowds in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.



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80 Responses

  1. Osa Omoragbon says:

    So “28 Days Later” has jumped on the cinematic universe train I see…

  2. FuzzyDad1 says:

    National Guard should be wearing masks. They are going to get contaminated.

    • dundunsar says:

      @mike arredondo so why millions of people are wearing masks in Asia (and Italy). Is wearing masks only an Asian thing?

    • Benny Tao says:

      @mike arredondo you are dead wrong and that’s why the cases are and will rise through the roof in your country if people keep thinking this way

    • J Bagger says:

      Those boys and girls aren’t super rich, their lives don’t matter, they are meant to die protecting the rich.

    • FuzzyDad1 says:

      @MansonX I guess it depends on the unit. I carried my gas mask as part of my regular duty equipment. If the mission requires it, it should be issued. Perhaps some officer somewhere in a backroom doesn’t think they need it? Maybe the public has to make some noise?

    • FuzzyDad1 says:

      @J Bagger that’s sad if that’s the current mindset of the administration, but I don’t think it is. It is usually the ineptitude of superiors that cause these problems. Let’s write the governor and get these troops some gear.

  3. Br3tt _ says:

    Military huh? I’m getting “I am legend” vibes now

  4. The One says:

    “Monitor their health”, why not get tested like the athletes and the Hanks🤔 oh, yeah I forgot they are not millionaires/elites…

    • Victor Peutz says:

      They don’t have testing capacity. The same is happening in europe

    • Connor Marquez says:

      @Jingyuan Chen when you say “all countries” what do you mean? Countries that already seen a outbreak and need demand for test? Japan and UK still cant provide test for most people. Too add as Americans are best at living in denial till it’s a problem on our coast. Plus it sounds like you idiots would be in such hysterics to get tested once a day anyways it’s nearly impossible to provide for everyone at this time.

  5. Chris evo says:

    The dude got on a plane even though he knew he could have the virus…

    • Isha says:

      This is just the same as the man with HIV stabbing people with syringes loaded with his blood in it in the night clubs… They may or may not have been given a lethal dose of his blood…

    • BeerMaster500 says:

      This is why people are so F***ING STUPID!!! This virus is getting worse because people keep going out and traveling! DUH! It’s like people literally think they’re indestructible. People think they’re not going to get and yet they do. Like that NBA player who made fun of it and now he has it 😂. And I know a family who went to see a Dr over their child and their Dr has it. Hopefully the family doesn’t. And also I know an elderly lady who had to go out last night to play cards with her friends. And another elderly lady I know who’s been going to church…😳. And the list goes on I’m sure even for people I don’t know! I don’t get what’s wrong with people. I understand if you have to work and make money but geez don’t go out unless you necessarily have to! Every time you go out “for fun,” you’re taking a risk/chance of getting it. Hope it’s worth it.

    • logan wolf says:

      TheLegendHimself the fact that he got tested and didn’t wait until the results came back before he flew back.

    • Baba Tsukato says:

      The Weapon Collection Haha!!! Good one, dumbass.

    • Vegas Baby! says:

      All people are like this. If your penis burns what you do?? Stick it in a hole.

  6. Queen of the Internet says:

    Corona Virus: Exists.

    People: Lets go travel, go on a cruise, go out of the US……

    • Guillermo Guzman says:

      @Shingeki no Propane bullshit
      It’s not just this virus it’s the fentany,l lead in toys, other viruses
      The lack of food for their own
      People .
      It’s not all the Chinese it’s the commie chinese that are the problem

      Also keep your fake meat estrogen filled soy burgers 5000 percent more estrogen than real beef

    • justiceingeneral says:

      @Guillermo Guzman very true

    • in sync says:

      @ToiYeuYAHWEH u read my mind

    • Gabi Spills says:

      Queen of the Internet 80$ for a plane ticket hell ye im 17 who plays softball and im pretty healthy.

    • Gabi Spills says:

      Shingeki no Propane facts but its all country for them selfs

  7. Hell In A Basket says:

    I’m a very strong person, I already know I’m going to have to take care of a lot of my family…..but if I can keep them out of the hospital and decent I can help our country

    • manboobs says:

      @Clash Raider i got my kid out of school a month ago too brought enough food for 3 months we havent gone mad though just stocked up extra with each weekly shop. I can see it now people trying to trade toilet rolls for food lol.

    • MansonX says:

      manboobs a month ago that’s a little early but hey that many sick days for a child before it’s on notice through the states government should sit ya with a nice fine..but yeah you did go overboard smh

    • Hell In A Basket says:

      @assault spoon I’m saying I won’t get deathly ill dumbass. Context matters.

  8. Dina Hendrix says:

    And just a week ago the women on “the talk” were saying that there were no cases in New York so chill 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  9. One Ness says:

    Thank you to the good people from the national gaurd for putting themselves in the line of fire to feed and assist those who are being quarantined in the most infected areas. #homeofthebrave

  10. Lorenzo Lombardo says:

    It’s too late, China should’ve closed it’s boarders
    This is going to be the 1918 all over again

  11. Jamie Mott says:

    I died laughing at the dude in the back doing the sign language, looked like that he got lost at a grateful dead concert and winded up there having an acid freak out

    • John Smith says:

      glad i wasn’t the only one haha

    • Stuart Gorka says:

      I was waiting for him to make little bunny ears behind the mayor. I bet it crossed his mind once or twice. 🙂

    • Isha says:

      Hahahahaha yes, I was like why is he all the way in the back?

    • pisceanqueen1 says:

      That’s how they do; their audience is deaf, so they need some emotional connotation to the words being said, because they can’t hear “tone of voice” like anger or sarcasm, or inflection changes like fear or sadness. It seems dramatic and unnecessary to us, but it serves a purpose.

    • Jamie Mott says:

      @pisceanqueen1 I had an ex girlfriend that was deaf she did not move like that nor did her friends.

  12. Don Rachid says:

    Get Avast Antivirus it’s free.

  13. Paige 1996 says:

    Hawaii is warm and still has it……will warm weather really make a difference?????

  14. TOEPUTTS NZ says:

    meanwhile in Australia they banned flights from china and then decided they would fly 36000 international Chinese students back to study hmmmm 🤔

  15. Alan Pitt says:

    I feel better knowing Macy’s, Best Buy and every store I shop at sent me an email saying they got this

  16. Bobby Hawk says:

    This sounds like a movie or a TV show that about to hit the fan

  17. ookeyan says:

    RIP TOYKO 2020 Olympics

  18. Sam Cox says:

    I love how there’s 4 states not in the red. They’re like “it’ll be a’ight. This coronavirus don’t sound THAT bad..”

  19. Jason Donahue says:

    Lets give these military men and women some masks, goggles and gloves. Yeah?

    No? Sounds good!

  20. es Johnson says:

    “An individual on thus plane got a text that he tested positive…”
    He got a test but others cant??!!
    His result was TEXTED to him??!!! OK

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