State Of Emergency In Los Angeles County Over Coronavirus Outbreak | NBC Nightly News

State Of Emergency In Los Angeles County Over Coronavirus Outbreak | NBC Nightly News

Six new COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Los Angeles, including a federal contract employee brought in to help screen international travelers for the virus. Officials in the region of nearly 10 million people have now advised citizens to avoid handshakes and hugs and to stay six feet away from strangers at large events.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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State Of Emergency In Los Angeles County Over Coronavirus Outbreak | NBC Nightly News

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62 Responses

  1. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    Unpaid leave?! This is an unprecedented outbreak. We all need money!

  2. Isaac Vance says:

    Parents: how about talking to each other face to face
    Doctors: how about staying inside and not interacting with people

    Parents: go to school even if you’re sick
    Doctors: stay home if you show symptoms

    Kids 😒

  3. Kyle Rider says:

    This virus seems to be extremely contagious pair that with a long incubation period and there really is no way to stop it from spreading

  4. Carli Rae says:


    French Montana: Don’t panic!

  5. Ethan Bryars says:

    Normal people with flu
    *stays inside their home and gets rest*
    People with corona virus

  6. Dr. DeadPool says:

    “It’s just one dude that has die they have it under control”

    Yea man that’s what people from Italy said too

  7. Elizabeth Goyette says:

    State of California: declaring state of emergency

    State of California: “Don’t panic…don’t have anxiety?!?” Huhhhhh?

  8. MtnGirl & Bunny says:

    Even James Bond has been stopped by the Coronavirus…because It’s No Time to Die!!!

    • Donna Gaynelle Palk Turner says:

      😂 thanks for a laugh😂😂
      (╭☞´ิ∀´ิ)╭☞. 🏃

    • Erik Baldwin says:

      I’m not sure if this pun qualifies as a pun emergency so I called the pun police non emergency line. 😁

    • King Of The Views says:

      Yes, the Illuminati have a sense of humor…

    • Donna Gaynelle Palk Turner says:

      @Erik Baldwin
      007 pun police non emergency line ↭ wut you want Erik?
      Bats🐲 ̿ ̿ ̿’̿’̵͇̿̿з=(😷)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿🐲
      =^._.^= 😁

  9. Mind Universe Art says:

    The US should have started implementing travel bans the moment China’s outbreak hit. They don’t care about us. They never have, and never will. They want this to spread. Why else would they tell a nation not to panic when this is clearly out of hand. Everyone: take precautions. Don’t travel, don’t go out in public unless you’re wearing a mask and some type of eye wear. Don’t buy into the government telling you not to worry. The time to worry was two months ago. This will never complete end. Wake up those who aren’t compelled by this. This isn’t the flu. This isn’t pneumonia. This isn’t like anything we’ve ever dealt with. This was intentional. We’ve littered this planet with people without any thought of consequence. This is what happens. Please everyone be safe, and god bless you.

  10. KALA says:

    I hate when people tell me “I ha e way too many REAL things to worry about than the corona virus” “I probably will never know if I have it, I’m healthy”
    Ok but you gonna spread it to sooo many people who could possibly die from it tho

    • TAYAO says:

      KALA 🐤 🐾🐾🐾。

    • Emily the Slayer of mgtow men says:

      At least the American healthcare business will make high profits from the virus.

    • TheUnknowjellybean says:

      In this world, it’s worry about yourself and don’t care for ppl you don’t know.

    • KALA says:

      @TheUnknowjellybean they do know me though. They are my regular clients at work. I am a barber, my clients have traveled recently coming from Japan (military) and two went to Sacramento last week as well. Both affected areas.

  11. Melanie Martin says:

    Literally everyone and their brother has contracted this virus: “No need to panic”

  12. LionessProwess says:

    This news report reminds me of 9/11; when security personnel told people there’s no danger and to go back to work, ALL of those people died.

  13. Father-in-law painting & Me says:

    This is exactly what was going on in China at the beginning, no need to panic, then whole country got toasted, people wake up, we are under attack!

    • passerby says:

      @hope king China does not hide the figures as much as the US government does. You will see more of that soon.

    • Ying Fu says:

      @Father-in-law painting & Me this virus is very very dangrouse ,can spread very quickly by a patient with no syptom.If large scale people rush to hospital,care systems collaps..China have lock down many cities,I stay at home for 14 days during the spring festival,very boring…

    • Father-in-law painting & Me says:

      @Ying Fu you are right my friend

    • Lotus Writes says:

      @Father-in-law painting & Me I know…people are ignoring the signs. Yesterday I went to the bank and I was talking to the teller. He said he was spraying everything with Lysol and a woman said, “Don’t do that. It”s all fake. Don’t believe everything you hear” 🤔🤔😔We are doomed with people like this lady.

    • QuietBloom says:

      Panicking will NOT help no matter what your situation.

  14. Neil Rivera says:

    Coronavirus: This is just the beginning.

  15. Modeling STNA Britt says:

    Dont be antisocial, they said.

    Make friends, they said.

    Who’s laughing now?

  16. Susana Sunshine says:

    “Here’s a laundry list of causes to worry and panic”.
    “Don’t overreact and panic.”

  17. Dank Tide Pods says:

    this is the first time in my life i feel like the US government is trying to get as many people infected as they can.

    • Elizabeth notthe queen says:

      Ditto ! It seems to come at a very dangerous time in politics. I’ve been saying this as well.

    • Sarah Pfeuffer says:

      How would US government benefit by people getting the virus? Overall it’s costing the country money.

    • sy huang says:

      @Sarah Pfeuffer They charge 3000$ for testing the virus. While in other countries do it for free. I can’t imagine how much it cost when people get quarantined. This money will come to CDC, or either private health centers will pay tax to the Government.

    • Mark Mitchell says:

      Dank Tide Pods It’s your new 911 you sheep

  18. Just Dog says:

    Infections going up, dead going up, “Don’t worry. Don’t cancel plans.” They are lying!

  19. Daniel Lee says:

    “Dont PANIC, don’t f&$@ing PANIC” “Ok everyone for themselves!!” -the office

  20. Jenn Righter says:

    What about the man in his 40’s who died? Why don’t we know his exact age or health condition?

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